Uplay / Anno 1800 Woes

Hi All,

Long-time lurker, a weekly listener. I recently purchased Anno 1800 last Sunday. I say purchase in the very loosest sense of the word. I had a 20% off voucher and I thought, ok, Anno 1800 £50.00 in the UK, that's a nice saving. Unfortunately, there was nowhere in the uplay app to redeem the code. Aha, why not buy it through the Uplay website, surely that will be a seamless process ??

Well no, if anything, the complete opposite. PayPal receipt, monies are taken from bank no game. I have contacted chat support every day and all I am told is that it has been escalated above. By Weds, enough was enough and I requested a full refund. The only thing first line support can say is its been escalated with no time scale. In my last correspondence with them yesterday I said unless there is a resolution, I will issue a chargeback. I then got a passive threat that if I issue a chargeback I risk having my account banned.

Really not sure what to do here, keep waiting an indefinite amount of time or issue a chargeback on Sunday and risk losing my account and previous purchases.

Have to say what a complete contrast to other services. GoG for example, I had an issue (common apparently) with Spellforce 3 where for whatever reason it gets stuck in a loop in the first chapter and some people just cant progress. Great service, issued a refund no questions asked. Uplay / Ubisoft are really poor at their core business

That sucks! Have you hit up their support on Twitter? Sometimes a more public declaration of your ongoing issue (sadly) gets things moving.