WoW: GWJ Alliance Guild Primer



The quote-unquote official GWJ guild is GWJ Alliance. It is open to any GWJ forum member who plays Alliance on either the Blackhand or Galakrond servers.

If you'd like to join, great! PST Jorrn (the GM), Rucker or Shoeshine (my two main alts at the moment). If I'm not in game, send in-game mail to Jorrn and we'll connect.

One caveat: The GWJ Alliance guild is inactive. Hell, it would be inaccurate to call it a social guild. We do not raid. We do not run instances. We barely talk. Most nights, it's just me and a couple of others. We're not opposed to any of those things. It's just that a lot of folks have moved on, and people dip in and out of WoW and don't stick around like they used to.

If you'd like to park a few toons at GWJ Alliance, come on! If you'd like to organize dungeon runs and raids, that would be much appreciated.

Yes, there is a Horde guild. It's GWJ Horde on the Baelgun server, and it appears to be inactive.

I'm playing again, if anyone's been itching to play, my sis and I occasionally hop on Blackhand and request a voice channel on the discord server during the evenings. Let me know if you're interested in playing. I have a lvl 48 gnome rogue named Snippet

I’m back in and would love to play with anyone, also on Blackhand but in a different guild. Have 2 60s, a Hunter and a DH who Id love to try tanking with, just have to brace myself to get yelled at and kicked a lot!

I have a lvl 100 leatherworker if I can help anyone with gear and am working on my enchanter.

Update: If anyone wants a GWJ-Alliance guild invite, I no longer have to be in game to facilitate that.

Look up GWJ in the in-game guild finder -- it's advertised -- and submit an application. Please include your GWJ handle or some indication you're from here. I can accept your application (5 pages, signed, in triplicate) when I log in, and you can accept the invite the next time you're in game.

I tested this with a couple of my own side project alts and was able to get them into the guild without needing a second.

I'd like an invite. My blackhand toon is Rambolina.

mastrude wrote:

I'd like an invite. My blackhand toon is Rambolina.

Welcome aboard in advance! I tossed you an invite in the in-game guild recruitment tool. You should see it the next time you're in-game.

Anyone want to claim a lvy 57 warlock named Sisas? That toon is stuck in the recruitment queue, and I have no idea who it is.