Google TV Chromecast & Sonos Beam

I already own a Sonos Beam which is linked to an over-the-hill 3rd Gen Apple TV so when I saw the the new Google TV Chromecast I thought this would be a great upgrade. However, I'm not sure if the Beam will work with it?

I currently link the Apple TV with Digital Optical and I'm pretty sure the Google TV doesn't have this connection.

My TV is also quite a few years old, 1080p, no HDMI arc.

Would anyone know if I can connect the two? I obviously don't want to use the TV speakers, hence why I bought the Beam in the first place.


Does the TV have an optical audio out? That was pretty common before ARC became the standard. If so, you're set, just hook that up to the Beam. If not, the other option is an HDMI switch that can split out audio to optical. Those aren't expensive, and if you need one, I can link you to the one I used to use with my Beam.

Just checked and it's a yes on the Digital Audio Out! Thanks for your help!