Bighoppa vs. Cancer

bighoppa, you're one of the most bighearted members of this community, and we're certainly full of big hearts. I just want you to know that you are in my heart and my mind forever. I pray that the alternative therapy can turn things around.

Godsdammit. This is exactly the same thing I just went through with my closest friend this autumn. My heart breaks for you Jes.

Same as then, though, I'm still hoping for a breakthrough of good fortune for you. Never give up, never surrender!

Big hugs, big man.

We’re all with you—you and your beautiful family. Today, tomorrow, as long as it takes. Murderbutts, lobsters, and all. Hugs all around, and a few hopeful tears.

All my best, all my prayers, with all my heart.

Much love, prayers and more good juju sent to you and your family Jes.

In these divided times, at least we can all agree that cancer can go f*ck itself.

May you find comfort with your loved ones in the coming weeks and months, bighoppa.

Jes, I don't really know what to say other than I'm really sorry that you and your family have to go through this. Nobody should.

I hope you manage to find happiness with your family and friends in the coming months and beyond, as I'm not giving up hope for a big turnaround.

New update up on the Go Fund me page.

I'm torn. I want Hoppa to have every moment possible with his wife and daughter. But I don't want to encourage him to hang on any longer than he has to. And you know he is someone who would hang on as he has really it seems well after unbearable pain. Upping Fentanyl dosage for sure is an indication that the pain is really no joke.

Heartbreaking. I'm in no place to offer advice, but I am glad to see that part of the reason he wasn't on his Xbox for the past week was because he went to the Grand Canyon. Noice!

Keep knocking down that bucket list!

Fairwell Jes, may you be free of your pain.

Rest in Peace, Bighoppa. My heart aches for you and your family, friend. f*ck cancer, indeed.

So very sad to hear this. Rest in peace.

We lost a good man, and a great goodjer. Rest in peace, Bighoppa.

That's very sad, we'll miss him. The Bear family sends our condolences.

Condolences to Marianne and family.

Goodbye, Bighoppa.
We will miss you around the watercooler.
My condolences to Marianne and their family.

Such heartbreaking news. Rest on, now, friend.

Take care big guy! You fought and fought!

Much love to you and your lovely family.

Very sad. I didn’t know him very well but I have been following the updates and send my condolences to his family.

Damn damn damn. We're all worse off without you.

I'm grateful his pain is at an end, my heart goes out to his wife and daughter who have lost a great husband and dad. Rest in peace, Jes.

Godspeed Jes / BH, my condolences to your family and the community in general. Rest in peace.

May you be at peace Jes. It was my priviledge knowing you. I just wish we had had much more time.

May Marianne, Morgan, and the rest of your family find the strength to continue.

My heart breaks for his family. Our time here is a precious gift, I hope his wife and daughter find peace and comfort in his memory.

So sorry to hear this for his wife and daughter. He was so supportive of everyone here who has been touched by cancer as well.

We'll miss you, bighoppa.

So sorry to hear this. Rest in peace, Bighoppa.

Barely got to know you Bighoppa, rest up.