GWJFFL 2018 - Final Results and off-season

garion333 wrote:

We did the auction drafts at ESPN anyway and then imported results.

Right. And for the record, Sleeper lists auctions as a 2020 feature, so if we did want to instate a league with an auction draft again, Sleeper would support it starting next year (assuming they're better at delivering projected features than Fleaflicker)



If you prefer to do a non-standard / non-snake draft you may be able to do that as well, but it will require a small manual work-around by the commissioner. For example, if you want to manually edit the draftboard to bend to your league's particular rules, you can do so by asking your commissioner to manually enter each pick into the desired square. The draftboard is fully editable by the commissioner.

I saw we switch. I never liked Fleaflicker. It's fine, but nothing fancy.

Manually editing pick order for one league would be fine. I could live with that.

Dark Theme Draft Board == win

Let's switch

*Legion* wrote:

Auction draft was Keeper, and that league died.

Lack of non-snake support for Dynasty might be an issue though.

Oh ya, forgot auction was keeper (RIP) and not pro.

I don't care where we go, as long as there's a benefit. If that benefit is making the commissioner's job easier, great.

We moving?