RIP Kirk Douglas.

Wow, didn't realize he was still around. 103!

We will watch War Wagon this weekend in tribute.

I am Spartacus!


He had amazing career. It is hard to realize how much world has changed during his lifetime. From 1916 to this day

...and Last train from Gun Hill is one mighty western movie...

I know his catalog is full of titanic roles and oscar-worthy performances, but the two movies of his that were mainstays in my childhood will always be 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Man from Snowy River. Not to mention what I consider to be the second greatest last second comedy twist in a movie of all time from Greedy. RIP Mr. Douglas.

Lonely Are The Brave is an oft overlooked great Kirk Douglas movie

Paths of Glory is also a great Kirk Douglas movie. It is powerful and Mr. Douglas owns his part. You feel his growing disdain for higher authority and the pain he goes through as he follows orders that send thousands to their deaths for no good reason. It is an amazing performance and I will rewatch it this weekend for sure, along with some of the other movies folks have called out.


Paths of Glory, definitely. The shot watching him head to the front of the trench is a great one shot scene.

Lust for Life, his role as Vincent Van Gogh was really good. Not sure how true to the artist this was, but he played it well.