The GWJ JRPG Club - Q3 2019 - Nier: Automata! [Main thread]

I am a little late to the party, but I am also playing Nier with the JRPG club. I am through the first play through already and working on the second. Looking forward to it!

Nice! Let us know how you like it.

Picked up my save again the other day. Got through


the amusement park (wow!) and reached the machine village.

Now I'm fiddling with some side quests.

Really enjoying it and feel a bit bad that I interrupted my playthrough for so long.

The forced camera angles (with the associated limited visibility) during the boss fight in the first area I mentioned made me check if I pushed a wrong button or something. Such is life when you have to relearn the controls...

Level 26 now and finished the copied city in my first playthrough.


Did NOT expect to meet Popola and Devola! I guess since I saw Emil, it shouldn't have been a complete surprise though. I wonder if there will be more crossover from the first game.
Also, the boss in the flooded city was really impressive.

Ending "A" today (as well as "J").
Playtime 35:47, Level 31 at the end. A few of those hours were the game idling.

Things got really intense there during those last two hours or so. About 3/4 of the way through the fairly long final boss battle my 3 year old insisted "I help you!" until I gave him the controller. Luckily I had auto-use-item equipped and a good number of health restores in my inventory, so those carried me through the damage as he ran around looking straight up and taking hits until he decided he had helped enough and that I would have to do the rest without him carrying me

Starting the 2nd run after I hit "post".


Got ending B (level 52, 58:40 hours) just now and looking forward to more!
I didn't mind the hacking very much. I found it a somewhat enjoyable mechanic and a quick way to do lots of damage to major enemies. There were a couple of layouts that I never did manage to pass though, but luckily the game is merciful and doesn't throw you up against the same one every time you try to re-hack an enemy you just failed.

At one point, long before the info dump near the end, I had my first "WHOA!" moment.


When I learned about the "desert kingdom with lots of rules" that suddenly ceased to be long ago. Immediately I realized that cameos by Emil, Devola and Popola did NOT mean that Automata was a prequel (even if Devola/Popola looked younger than in the first game), but rather I was walking across the original game's landscapes, albeit several centuries later! I began trying to find familiar areas throughout the world. Where did the city ruins really come from? Was it humans, or did the androids rebuild much of the world? Later I would realize that it may have been those of Project Gestalt.

I want to find out what's up with


the ghostly girls. I first noticed one's outline in the hangar as 9S got into a flight suit. Then they were there in the ending. Spooky!

Hope I get a third chance to do the Wandering Couple sidequest. Sorta dumb that you can fail that one by waiting to go to a new area until you're told to, rather than going as soon as it's possible.

I also need to fuse a bunch of movement speed chips to have a chance to win the Speed Star sidequest.

Finally, I'm curious to start opening up all of those locked doors with the machine in front of them.

Nice! The rest of the game is the best part! I'm getting a hankering to play the whole game over again.

I was also very amused when I got the


Cypress Stick


Ending C last night. That got sad.

Final battle wasn't difficult but still intense.

Almost 75 hours so far (subtract about 10 for idling due to kids) and level 67. Done most of the sidequests, data collection and weapon upgrades (though farming pure water sucks).

Finally found the location of another big series of caves I'd been looking for. There's a section behind some rocks I can't get to. Thought I could hack into the enemies on the other side, but no dice.

Still can't figure out how to get to a rooftop chest on the edge of town halfway between the factory and desert.

This game is so good...
D/E hopefully tonight, but per the rules above, it's beaten

Well congratulations! I hope you enjoy whatever remaining portions you decide to play.

Ending E with the assists was something else!


AUs_TBirD wrote:

Ending E with the assists was something else!

So very good. I still get chills thinking about it.