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To answer the question, they're somewhat poorly housed within Bob Ross Inc in Herndon, Virginia and said corporation has no plans to sell the paintings.

The rest of the video is just a hagiography about Bob Ross.

Thanks. I look forward to seeing your review of the latest Mr. Rodgers documentary as well.

Sure, I'll definitely do that if the Mr. Rogers documentary is titled "Where are Mr. Roger's puppets?", opens with that as its central question, and then answers said question within the first quarter of the movie and never mentions it again.

Sorry you didn't like the title. I didn't title it, but I enjoyed the whole thing as a behind the scenes look that I'd never seen about a person I grew up watching. Like, I didn't know he painted 3 versions of every painting, or that some of the paintings will finally been seen in public, at the Smithsonian, on permanent display with other items from Mr. Rodgers and Julia Child, which may be worth a visit if I ever make back to D.C.

It's not just the title though. The very beginning of that has several points; no one knows where they are, there are a lot of them, you can't buy it, here's a person who tried to get it for his brother but couldn't, it doesn't make sense that you can't buy them, etc.

That's the first minute of the ten minute video. The answer to all those questions was as I said above, and they're not being sold because some people said they wouldn't be sold.

The video then never questions that. It doesn't go into why Bob Ross wanted to sell painting supplies rather than paintings nor why the owners of his likeness don't sell them despite displaying them in their home. The video is more interested in talking about his Twitch channel than it is in why his paintings are being held in an office complex. And yet it kept that opening and title for some inexplicable reason. It's like the editor didn't have enough footage or research but figured "Welp, I made it so it goes in anyway."

bnpederson, you seem tense. Perhaps you should watch some episodes of The Joy of Painting.

I've given the last few pages a cursory skim and didn't see this. so:

Yes, the narrator is Nick Offerman.

It is great.

This Weird Straw Effect

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Love this guy's lock picking

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Not a huge fan of the song, but the montage was pretty good.

Too bad they didn't get any Captain Marvel in there.

Agreed. She said she made the video before the Captain Marvel trailers came out, but she plans to make a new one soon.

I avoided that video because the "Take a hint" on the thumbnail kind of screams MGTOW video. Nice to see what it actually is.

Fred Savage Ruins Some of Your Favorite Old Movies

Not the best title for this clip. It should be more like "Watching beloved movies with your kids and realizing they're problematic".

Like all things post Marvel stay till the end.

A-ha! This explains why i often see such devices on streams i watch... ofc gaming was the answer.

edit: not sure how I missed it, but the CRUMAR video was a whole TWO posts above mine, so I've replaced it with a lovely disturbing video by Chris Cunningham

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Deja vu, filthy skimmer.

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Deja vu, filthy skimmer. :P

Damn, and it was a whole TWO posts above mine... no excuses for me

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