[News] Trump, Russia, and the 2016 Election

All news related to Donald Trump's alleged ties to Russia and to the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. New details should be cited to reputable sources.

DSGamer wrote:

There are a lot of those people who think getting rid of “bad orange man” is all we need to do.

To be fair, it would be a really, really, really, really, really, really, really good start.

Archangel wrote:
DSGamer wrote:

There are a lot of those people who think getting rid of “bad orange man” is all we need to do.

To be fair, it would be a really, really, really, really, really, really, really good start.

You’ve got to treat the cancer before you can adequately treat the systemic damage to the body it has cause.

I’ve seen a lot of talk here that this is irreversible. It’s not, and especially so if the Democrats manage to control senate, presidency and house. The judiciary can only rule on law passed by the house. If they overrule a law, then rewrite it. Play the game.

1. Force the stacked judiciary to burn their time resources on adjudicating these myriad of cases.

2. Push through the green new deal as a ‘works project’ in the shape and form of fdr, transitioning our power needs and infrastructure to more efficient means. If you can include new, pertinent training into this deal in the form of apprenticeships, the better.

3. Universal healthcare, because we’ll have to drag f*cking idiots to the light in order for them to realize that it’s better for them both physically and monetarily as a policy if we divorce it from its current mechanisms.

4. Pass rules on census data collected to include a proper means of forming districts within given territories. Make it a federal issue and make Rs right the hell out of it in court.

5. Codify the stipulations of executive power and fix appointment rules so that if you relieve someone of their duties, the senate’s top priority will be to vet the next candidate. No more ‘acting’ bullsh*t positions.

6. Codify campaign finance reform. Actively create laws to neuter citizens united.

7. Create a small police branch specifically for the legislative branch ( or add to the US Marshal office) that can enforce subpoenas and demands of the house into compliance.

8. Give actual teeth to the emoluments clause by requiring any future candidate to disclose all financial records to homeland security, the fbi, and congress for oversight.

9. Remove the godd@amn immigrant camps and change our amnesty laws to be more streamlined and clearer. Abolish or alter ICE to deal strictly with customs only and let the states police their borders.

10. Close and shutter foreign bases and begin buyouts of military personnel to reduce the military budget, whether by lump sum payments or offering them years toward their retirement and use that money to fund the VA offices and medical treatment of our vets.

11. Reform work laws. Large companies like wal-mart or amazon are dependent on the federal government to subsidize their workers. Lower full time requirements and give part time workers the same benefits as full- time workers with regards to protections from ‘at will employment,’ leave time, and pay structure. Truth be told, removing the terms part and full time, would be helpful if you e already divorced healthcare from a companies responsibility.

12. Reform the tax code in a multitude of areas. Institute a higher gas tax so federal bridges and highways can be repaired; increase the taxes on inheritance, capitol gains, and heck, even put in a tax that funds the SEC that charges a penny for every single transfer on the market so that they can do their jobs. Increase the corporate tax rates substantially unless the business offers a Legitimate pension to its employees. 401k is an absolute sham of a system.

There are a hundred more, but I’m tired of all this. Reforming the DOJ, universal income and welfare reform, protections to social safety nets, and a ton other issues.

Point is, this administration gave you a playbook. Use it. Push all this stuff through, keep your consensus, and push the news cycle so fast that even Fox entertainment can’t keep up with all the ‘awful’ things happening. Trump understands optics to people that don’t have any critical thinking skills, which is why he’s signed or sent a letter to everyone that received a stimulus check. Make it clear that the UBI, the healthcare, the protections in place serve the public, even the reticent ones and it’ll be difficult for any Republican to overturn those things once they (hopefully never, but I know better) gain the upper hand again. Turn the news cycle over so quickly and be ready to go with legislation you can literally rubber stamp when inauguration happens. If it happens.

This should be the new Democratic Platform. Love it or leave it.

I agree with the optics thing. It is hard for the Dems to wage a war of optics when we are barely engaging in optics. (aside from self inflicted wounds)

Other topic - Has anyone else seen the reporting on the Biden accuser? I really, really, really don't want to even remotely attack her. So somebody please tell me if it has been debunked and I will happily wash it away but it is pretty damning. Apparently she has written an essay (now deleted) gushing about Putin. I want to support her but, it had to be Putin of all people and I just can't.

Maybe we do need to change the #metoo movement. Where instead of automatically believing the accuser to the bitter end, we demand investigators and journalists seek out evidence in support of them as a priority and call out those that attack first and only attack or downplay support. The latter may have been what was intended all along but current reality is the former and it is dangerous. This is especially so when you lump all severity together of deny there are degrees of severity.

Believe it or not, but alt-right women can be sexually abused too. "Believe women" applies to women whose politics you don't like too, otherwise it's just posturing.
To paraphrase Biden himself: take the woman’s claim seriously. Vet it, look into it. If you don't find enough to convince you then, fine (personally I believe her enough to want it looked into closer, but I'm not 100% convinced as it's a major escalation from how he normally invades a woman's privacy). But dismissing it solely based on her past support for Putin is not believing women.

It is NOT the politics. It is the apparent devotion and enamor of Putin.
And as far as I know she isn't Alt Right unless I missed something.

If she is Alt Right then that doesn't matter aside from if there is a lack of evidence. At that point, I don't think it is unreasonable to call into question ones ability to judge reality. At that point you are talking QAnon and perhaps 5G COVID 19 levels of delusion.

fangblackbone wrote:

It is NOT the politics. It is the apparent devotion and enamor of Putin.
And as far as I know she isn't Alt Right unless I missed something.

Naw, she was a Warren supporter until she dropped out, then switched to Sanders until he dropped.
I haven’t really been following the case aside from the Worst Year episode about it, but supposedly the Putin stuff was a couple years ago and she has since distanced herself from those views after embracing vegan feminism. Not certain of the causal link there but whatever.

Here’s the Putin support letter

It’s. well, odd...

President Putin has an alluring combination of strength with gentleness. His sensuous image projects his love for life, the embodiment of grace while facing adversity. It is evident that he loves his country, his people and his job.
President Putin’s obvious reverence for women, children and animals, and his ability with sports is intoxicating to American women.

Huh, I definitely don’t agree with her on... most of her points but that wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I’ve definitely seen liberals make similar arguments in favor of clear villains because of Trump. Like how Bush Jr has become a loveable grandpa to people who where calling him a war criminal fifteen years ago.

Like how Bush Jr has become a loveable grandpa to people who where calling him a war criminal fifteen years ago.

So I see this a lot in certain circles. IMO, I don't see Dems posting stuff like that to prove Bush was/is a good guy - they are posting stuff like that to try to show R's "Look, even Bush Jr, one of y'alls heroes hates the stuff Trump does". Those are 2 very different things. (IMO)

Personally, I realize nothing will change a Trumper's mind at this point but there are still plenty of people that are still trying (for some reason).

I mean, Ellen tried to rehabilitate him, and pretty much everyone left of the never-Trumpers seemed to recoil in horror at that.


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