Recommend a HDD Data Recovery company please

My wife and I are freaking out. Computer stopped recognizing the hard drive with all our family photos on it (including all the pics and video of our daughter who died 8 years ago when she was just 4 years old).

It's a 1TB Segate HDD (2013)

I removed it from the tower, and tried to read it using an external HDD reader, but it just makes a small "beep" noise I can't even access it. Won't even be recognized by the computer the external reader is connected too.

I messaged some local PC repair shops in Chicago but most told me the HDD has to be opened in a clean room to access the platters, so it has to be sent away.

Can anyone recommend a reliable one? I'm going to have a heart attack shipping this off as it is, no matter where I send it to.

DriveSavers is the most reliable one. The cost is an arm and a leg. They'll chat with you and give an estimate based on your description, but from experience you can expect somewhere in the low 4 figures range ($1000-2000).

Those experiences were a while back though. Not sure what they charge now.

Be prepared to spend around $2K and expect to get around 60-80% of data back.