The Outer Worlds Catch-All

fangblackbone wrote:

The scope of their projects at Black Isle and Obsidian has always lent itself to more bugs to fix. Think about all the freedom they give the player with things like dialogue choices and offering non violent solutions to quests.

Yeah, it is the same with Bethesda games. It doesn't really excuse the game breaking bugs and crashes they have sometimes. But quests and npc interactions are bound to have bugs and unintended interactions - and the games often being ~100 hour long probably doesn't help the QA either. It is really just most of this kind of RPGs. Divinity Original Sin 2, which came out around the same time as POE1, was one of the most bugged games I have ever played. It was still awesome and sold exceptionally well, so I guess a buggy game isn't an instant loss (if there was any doubt after Skyrim).

Day 1 on xbox one x for me. Praise be game pass! Playing new vegas over and over again is fun But finally a new game from obsidian!

Obsidian definitely has upper management issues but attracts extremely talented and caring people in spite of that. Chris Avellone has spoken to this at length. His former partners are scummy, embezzlers, liars, etc. Has nothing but nice things for anyone underneath them and is excited for Obsidian’s projects because they are the only gaming company that makes those types of games. He’s not a 100% reliable source on the subject but with Sawyer saying similar but more muted things, I’m inclined to believe it. Sawyer still works their in a senior roll as well.

They created a new process for Dungeon Siege 3. It’s a very average game but there were a bunch of interviews pointing out that was because they focused many recourses on revamped their entire QA. Since that, the vast majority of problems in their games have either been design or balance related.

Black Isle was plagued with overbearing management, incredible amount of bugs, and unfinished games. The only surprising thing is it took Obsidian as long as they did to sort it all out.

Now that Obsidian is owned by Microsoft, there’s potential for the leadership and management to improve. Either externally or internally by oversight and diffusion of pressure.

The Outer Worlds: Unfinished - Giant Bomb

It should be noted that it’s a pre-recorded video where Dan doesn’t remember anything. Luckily Vinny and Alex did a bit of research and are familiar with previous Obsidian games. Abby isn’t but asks some good questions as someone with no knowledge of the genre or history of the developer.

It’s a lot better than their Borderlands 3 recorded video where Abby and Dan basically waste everyone’s time.