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Added a new thing to the DMs Guild! Another of my Pay What you Want mini dungeons

Legacy of the Mechanist.

"Beneath the rubble of the River District’s reconstruction zones, the legacy of one of Neverwinter’s more...eccentric mages still waits to be re-discovered..."

A short post-Phandelver dungeon for levels 5-6

This is the second in a series of quick mini-dungeons and encounters, all based around the “mysterious map” discovered in the lair of Mormesk the wraith, during the finale of The Mines of Phandelver. Legacy of the Mechanist is a short underground one-session dungeon, designed to work on it’s own, or to act as a potential link allowing the PCs to move from “Mines of Phandelver” directly into “The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish”.

As such it is designed for a group of level 5-6, but should be easy to modify for groups of higher or lower level as required simply by changing the danger in combat or the deadliness of any traps. This booklet contains everything you need, including battle maps, new creature statistics and tokens to use on online RPG systems such as Roll 20.

Includes custom maps and tokens!


Does anyone have any info or tutorial resources for putting something up on Roll20?
How customizable is the rule system?
Or is it just that your create theme, lore and setting but gameplay is using Roll20 rules?

I mentioned in the Pathfinder thread that my recent experience with Pathfinder: Kingmaker video game has really brought forth some creative juices on building a PnP system of my own. It has core roots in the ability to make the character you want to make by focusing on unique feats per weapon type, different types of spell totems/foci and dex vs str based fighting. (I will probably have to come up with other names since its not like dex fighters will lack str and str fighters will lack dex)

But I really want it to be where you have an idea of how the character looks and will be rewarded with power you expect and power that will be a joy to discover. Is that doable on Roll20? Or would I be better off with something like kickstarter?

Drivethrurpg might be more what you're looking for maybe? I've not really looked at Roll20 as anything other than just for playing games so i've got no idea how you would go about building/publishing a new RPG through it.

For the record, the "Lucid" game i'm (sloooowly) building is just offline in indesign at the minute, and when i've got it mostly written i'll probably do some testing and then eventually probably go the kickstarter route.

If you're looking to just do worldbuilding type stuff for now, then Worldanvil is probably worth a look.

Made a game called DotBox. Decided to pay homage to the Game King in the tutorial/demo gif.


Free, old computer desk - repainted for my ARMA-loving son:

but why just take a photo of an empty corner of your room?

Yeah I don't see anything in that picture either, except carpet with some light impressions on it...

(forgive the spammy post!)

I have revamped and updated my patreon page a little, putting more of a focus on creating illustrations and designs specifically for use in tabletop role-playing games, such as 5e Dungeons and Dragons, etc.

If you know anyone who you think might want some cool maps, handouts, encounter designs or the occasional discount on the modules and supplements I make, please do me a favour and spread the word of this page around. I could really do with the support right now, and the more backers I get, the more cool stuff I can create! Thanks!

A couple of examples from the full size campaign module i'm working on at the moment:



I also have some products already uploaded to the DMs Guild for those that might not be aware..I'd appreciate some downloads (at least for the PWYW stuff!) and constructive reviews
The link to these can be found

I would love to explore that cave IRL. Even if it did have beasties hiding inside.

Another shameless promo, sorry!

So i've gone and set up a shopify store, connected to the printspace creative hub, through which i can hopefully sell some prints of my more artsy work. It's up as a trial for the moment, but should you feel you want to own a print of one of the drawings i've uploaded now, that would be helping me out a LOT! (AND it would help test this store setup to make sure it all works and that it's worth the effort!)

Anyway, the store can be found here for the next week and a bit while my free trial is active. Whether I keep it active after that will depend on how this little trial goes I think!

Great looking site Pyxi. Unfortunately for my wallet, once everything is said and done, for the Cyberpunk Devil it would be 75 pounds, so right around $100 to ship to my doorstep. A little much at this moment but I'll definitely keep an eye out for more items in the shop.

yeah sadly the printing is in the UK so postage is probably a killer, no worries.

Brexit will probably tank the £ into the ground though, so give it a few weeks