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Happy B&R Day!

In totally unrelated news, Ali's Dance-of-the-Mance/Outlaw's Merriment mash-up has made me feel so much better about opening 4x Merriment. 20-12 in the casual queue and 6-2 against mono-Red has me high on life.

I’d love to give that a go, but that’s a lot of rare wildcards I’d have to spend for the cards I don’t have.

They just patched in the friends list. I'm Vargen#99091 if anyone wants to add me.

I just noticed that as well. I'm AmazingZoidberg#84937 and I would looking forward to being able to play brawl with friends.

Roval#13839 here, although I haven't playing very consistently lately.

Unannounced event with Power 9 precons went live a few hours ago. Wasn't as fun as it sounds (decks are very swingy), but rewards 3x packs from the next set!

Also, friend requests send: Thingum Bob#89032

Huh. They're each regular precon power level, with 3 broken mana artifacts added in. I guess if you're going to tease with bits of the Power 9* you want to make sure future events have enough headroom to go bigger so they're still exciting.

I wouldn't expect the best gameplay out of that though.

*Sol Ring is strong enough to be one of the Power 9. It isn't though because they're allowed to keep reprinting it.


Do direct challenges count towards your daily wins/quests? I’d rather do it playing against people I know rattan than complete fandoms.

Mine is Madcat2020#29801

Adding everyone from above. MTGA has basically replaced hearthstone for me.

FYI the cinematic trailer for the MTG Legends MMO done by Cryptic is up. Beta signup too!

Finally got around to adding everyone up-thread to my friends' list. I'm Badferret#47831

I've got a couple of brawl decks ready to go, or can always bring out a standard Bo1 deck.

Speaking of Standard, one of my games is on Youtube vs a streamer:

I had no idea what I was playing against, so was pretty conservative with my approach with Jeskai Fires. I gave him my twitch prime sub right after the game. Video should start a few seconds before my game, otherwise it's at the 1:03 mark.


Send out my friend requests to everyone who posted their ID here. Since I'm on european time I guess I won't see many of you online though. Still always happy if it happens! Had some fun Magic: Online encounters with GWJ crowd!

Badferret wrote:

Speaking of Standard, one of my games is on Youtube vs a streamer

Nice. Really enjoy watching Todd's content on youtube. I like how he explains the deck and then does some games with it.

Also seeing him play this deck made me realize that I'm not ready for rotation yet Meta is so diverse atm it's actually fun to mess around with different deck ideas although I could do with fewer matches vs. flash decks.

Woot, made Mythic tonight, right before Standard gets scrambled.

First impressions of the new set? Seems like Mono Black and Mono White devotion are going to be pretty viable.

No idea what Standard will look like. I got smashed 0-3 in a sealed despite feeling like I had a good deck, and then am now sitting at 2-0 in another one with a much worse deck. The rare lifelink pegasus is an absurd bomb that I lost to twice. Thems the breaks, I suppose.

Also, I'm 4dSwissCheese#25874 if anyone wants to bash decks together at some point (though I'm probably mostly doing limited for a couple of weeks until I've got more of the new cards).

I'm up for direct challenges - Madcat2020#29801

Enter the code PLAYTHEROS for 3 free packs

Mr Eko wrote:

Enter the code PLAYTHEROS for 3 free packs

Nice, thanks!

I really wasn't stoked about the new set. The last weeks before rotation were fun for me and I was suspecting that with the new cards I would either have to invest some $$$ or get beaten by all the new gods and mono black devotion to the point of frustration.

I was pretty determined not to put any more money into the game having already put around $300 into it last year, so I wasn't even sure if I would keep playing past rotation.

Glad to see that after turning my gold into packs I was able to both craft decent enough mono colored decks in red, green, white and black to do the dailies in the upcoming weeks and got a Thassa that fits into my fun but janky elementals deck. Went through the weekly XP with it this morning and invested the mythic wildcard I got into another Thassa.

The deck is fun enough that I'll be back tomorrow for the next batch of weekly XP. Here's the list if anyone wants to take a look.


3 Cavalier of Gales (M20) 52
1 Forest (ANA) 65
4 Cavalier of Flame (M20) 125
2 Mountain (ANA) 64
4 Leafkin Druid (M20) 178
3 Fabled Passage (ELD) 244
3 Lightning Stormkin (M20) 213
4 Creeping Trailblazer (M20) 207
2 Healer of the Glade (M20) 176
4 Risen Reef (M20) 217
4 Omnath, Locus of the Roil (M20) 216
3 Fires of Invention (ELD) 125
1 Chandra, Awakened Inferno (M20) 127
3 Temple of Epiphany (M20) 253
3 Temple of Mystery (M20) 255
4 Steam Vents (GRN) 257
4 Stomping Ground (RNA) 259
4 Breeding Pool (RNA) 246
2 Island (XLN) 267
2 Thassa, Deep-Dwelling (THB) 71

Otherwise my plan is to hoard gold until they unlock drafts for gold. Would prefer to play sealed for gold but since there is no option for that draft will have to do...

I won't spend my remaining wildcards until the meta settles a little. But I'm pretty close to a decent mono black list even without four Nightmare Shepards for now.

From what I've seen so far I expect at least one control deck making tier 1.

Very proud of this geek accomplishment!


I piloted Mogwai's Aristocrats deck, featured in this video.

Congrats, Badferret!

Also, I'm only two Woe Striders short of being able to build the deck.

This will apparently not enthuse MTG fans but it looks pretty darn good to me:

edit: fixed! Thanks ran.

Proper link. This is a complete scam of a game. Mobile trash.


Am I missing something? A Diablo clone set in MTG planes is...a bad idea?

I don't mind living in a world with more of both of those properties.

The downside is it is Perfect World F2P...

ranalin wrote:

Proper link. This is a complete scam of a game. Mobile trash.

Are you sure you don't have this confused with the MTG-branded mobile game Mana Strike? Cryptic has a pretty solid track record in the MMO space, even if this looks more Diablo than City of Heroes.

Vargen wrote:
ranalin wrote:

Proper link. This is a complete scam of a game. Mobile trash.

Are you sure you don't have this confused with the MTG-branded mobile game Mana Strike? Cryptic has a pretty solid track record in the MMO space, even if this looks more Diablo than City of Heroes.

No this was up to the official announcement described as a full fledged MMO. This is not that. As you can see it's a Diablo clone that is essentially a reskin of other mobile ARPGs out there.

Cryptic has been sh*t since they got bought out by PW.

I guess if you define MMO as Everquest/World of Warcraft clone it isn't one. I cut my teeth on Ultima Online though so I've got a broader definition. If there are other players wandering in and out of my play space, it's probably a MMO.

This was advertised as a MMORPG and the game they show is essentially a reskin, UI and all, of the new Diablo Eternal (their new mobile game). I know the definition of MMO, been playing them since they were created.

ARPGs are NOT MMORPGs. There is nothing in the West that can come close yet to being classified as a ARPGMMO like the ones in KR. This comes no where close to being like them either.

Cryptic is making Diablo Eternal?

Or are you trying to say there is no difference between Tencent and Perfect World/Cryptic?