Triumvirate Episode 5

Welcome to Triumvirate, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers!

Our players, a Commedia dell'arte troupe, arrive in Rome in the year 1520. As the Pope attempts to rebuild Rome as the jewel of the western world, the Cardinals crack down on blasphemy and executions grow in number and spectacle.

After collecting clues and wild stories of people disappearing and re-appearing dead from a drunk, the troupe chases shadows and finally meets death.
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Show credits

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Intro/Outro: Sean Sands & Julian Murdoch


Just curious! Was there no 8 card pre-pull at the beginning of this episode? Or have I misinterpreted the mechanic? I thought it was a card pull each episode to literally set the table of fate. At least early it seemed like there were lots of high card pulls in session