There's a tangential system on Venus and Earth where you track, lure, and tranq different scifi animals as a conservation effort. As far as I can tell it ties into no other systems, so its usually a diversion you can exchange for plushie versions of the conserved animals in your orbiter. But one of this week's Nora challenges is to capture around 6 unique subspecies perfectly.

Oh, question for the PC Dojo, do we have the cat minion thing blueprint unlocked as a research? It's supposed to come from the Tenno research station, but I didn't see it, nor how to start unlocking it.

Ivara with prowl/sleep arrow seems the best way to perfect captures.

Equinox with her sleep ability in night form is supposed to work as well - just without the invisibility. Make sure you aren't standing downwind of the call point.

Taharka wrote:

Oh, question for the PC Dojo, do we have the cat minion thing blueprint unlocked as a research? It's supposed to come from the Tenno research station, but I didn't see it, nor how to start unlocking it.

Can't comment on the dojo but Hyekka masters drop the Kavat Incubator segment quite often if you ever level gear in Helene or Hydron.

Most of the ship related dojo stuff was in Tenno Lab, including the kuvat part.

I've only done 1 capture, so i cant speak to that. But for octavia, are you modding for duration and efficiency? Cause if you are you can get more then 30 seconds of invis per proc and 2 procs per casting of her 3. And given that she gets +1/sec energy for 30 seconds after casting, you can actually get more then you put in and never become visible. The drawback is you have to keep track of things or you will lose it. However, with a fast song you can get the invis back in about 1 second.
I'm not saying she's a better spy then ivara or loki, but she's damn good at almost any mission type which has alot of value, especially if you dont have frame slots or potatoes to spare.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Octavia - but when you have the tranq-gun out, you can’t use any abilities, and nothing beat Ivara’s sleep arrow (plus Prowl) for captures.

There's a tactical alert on for the next week involving Tenno-Grineer waterfights. While the event itself gets a bit repetitive once the novelty has warn off, you can get beach balls as Orbiter decorations, and your kavat or kubrow will chase them around and play with them.

They get stuck everywhere (my kavat likes to wedge them in bizarre places so I have to keep fishing them out with decorator mode) but they're hilarious.

(But I pet my kavat every time I log in so YMMV)

Well, that's Exploiter Orb and Profit Taker done with. The Profit Taker kill was a bit of a cheese as I joined a pug heist already in progress, and by the time I got to the fight it was mostly done. Still, it did for Nightwave purposes.

I feel like I'm running out of things to do now (or at least, things that I want to do - there's still Vox Solaris and Quills to rank up, and a few starchart nodes left before I can attempt arbitrations, but ... meh).

Since we are getting close to the Umbria forma. Has anyone used these from last time? Thoughts on who to use it on?

I like wukong so I may use on his prime version.

Umbra forma are too precious to actually use!

I would have umbra forma'd Nezha, but he's got to be due a priming before too long. I shall continue to deliberate.

I used mine on Nidus... I was in love with him at the time, but he didn’t need it... Rhino Prime, otoh - 2 Umbra Forma on that bad boy.... *swoon. One of the few frames that I actually use all 3 mods. (I forget who the other is)

Rhino prime is a good pick except I only use him solo and in index. Otherwise I don't enjoy him as much as wukong, banshee or mesa.

If you want the "safe" bet, Nekros Prime has no aura polarity, so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain putting it on him.

You can fit two umbral mods on most frames, but not many seem to benefit from three. I use umbral intensify/vitality on quite a few frames and umbral intensify/fiber on Rhino. Out of the frames I regularly use, Wisp and Nidus will eventually be primed (very eventually in the case of Wisp ...), so it's a toss up between Mirage Prime and Saryn Prime.

Probably Saryn.

clan needs ALOT of mutagen samples for a research, anyone up for setting up a derelict survival/defense evening to grind it out sometime in the next few nights? i can donate a nekros, hydroid or any dps to the cause. good place to get orokin cells too.

Yikes I used my umbra forma! Being able to fit all three umbra mods boosted Saryn's stats quite a bit.

Last night's dev stream showed the Grendel 'eater' frame and ... I don't know. It was funny to watch them mess around with it for a while, but it's also essentially just a big lumbering joke.

Hi, is there an active GWJ clan or some such for this? I'm a complete newb, have just been doing everything solo so far but I'm enjoying it enough that I think I want to stick around for a while

There certainly is, please join us! Space ninjas with jobs
I'm not sure who has invite privileges, could i get them? I'm on alot so i could take care of day to day stuff.

Thanks, an invite would be much appreciated! I'm playing on PS4, not sure if that matters.

At what point does a build go from powerful to so stupid powerful that I won't need it?

wow! One of the best content creators for this game.

Since the thread got a bump, I'd still like a clan invite if there is one on PS4

Wow, Mogamu took a break from Warframe due to burnout a year or so ago as well if I recall correctly. Well, best of luck to iFlynn. Classy guy.

I watched a few of those vids and I can see where they're coming from. I've played 500 hours now and have a selection of frames and weapons with 5-6 forma that can clear most content. It was fun for a good while but it really isn't anymore. I really like the lore and setting but there's not a lot of story and it'll be a while before we get the next installment. I finished Nightwave which is just as well since it was feeling a bit chore-like.

I'll probably take a break now until Empyrean or New War comes out.

Finally got a half hour to play with gauss. He's a bit finicky but i think when i have him leveled and maybe 2 forma in him he's gonna be awesome. He can do all sorts of different damage types, buff all his weapons, do pretty serious CC, and get up to 100% DR while turning damage recieved into energy.
Only negative i see with him is that he's a selfish frame, no party buffs or taunts.

Is there any way to turn off the random OP enemies who show up in missions now and then and attack you? The ones that give you Nightwave Emissary points. Really annoying if you're trying to be stealthy or just exploring.

As far as I know they are kind like the stalker. They are just gonna show up when you are not ready for them.

Haha, yeah they love gatecrashing my Spy missions!

Had a little time with WF, recently - hit Nightwave 31 (yay, I’m “done”!), farmed Gauss (took longest to get the Neuro) and bought the frame BP from the market - 3 days of cooking.

I’ve cooled on Warframe, overall (I was pretty hardcore with it for 8 months), but it’s been my “drop in for an hour” when I’m not super-focused on (ie: too scared to play) something else. Main reason... I reached my “goal” - own all Frames!! (once Gauss finishes, I’m only missing Ash Prime). MR22, and I have a LOT of the (basic) weapons, some just sitting (completed) in the foundry - the Primes will get there eventually.