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Gamers With Jobs Donation Drive and International GWJ Day 2020


Hello Everyone!

We're excited to announce our annual GWJ donation drive for 2020! This year, we decided to run the donation drive in conjunction with International Gamers With Jobs Day (IGWJD), which traditionally falls in October. The details of the donation drive, reward tiers, etc., will be announced in an upcoming post, so watch for that in the near future. Similarly, the details for IGWJD will be posted soon. Check the bottom of this post for the IGWJD planning survey.

As you may have noticed, things are starting a little later this year. We sincerely thank you and appreciate your patience. It's been... a rough year for many of us. But in times of uncertainty and turmoil, there is even greater value in connecting and supporting one another through gaming and discussion. In the last several months, we've seen a burst of activity on Discord and the GWJ forums. It is truly heartwarming to see names and faces of some members of our community whom we haven't seen in ages. Welcome home, old friends, familiar nemeses, and everyone in between. We're genuinely so glad to see you here.

Between the donation drive and IGWJD, this October will be a great opportunity for all of us to celebrate this community, this site, and the members that keep it active. It is an honor to put in the work to keep GWJ running. Gamers With Jobs is our heart and our home. Your support over the last year has allowed us to continue keeping the site ad-free, to host Story Roost, the Conference Call, and the website, and has provided us the tools and opportunities to create new content for GWJ. It's our hope to carry the tradition forward for years to come.

To help plan for IGWJD, please take a moment to provide your feedback on which weekend would work best for you: The IGWJD 2020 Date Selection Survey. In order to facilitate planning, the last day for voting submissions will be Sunday, September 20th.

Under the current circumstances, we ask that IGWJD celebrations be held primarily online. We've planned digital hangouts for past IGWJDs, so we're no strangers to the challenge of coordinating and planning online gaming and remote gatherings. We look forward to gathering with you in appreciation of this incredible community. Please, fill out the linked survey to help determine which day will be our special day.

Well, special days—special month, really. A whole month of celebration is good. It's been a hell of a year. Let's celebrate our ability to stick together, support each other, and enjoy a few games along the way. Thank you for being here, and for being part of this community.

Stay tuned for more details soon.


Voted! Looking forward to it!

filled in!

Last year's GWJ day was a lot of fun, roll on GWJ day 2020! Survey completed

I Voted!

Eleima wrote:

Voted! Lookihh ne g forward to it! :)

Someone's already been celebrating IGWJD! Shalalm Baskur!

Virtual S&T sounds good this year

garion333 wrote:
Eleima wrote:

Voted! Lookihh ne g forward to it! :)

Someone's already been celebrating IGWJD! Shalalm Baskur!

I blame my stupid phone. Haven't had a drink in weeks and weeks.

Completed survey.

Would love to play some MP with other GWJs, but happy just to be a supporter.

Keep Calm and Play On!

Looking forward to it. Will this be the thread for organizing events? Probably each event would get its own thread?

I’m thinking Rocket League for people who don’t usually play Rocket League might be a good theme. Same could go for Overwatch or any other MP game. A chance for folks with low skill level to just goof around and have fun. GTA V and RDR2 would work as well.

Once we settle on a date I'll make a bigger post with details, and that'll be the main place, I think.

I’ve given it some thought and, time zones and kids permitting, I want to lead a big GWJ Zerg in Guild Wars 2.