Madden 21!

Posting this primarily because people are maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad at EA this year.

I mean, gamers are always mad at EA, but people seem BIG MAD at them about Madden this year.

Now, obviously, the NFL's not dropping EA anytime soon, and EA's already got most of the fan's money, so I guess we'll see if this actually makes a difference.

Frankly, I kinda doubt it and expect this to repeat next year. If people wanna make a major impact here, they have to start voting with their wallets and stop buying the game.

The release glitches are always hilarious though.

(Also, can we discuss that at this point, if you're trying to release a AAA video game title in [probably under] a year, what you're likely going to put out is some minor improvements that can be easily described as "just a roster update"?)

In the end, the game is fun to play. It's still a terrible franchise mode, but the gameplay is fun.

The Yard is really cool and fun, but it also is the equivalent of poking franchise guys in the eye. But I think 2K getting back in the game delayed some franchise improvements that would have come this year. 2K will probably release their "arcade" football game in the spring, and I expect most to love the crap out of it, even if it is just to poke EA in the eye.

Then EA will drop Madden 22 with a revamped franchise mode, with an extra year of attention. That's why the current franchise mode is now called "Classic Franchise Mode." It tells me they had already decided to revamp it. But if they dropped it this year, they would not have an easy way to monopolize all discussion when they drop the game next year. That's my speculation. It's why this year's mode got literally zero attention, and their PR stated as such.

They read the room really poorly, though. I think they thought they had time to spend this year releasing information about the new awesome franchise mode after the game dropped. But that press release changed the entire narrative. So now EA is just kind of winging it. They may drop an entirely new franchise mode into the game by spring, just to divert attention away from 2K.

2K does have a perfect path to an insanely fun game. Take the DNA from APF2K8, infuse it with modern gameplay and current stars, then, instead of an NFL franchise mode, do like SMB3 and do a creative take on franchise mode. Make all that game play as sim as possible, and then add in the other MyPlayer and MyTeam modes.

It's going to be interesting to see how the narrative evolves this year. You already see it starting to change at OS, as most of the guys actually playing think the gameplay is pretty great. I've played some games that are just a blast.

Here's a clip I did from a game. They are just the kind of fun plays that make playing sports games fun. I won this game like 31-20 or something, so it wasn't like bombs all game. Most of my TDs were runs, which was kind of like their postseason run. It also might be unfair because Mahomes is the perfect Madden QB, and they have leaned into his talents, and how he uses receivers, in designing the game.

Big Red has never been that skinny.

TheGameguru wrote:

Big Red has never been that skinny.

That is the first thing I thought as well. Time to fatten up that walrus.

Yeah, I'm not finding any fans as fat as me in the game either. We need those fatties so that the scrawnies can feel better about themselves.