Minecraft Dungeons Catch-all

Time for your quarterly MCD update! Creeping Winter is out with a couple new levels, daily challenges, and new merchants for camp. What I was most excited about is the ability to now upgrade equipment to your current level and gift equipment to other players.

Still having a blast playing with my 8 year old who has well surpassed me in level and skill. I get a kick out of it every time we load up and he runs to the nether portal in camp to see if it's been finished yet.

Got it on sale tonight since my wife and I can couch co-op, looking forward to giving it a try.

Cross-platform play now works. Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Switch.

SonySims wrote:

Who will advise me a good server for minecraft? I want to try to play online with my friends.

Wrong thread. This thread is for Minecraft Dungeons - a little action RPG in the Minecraft "universe".