Mortal Online 2 - Catch All

Star Vault's second iteration on the open world, sandbox MMO

I almost didn't bother putting this up, but Valheim taught me that there's a lot of people who secretly enjoy this type of stuff. To be fair this has a lot of stuff people don't like that Valheim ignores, but I would like to see this succeed because we need more games like this.

Does this game have forced PvP?

Of course it does. It has open looting too!

Yeah I feel that is the kind of stuff that keeps casuals away from it. Valheim may have been challenging survival wise but you did not have to worry about anyone ganking you while in the swamps fending off poison blobs.

I agree, and I don't think the same numbers would like this game with the FFA looting, and dealing with griefers. Yet if you had asked me 6 months ago if 200 people on my Steam friends list would buy a survival game I would've laughed so hard I'd piss myself.

I enjoyed the first game for a while, but had gaming ADD at the time and only played a month or two, in part because it was buggy and empty as hell.

I liked it better than Darkfall since the community seemed nicer overall. Darkfall was big enough you were always running into assholes.

I signed up for the stress test, looks interesting. This could be really with a core team to play with.

They're starting to give out keys for the Steam stress test. Of the three options in the email they sent, this one seems the easiest:

I got the email and I'm in! Downloading now.

Thanks for the heads up.

We've been talking in discord. Let's try and set our starting city to Meduli.

Look at the top of you character creation screen for the starting city before you click finish. It assigns one to you randomly.

So apparently they changed the way the new player spawning works...


I know there’s no fast travel, but is there an in-game map? (I haven’t jumped in yet. Will do so right after work.)

They give you one for Haven, but don't think there is one for the main world. There was talk about making that a skill. Not sure if it's implemented yet or not.

This game needs to go back to closed beta. I was only able to login once for about 10 minutes before the server was reset.

That was about two hours ago and I haven’t been able to get back in. I’d either get in a queue which would then fail, or get an immediate ‘verifying Steam account’ and then a fail.

I’m going to disable auto-updates on this for now and check back at a later date. I guess because this was a stress test you can call this is a success because the server definitely seems stressed.

It's still in beta. This is just a stress test, and we're obviously stressing it

FYI test is only for 3 days.

This map looks pretty good.

Full launch Tuesday

Man, that's much prettier looking than expected.

garion333 wrote:

Man, that's much prettier looking than expected.

Only going to get better... They'll be converting to UE 5

Mortal Online 2 developer Star Vault announced to be the latest recipient of an Epic MegaGrant, the program that supports the most talented independent studios working on Unreal Engine.

How's launch been?

Also, is all this NA lag talk BS or real?

The first day seemed pretty smooth (minus the delayed launch), but the second day has been a sh*t show, unless you stay in the starter island, Haven. So, starter island is good, but if you want to transfer to the main continent (Myrland) you'll be met with a long queue and probably the lag you're hearing about. I wouldn't know, as I can't even get past the Myrland queue.

Will maybe try this... If I buy the game.

So I did pick it up. Figured I'd give it a go while things are fresh and exciting. I'm still in Haven and don't expect to leave until I've grinded most, if not all, of the books.

So, server issues don't concern me, but Star Vault is definitely working on it:

I'm glad they are having this much success. They've stuck to their vision, that's for sure.

So launch has been problematic if you try to leave Haven. I did finally get in and played all day/night yesterday. Was able to help lock down a spawn area where we were able to farm spiders to get the rest of the gold we needed for our guild to claim a keep/castle. Was a crazy time. I had been in game just enough time to tame a couple horses (I'm a mage/tamer) and a few gold to buy magic reagents. We had multiple fights and actually got cleared out twice and had to regroup and start again. Pictures are from the trip on the way to the capital city to buy the deed and claiming it.









This game is not finished yet. Too many missing features and what is here is half broken like perks that are not implemented yet unlockable.

damiendada wrote:

This game is not finished yet. Too many missing features and what is here is half broken like perks that are not implemented yet unlockable.

When was the last time you played? Because this isn't entirely true anymore.