Looking for mouse recommendations

Don't overlook the Model O Wireless.

It's $80 and competes very well with all the $100+ mice from Logitech and Razer.

For larger mice I'm still happy with my MX Master... 2nd gen, I think? I've never had trouble with it gaming, it's big but with adjustments to mouse sensitivity it's not like you have to pick it up and put it down a lot. But maybe I'm just not the FPS player I once was (I mostly stick to single-player games on PC these days.)

I never use any of the extraneous buttons, and you can even disable them via the software.

I've tried a few different "travel" mice, and they're just too small to use comfortably even on the go for me.

Instead I just use a Logitech Triathlon 720 as my travel mouse now. It's full-size but more compact than a beast like the MX Master. And bonus, it runs on AA batteries. Something that I find to be a very useful option when traveling. It lasts a long time, but being able to pop in a single AA at a moment's notice is great. To be clear, they're rated to last like 2 years on a single AA, so even if you take marketing into account and use it constantly you're not gonna be swapping the battery a lot, but I find having a fallback to be a nice feature.

My travel bag includes a few things that run on AA/AAA batteries, like my headlamp (comes in handy constantly), so I have some Eneloops and a charger (modern battery rechargers can mix and match sizes since each battery slot is independent.) But even if you wanted to keep your kit as streamlined as possible having a single spare AA doesn't involve a lot of space.

The 720 is also affordable/cheap but doesn't feel cheap like the type of mouse you'd get bundled with something, IMO. When my MX Master has died because I've neglected to charge it I still swap in the 720 and don't feel like it really hampers my experience, even if overall I prefer the MX Master. But I might have less nuanced/refined tastes than some of the reccs here!