2020 NBA Catch-All: Offseason

Toronto, what are you doing?!

Wow game 7 on ABC tonight. Fancy.

Well that was a messy finish.

That's why you don't call timeouts on offense. Had Don with the ball, 22 seconds, just run your usual. Wasted 2 timeouts to turn the ball over. So stupid.

Miami trying to give it away.

What a bad ending for this game if Miami wins on this foul call. Bad enough they blew the Dragic call.

Yeah that last 2 minutes was a complete clusterf*ck.

Has Javie ever said a call was bad?

Well that loss was big.

Twitter wrote:

According to Elias, the Bucks are the 12th team to trail 2-0 in a best-of-7 series after having the best record in the NBA during the regular season. The 11 previous teams all lost that series.

Man, the NBA rewards flopping far too much.

It's like watching a bunch of non-clutch guys bumble all over the place.

That under 1 minute segment was flop flop flop no calls.

The playoffs would be better if both OKC and Hou were out. At least one is going home tonight.

Well smart play by Paul to try and call timeout after the blocked shot. But probably a dumb play for him to pass the ball in the first place and let someone else shoot the game winning attempt. Looks like it's over.

I'd like if the NBA adopted yellow/red cards and used them for fake flops.

Well I said it was over with 1.6. Upping it to 2.7 and OKC with timeouts... going to get one shot.

Stele wrote:

The playoffs would be better if both OKC and Hou were out. At least one is going home tonight.

Indeed. If only that were possible.

Someday they’ll do a 30 for 30 on this like the Reggie Miller doc. An incredible amount of flopping in a short amount of time.

Here’s the video. Lol.


Lakers in 3

I only count two flops.

I don’t see how you can feel good about this if you’re Houston. The kinda scrubby Thunder took you to the final second in 7 and you’ve got AD and LeBron waiting on something like 5 days rest. I guess Covington can try to guard AD? Green?

Disappointed in the play calling for the Thunder at the end. Shai is probably your best pure scorer, why’s he inbounding? Adams, as much as I love him, provides very little value with 1.1 left, which is why he was left open. Have him inbound so you have 4 guys moving rather than the ability for the Rockets to pay half attention to him.

Mmmmm...OKC tears.


Supersonics Fans


Ah, there is that Billy Donovan coaching we all expected.

I find the headlines about the Rockets’ win interesting. Was that a game-winning block by Harden? Are we sure it wasn’t a brick when it left Dort’s hand?

He blocked a potential game winning shot, but when I think game winning block, I think LeBron oh Iguodala in 2016. That shot was going in. This one, who knows.

Lol at the narrative of "Harden Clutch Defender Who Shouts."

I saw "Harden Who Flops And Fails In Crunch Time But Got Lucky Stopping A New NBA Player And Covers Up His Insecurities With A Fake Roar."

KEMBA! What a pass!

OMG. Lowry with the pass. Holy sh*t.

Stele wrote:

OMG. Lowry with the pass. Holy sh*t.

Loved that it was OG he seems to be the only one that is actually playing well relative to expectations.

Poor Siakam is looking lost out there.

Much more exciting finish than the back to back questionable foul free throws this week.

Great play call by Nurse and an amazing pass by Lowery. Huge play. Wow

I love Lowry so much, man. Be a teammate like him.


Bucks really missing Brogdon.

But at least their ownership ducked the luxury tax with Giannis two years from free agency.

I seem to have underestimated Jimmy Butler.