GWJ Conference Call Episode 651

Risk of Rain 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Fallout 76, Outward, Dawn of Man, Guildmaster Story, Snakebird Primer, Baba is You, Tiny Bubbles, The Cynical Cash Grabs That Own Us, Your Emails and More!

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This week Julian, Allen, Elysium and Shawn talk about the cynical cash grabs that would take all their money.

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00:02:10 Snakebird Primer
00:05:30 Tiny Bubbles
00:08:03 Guildmaster Story (mobile)
00:12:23 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
00:15:46 Outward
00:25:51 Overwatch
00:27:48 Fallout 76
00:36:30 Dawn of Man
00:42:50 Baba is You
00:48:00 Risk of Rain 2
00:52:52 Cynical Nostalgic Cash Grabs
01:08:09 Your Emails

Baba is you
Allen is describe
Sean is confused

On the subject of 'cash grab' games, for me it's anything in the Alien universe. Put a xenomorph in it and I'm sold. The one exception was Colonial Marines. Even I couldn't ignore how badly it reviewed at release, so (reluctantly) passed.

SeKEEro, Shawn.

Guildmaster Story sounds nuts and I've not installed it on my phone. Props.

You guys jumped on the "Valve is giving Bethesda money" bandwagon pretty quick on the news that Fallout 76 is coming to Steam. I wonder if it has more to do with Steam and its workshop because Bethesda will eventually allow mods (and servers) for F76. Steam Workshop is a HUGE draw for Bethesda games on Steam. Seems like that may have more to do with it than Valve giving Bethesda money, though I wouldn't rule that out but I feel like throwing money at devs isn't something Valve is particularly interested in.

legopirate27 wrote:

Baba is you
Allen is describe
Sean is confused

Baba is great
Puzzle is smart
Brain is hurt
You is play

DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP pull here, but the finale to the Spellcasting series, Spellcasting 401: The Sorcerer's Balls. I loved Spellcasting 101, 201, and 301 way way more than I had any rational reason to and it's bugged me for almost thirty years now that they never finished the final entry in the series.

I feel like in his review of Dawn of Man, Allen was making a reference to the following from MST3K:

Regarding defunding videos. If you feel that it falls into the fair use category, which it sounds like it does, you can dispute it and most of the time you get it back. Most of the time these days Youtube uses AI to find music that is copyrighted and defunds it automatically. It almost never takes context into the scenario. And ya know, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines play through is a real money maker.

J e d i A c a d e m y

Regarding what this decade will be remembered for. How about streaming games. As far as I know Twitch only really became a thing this decade and I cannot imagine gaming without it anymore.

Little update on Guildmaster Story: the author has finished the story, so if it's still on your phone, it's worth going back and finishing. The gameplay is...fine, but it's mostly the writing that makes it worth playing.