NFL 2020: Week 3

The Texans have made wasting great talent an art form.

Jordan Reed's injury is an MCL sprain that could cost him 6-8 weeks. (At least it's not a concussion.)

Hopefully we'll actually get to see the Kittle/Reed 2-TE offense at some point.

At least Brandon Aiyuk has been working out, guy looks like a Deebo Samuel clone out there. Niners are really fortunate that both the 1st round picks have been making an immediate impact, god knows they were needed immediately.

Darnold threw three touchdown passes yesterday and played well enough to get Rivers benched.

Is the positive framing I like to put on it in the hopes that Gase doesn't get fired this Friday.

Mr Bismarck wrote:

Darnold threw three touchdown passes yesterday and played well enough to get Rivers benched.

Is the positive framing I like to put on it in the hopes that Gase doesn't get fired this Friday.

You don't want Gase fired?

I'm a Dolphins fan.

Kicking a FG? Come on, John. You gotta be get those TDs.

(Apparently I didn't hit Post.)

Mahomes carving things up. Marcus Peters showing his good side on that kissed tackle.

Ravens offensive play calling on passes is odd so far. Screens to the rookie? Why?

OL issues continue to be a problem with interior pass pressure, but easily sniffed out screens are the answer?

Edit: Andy Reid showing how screens are done.

I should turn this sh*t off. Gonna be Chiefs 50-12.

Wink Martindale is the Ravens defensive coordinator!? That's quite a change in career for a man in his 80s.

If this is a preview of the AFC Championship Game, then it's going to be a one-sided AFC Championship Game.

garion333 wrote:
Stele wrote:

I think I'm getting into the bourbon tonight. On paternity leave but our daughter needs 1 more night in NICU for bilirubin lights.

Oh, congrats! Scary to be in nicu for anything, but congrats!

Thanks. More in the parenting thread, but at this point just a little jaundice, they have those lights on and checking bilirubin levels, and hopefully coming home tomorrow.

A little Ravens momentum. They gotta get a TD though, no more FGs.

Well sh*t. That was not the red zone series to get back in the game, ending with 4th and 24.

97 yards passing for Lamar. Ouch.

Sorry, Stele.


Yeah. The Ravens looked uncharacteristically unprepared last night. Lamar was running out of clean pockets. Andrews was missing catches he normally would have nailed. Coverage was just bad overall. And the play calling was just awful.

I hope this wakes them up. They are tied for second in their division now.

I'm honestly beginning to believe part of it is in Lamar's head. They're in his head. Chris Jones is in his damn head.

"Oh, cool," I said, "the Viking are moving their corporate headquarters and practice facility up to the old abandoned Northwest Airlines site in the older industrial park on the north edge of town. That's going to bring all sorts of interesting stuff to my town/"

I meant new restaurants, goddamn it, not a hotspot for a friggin' pandemic.

If you had asked which of those two teams would have produced 8 positive tests, all of us would have said VIKINGS because they are the NFL equivalent of Covid so far this season.

Important future NFL news:



Obviously it's only right for there to be a very lengthy paternity leave period. 3 or 4 years ought to do it. Those are important, formative years for a child!


Somebody go get a teacher!


I wonder if I can draft that kid in my keeper league. 20 years from now, they will be money

There's something up with that baltimore offense though, where it plays well most of the time. For the most part, Lamar Jackson has only lost to KC, with a career regular season record of 21-4-0, and 3 of the losses are to KC. The other loss? The browns. That same year, the two headed monster of Mason Rudolph and Devlin Hodges took the Ravens to overtime. It feels like a couple of teams have cracked the code, and he's a monster against the rest.

staygold wrote:
garion333 wrote:

The Steelers had to majorly come from behind today.

Are the Steelers the most complete team in the league? They lack the high end star power of Baltimore or KC but at every position they're good to great and have almost no weaknesses. They're the only team who has few to no flaws (other than Ben's decision making)

My Steelers are crushing it this year. We're 3-0! Against teams with a combined record of 0-9!

The game started slowly, but I don't know if having the ball, down 14-3, really counts as a major come from behind victory.

staygold wrote:
garion333 wrote:

And we'll see who Baltimore is tonight. Oh, and the Browns have a winning record.

This is the best division in football. Is there a way all four teams could make the playoff?

I feel like even before Chiefs/Ravens, there wasn't a way to sneak the bengals into the playoffs after they went 0-2-1.

Bengals should be able to pull off a win or two once they figure out how to give Burrow more than 0.02 seconds to throw the ball. Hope he doesn't go the way of David Carr.

The issues with the Ravens are simple: They're a quick score team who are designed to hold leads. Playing from behind is not their strength and it seems like they have no idea what to call when they are behind.

Some of that might be on Lamar as he's had it pretty easy so far kicking ass left and right. Being the fastest person on the field does that
Tough games and losses will do his head some good. Learning pains and all.

Chris Jones almost single-handedly killed any chance Lamar had at throwing down field. And when Lamar threw down field, sh*t was dropped. Not that all his passes were beautiful, but tons of dropped passes.

Burrow not rattled by the NFL yet.

wHaR bE wEeK fOuR tHrEaD?