NCAA Basketball 18-19 Catch-All


Kidding me...

Although Houston up on UK. The night could be salvaged.

Stele wrote:


Kidding me...

Although Houston up on UK. The night could be salvaged.

Narrator: it wasn't.

I get that commentators are human and have their own interests and biases, but the completely one-sided discussion during this Gonzaga/Texas Tech game is a bit annoying. Gonzaga is up by 2 at the half, and the entire halftime dicussion is "here's what Gonzaga needs to do to win." Tech is keeping it a game and even winning in the 2nd half. The commentary continues to be all about what the Zags need to do differently, what they need to focus on, etc. There is zero discussion about how Texas Tech can win, or what they need to do, etc.

I can't tell if they're all just enamored of Gonzaga, or if they just don't care about Big XII teams. Yes, I went to a Big XII school.

Gonzaga maintains "little guy" and "scrappy underdog" status in the media, despite their years of success in basketball.

They play in an otherwise underpowered conference, and continue to deliver post-season play year after year.

By comparison, power 5 conference teams typically present as odds-on favorites in most contests.

Well I've been tired of Gonzaga for years. Good riddance.

Woo Texas Tech! Win it all!!!

That was a really interesting game.

Purdue Virginia is insane

Stele wrote:

Purdue Virginia is insane

You aren't kidding. What a finish!

Well another OT tourney game. Whew, no more Kentucky.

Stele wrote:

Well another OT tourney game. Whew, no more Kentucky.

Indeed. And down goes Duke. Their luck finally runs out.

Crazy. 6 points or less for all 4 games and 2 of them in OT. Not quite as good as 2005 (3 OT), but close for best E8 round.

Forgot to update the bracket competition. Looks like oldmanscene is winning. Both ukick and nopants have Virginia winning though. So 2 wins and they both pass oldman, no matter what happens on the other side.

But oldman has Mich St losing in the finals. So MSU win and UVA loss in the finals would still keep him on top.

Holy. Freaking. sh*tballs.

That UVA / Auburn ending was insane.

Blown double dribble call. Then the questionable foul. Refs handed that to Virginia.


I don't think the foul was truly questionable, unless weighed against the rest of the calls during the game. There was definitely a lot of "let em play" before that, though as one of the announcers mentioned (I forget which one), he does have the right to come down in his spot.

I noticed a few uncalled walks in there as well, usually right after dribble handoffs.

Yeah it's a foul. Except that "bodying up under you" is what UVa does on every defensive possession all year long. They foul you with the legs or the body but don't reach and get away with beating the hell out of the other team all game.

It's one of those calls that usually isn't called on the final play. That's the questionable part. But after not calling the very obvious double dribble and then calling that, it sure seems bad.

That was much more of a foul than what TN got that caused them to lose in overtime when the Purdue player kicked his leg out into Turner. If they'd not have whistled that, TN won in regulation.

But the double dribble miss was horrible.

For instance, Auburn fouled the sh*t out of a Florida shooter at the end of the SEC tournament semifinal game. Like one Auburn guy had two hands on the Florida guy's left arm. And another guy was in front of him with the arms up and probably bodied him too. Multiple fouls, while trying to shoot a 3 to tie the game.

But no whistle at all.

Auburn should have never even been in the SEC final, much less won it, much less got the seed they did and then, who the hell knows?

So maybe it's karma they they lost fouling a guy on a 3 when they won a game they shouldn't have by doing the same 3 weeks ago.

But then again that damn double dribble. Wow.

Yeah, its crystal clear in hindsight. I missed it during the game. Or rather, assumed it wasn't a call since there was a ref right there and nothing was called.

I got the impression that the foul was more due to the forward motion of the defensive player entering the shooter's location (and making contact) while he's unable to change position due to being in the air.

Last second play calls are unusual, but I don't think refs can win on that front. Esp in a situation like that where it'll be replayed on every screen from here to kingdom come. The thing I hate is the part where only called things can be reviewed. I get that we don't want every missed call stopping play for 3 min while things are lined up... But this end of game stuff is getting more and more common.

You're not wrong about that Auburn/Florida game lack of call. That was pretty insane too.

For those on the East Coast complaining about a West Coast bias to tonight's start time: don't you think I want this over sooner? Babylon 5 Season 4 doesn't watch itself.

If Virginia gets to 20 before Texas Tech gets to 10, they might as well just call it.


Prederick wrote:

If Virginia gets to 20 before Texas Tech gets to 10, they might as well just call it.

You'd think that. But then UVa blew a 10 point lead in 4 minutes on Sat. And without the double dribble blown call wouldn't even be here.

Yeah 12-2 run right after my post. Maybe first to 60 instead of first to 50 tonight.

Lo and behold, not only have both teams scored over 60, but this one's having a pretty solid finish.

Tech won't quit



Heckuva redemption story for the Hoos though.