Marvel Puzzle Quest GWJ Alliance?

When I first started playing MPQ it was because somebody on the GWJ podcast mentioned they were enjoying it. I’m now a handful of days away from playing a full five years.

I initially hopped into the GWJ alliance but, after six or so month, I wasn’t finding the gains I was looking for because we weren’t consistently hitting a decent alliance ranking in PVE placement.

I just looked up the GWJ alliance and see many of you are still playing regularly and have solid rosters. Just wanted to stop in and see if anybody is interested in getting poached. I’m in the “aXe” family of alliances and we have an opening or two in our T100 alliance.

Hope my offer doesn’t come off the wrong way — I hope each of you is happy with where you’re at and have no interest in leaving behind your friends.

Cheers all.

/bump lol