Genshin Impact

GWJ Conference Call Episode 730

Wasteland 3 (PC), Genshin Impact (PC), Root (PC), The Last of Us 2 (PC), Star Wars: Squadrons (PC), Catching Up, Donation Drive, and International Gamers With Jobs Days 2020.

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Amanda, Rich and Shawn Andrich catch up and talk about the GWJ Donation Drive.

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00:01:26 Wasteland 3
00:13:15 Genshin Impact
00:32:47 Root
00:36:56 Gloomhaven
00:38:52 The Last of Us 2
00:45:05 Star Wars: Squadrons
00:52:23 Catching Up
01:06:00 GWJ Donation Drive

Lovely to have Shawn back on the podcast and to hear how he's doing.

Geeze, Shawn, I thought my watching Outbreak and The Thing was a rough way to start off sheltering in place in a pandemic.

Sorry, I missed everything you said after talking about developing the site because my brain got stuck on this

There's just a lot of 90s nostalgia going on at the moment