Trials Rising: Catch-all

The new Trials Rising game is great if all you want is more Trials, but it also has some great new features this year. In particular, there is Trials University, which finally introduces us to a legitimate tutorial that will teach you how to pull off the moves in the harder tracks. But there is also some great MP elements, and customization that I actually really like.

Hoping to find some folks playing I can find some friends for the leaderboards. Anyone else playing?

I love the first one on the 360, in fact I loved it so much I rebought it. Nothing quite as good as perfecting one of the extreme courses. Wasn't that fond of the later games though, it lost more of it's pureness as it went on.

I like the series but it always gets that level where everything has to go 100% perfect from the start to finish a run and I have to quit.

I never come close to perfecting anything. It's one of the reasons I'm kind of excited about the Trials University stuff. In past releases, I hit a wall where I could not finish certain tracks because I just couldn't pul off certain moves. Once I hit /hard tracks, it's kind of 50/50. I don't touch the Extreme tracks, because I haven't figured out the tricks.

One thing they did was rope off the tutorials until you reach a certain level. So you can do the first two right away, but then have to level up to do the next one. I've gotten the first four tutorials done, although I have a lot of work to do to improve the fourth one.

I also really like the MP mode. It's a nice quick run of three tracks, with you getting points for your finish in each track, with the top point getter getting the win.

I think it is the best upgrade the series has gotten, between the training, MP, and customization. But gameplay wise, it really is just more Trials. The tandem might be an interesting twist, but it seems more annoying than fun.

Is the music a little less...2003? I've been playing Trials Evolution a little bit over the past week, and it's the first time I've ever dropped the music down to zero. The actual in game music is...fine I guess, but the intro is Limp Bizkit cover band territory.

I bought it day one on the XBOX.

I had so much fun with Trials Evolution that I forgave them for Trials (in the future).

I am good enough to get to the extreme tracks but I flame out right at the start of those.

kazooka wrote:

Is the music a little less...2003?

As far as I can tell, it's just an infinite loop of the same Jurassic 5 track which, I do believe, came out right around 2003.