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I have been enjoying Gems of War off and on for a few weeks. It is basically a sequel to Puzzle Quest, by the same devs, with some mobile game tropes. The basic game is still match-3 with spells and upgrades. There is a lot going on, but I like the progression.

I played the hell out of Gems of War when it came out, and a bit more in the years since. I like match 3 games in general, so it was always a good time waster. Of course, I took the recommendation upthread to try out Empires and Puzzles and have touched nothing else in like six months because . . . reasons, so I guess I'm getting my match 3 fix.

Good to know. Empires and Puzzles didn't grab me the way Gems of War has, probably because of the variety of skills that the creatures and weapons have.

New game available: Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Been digging Orna, which is like a fantasy RPG version of Pokemon Go.

Trying it out now. There is a little shop near my house, hopefully my work will have a better one, or a blacksmith perhaps. I'd like some better gear.

Interesting that the levels of the enemies aren't particularly useful in judging their strength (there is some sort of tier system, a level 1 Fallen Warrior is way stronger than a level 10 Red Slime, for example). You get the hang of it after you fight them a couple times, but once you unlock a bunch of different enemies I wonder if it will get hard to keep track.

blackanchor wrote:

New game available: Battle Chasers: Nightwar

I enjoyed this on PC quite a bit. It's from the comic book creator who went on to do Darksiders and then went back to do this as a video game follow up to the comics. The characters can be a bit tropey but as an RPG it's stupidly fun. I really liked the battle system. The end can get a bit grindy though.

Ooh, I've been tempted by that multiple times...Is it the exact same game on mobile? I may bite at that price.

From the wording and screenshots it looks like the full release version.

A_Unicycle wrote:

Ooh, I've been tempted by that multiple times...Is it the exact same game on mobile? I may bite at that price.

I've put in a few hours and have really enjoyed it thus far. I'm playing on phone and it really plays well. The graphic settings can be adjusted to run on less powerful devices.

That's on my Steam wishlist, but a mobile version seems like a good place to jump in.

Dungeon Faster.

Roguelike Deck builder.

You choose your hero and dive into a dungeon. Once in the dungeon you are in a room. Goal to find the key and exit. Each room varies in size and there are colored icons which are used to use card in your deck.

You gain coin, also some time used to play a card, and teeth. Teeth are used to upgrade your hero to gain further.

There is a nice bonfire card to be played in a room for a full heal. It's helpful.

You will die alot but it's a free game with option to donate to developer which you get bonus to coin and teeth collection. No ads!!!

Very impressed!!!

I've downloaded that but I haven't played it yet.