Heroes of The Realm - Episode 20

Welcome to Heroes of The Realm, an episodic collaborative storytelling RPG made possible by our Patreon subscribers! Join Game Master Karla Andrich as she takes Cory Banks, Amanda Knowlton, Ariel Jaffee and Michael Zenke from the real world and back into The Realm.

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Intro/Outro by Sean Sands


I was so excited when I saw a 2 hour episode!

An unanswered question: Why did they get sent back to the real world?

Bravo! An excellent ending to another fabulous GWJ RPG!

Great job, all! The players did a wonderful job crafting characters and staying true to those personas.

Karla Andrich as GM - Great story concept and execution! I loved the options you offered on mixed-success rolls. Good job sustaining the overall plot uncertainty; I was eager to discover who was responsible for what.

Cory Banks as Joey - I lost count of how many complexes/personalities you exhibited during the run of the show. Sybil's got nothing on you. Plus, your dialogue made me laugh out loud with your snide remarks and offhand comments. It would be hard to rank the four characters, but Joey would probably be at the top of my list of favorites.

Amanda Knowlton as Judith - Your quiet, thoughtful, calm demeanor was an excellent counterpoint to your twin. Plus, that role made perfect sense after hearing your comment at ~13 minutes in Episode 620 of the GWJ Conference Call ("I'm an overgrown goth kid."). That brought a smile to my face.


Kudos on your decision to follow Joey's lead near the end of the finale. Nice touch; that felt both healing and cathartic for siblings sorting out their shared history.

Ariel Jaffee as Syd - What a treat hearing your confidence as a player grow with each episode. Your attachment to Poom was endearing. So sweet! Sidenote - a colleague sometimes makes a sound effect of "Merp" when he deletes code while we're pair programming. He gives me puzzled glances the times I mutter "Poom" as I delete a block of code.

Michael Zenke as Anna - You played the role of Anna so convincingly that there were several times throughout the run of the show that I thought to myself, "It's so cool that there are four women involved in this GWJ RPG production." I was especially fond of the interactions between Anna and Joey and between Anna and Syd. Beautifully played!

Sean Sands - Music composition and performance; so cool!

Shawn Andrich - Solid production, throughout. The music intro/outro fade outs/ins were well done.

GWJ Members - Way to hit the stretch goal and make these episodes happen. This community continues to amaze me.

Again, my deep appreciation to all of you for adding some fun listening to my commutes. Thank you!

Thank you so much! This was so lovely to read and I appreciate the time and care you put into writing this.

This was so good. What a finish! You were all great.

Wow! What an amazing finish to an amazing series! Thank you all very much! Bit of an emotional roller coaster too!


When Anna said, "I love you." :'(

And when Joey said, "That's why I saved the Tree People." :'( :'( :'(

(If there was a floods of tears emoji, or if :sob: worked, I'd be using that here!)

Listening to the final episode I had a flashback to what I was doing while listening to the 'bloody motel room' scene. Back then I was mowing the lawn at a house I no longer live in while preparing for the birth of my third child. So I feel like I've been through a lot with our team of heroes. Thinking about that made listening to the end of their story very special.

I have a couple of questions for the after-party show too.

For Karla: How much of the events of the final episode would you say you had in your head when recording the first episode? And at what stage of the series would you say that you had a pretty good idea how things were going to end?

For Amanda and Cory: What was it like to play a pair of characters who had such a complicated relationship with each other?

For Ariel: Will you miss Poom? Also, Sid's relationship with Poom was so central to her character, and he played such a big part in how you played her character, I'm wondering if there was a specific inspiration for Poom? Like a childhood pet or something?

For Michael: What do you think Anna and Crackie are getting up to right now? And...


you knew very quickly that Anna wouldn't go into the Well. What made you so confident in that decision? From Anna's perspective, were there any key moments that lead to her decision?

For eveyone: It was established at an early stage that Anna and Poom liked to start the day by 'flexing' at each other. Does any fan art of this ritual exist? And if it does, where can I find it?

Thanks again everyone, I really loved this series.

Hi guys! I've been lurking for a while now, but had to come out of the woodwork to share my appreciation for both Orbital Decay and now Heroes of the Realm. I truly enjoyed every moment of both campaigns from beginning to end - and I have never played a tabletop RPG in my entire life, although that will surely not be the case for much longer!

The user gorilla has provided a nice template above that I am going to steal with the best of intentions!

Karla Andrich as GM - Holy sh*t, she pulled it off! I actually had no idea what to expect going in to this, except that Orbital Decay was amazing, and that it was going to be very hard to match the excitement, mystery and suspense that it offered... But you did it! You wove a narrative that had me personally gripped from the very beginning, and always seemed to keep the group on the edges of their respective seats. You also made me fall in love with a boat, somehow, because Kraky was the real MVP.

Cory Banks as Joey - I love how dedicated you were to Joey as a character - the good, and the bad! Even when you knew a decision wouldn't be the best for the group, or even for Joey, you always made sure to look at things through his eyes and stayed true to his - extremely fantastical - ideals. Bravo, Cory! Joey's passion for the realm was so refreshing in the beginning, and when the others seemed lost he really did lead everyone with confidence and bravado. I'll miss his extreme optimism and his readiness to leap into the fray!

Amanda Knowlton as Judith - It was really awesome having Judith's perspective on just about every event that she weighed in on. Your comments were always thoughtful, inquisitive, and I actually teared up when you explained what Judith was going to leave behind after entering the well. I couldn't believe that you came up with such a touching and bittersweet way to celebrate the legacy of your unlikely group's adventure throughout the ages!

Ariel Jaffee as Syd - I really loved your bond with Poom, he felt very much like a full member of the group, and the way you two supported each other was adorable! Your powers came in super handy once Eren (is that how you spell is name?) entered the fray, and that itchy, uncomfortable healing is such a good idea for a mechanic that I might have to steal it for myself! It had me in stitches every time.

Michael Zenke as Anna - Ana is, simply put, my spirit animal. She's a foul mouthed, reliable, maul-swinging BADASS! I cried out "NO!" when Ana decided to stay behind, but 10 seconds later I realised that it's exactly what she always would have done, given the option. Ana is many great things, all of them so intrinsically human, and somehow to cast that off would also be to cast aside all of the things that make her so special.

So, uhh, sorry for the wall of text, and I'm sorry that I don't really have any questions. I just think you guys have produced something really interesting and special and I really wanted to acknowledge the time that you've put in. I also want to personally thank everyone involved for producing so many hours of quality entertainment. You ladies and gentlemen are just great.



Finally finished ep 20 today

I assume a wrap up episode wasn’t ever recorded? It’s not in the podcast feed anyway...