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Fredrik_S wrote:

Made a new painting as start of a new collaboration with Bill Harris. Not quite sure what he's going for, but he gave me strict instructions on what he wanted to see in the illustration.


very nice!

Hey, if you happen to be on the book of faces, it'd be cool if you could like my comment in this post. Also, you should all post some stuff there. A friend has one of their bags, and it's kind of amazing. Waterproof, rugged, built-in tripod mount to convert to an easel... I was fairly jealous.

new year, new sketches! I'm taking part in a drawing a day challenge for 2019 (which i'm liberally interpreting as I need to do 365 bits of art by the end of 2019, regardless of the day - because no chance i'll hit one per day). so hopefully (fingers crossed) that means lots of updates here!

on that note, did a bit of a sketchcrawl today at the local museum...




Good luck with the sketch challenge

thanks! it will probably end terribly but what the hey it's worth a shot

One of the things I though would work quite well is to draw lots of little thumbnail images, so I've started doing some little thumbnail portraits (about couple of inches tall each)...





Really quick and easy to do, so if I'm ever stuck for anything else to draw I'll probably be doing these!

Just curious, but where about do art people tend to hang out. It seemed like tumblr before, but I stopped paying attention to that a while ago and something imploded it seems. I am rather wretched with social media.

I follow a lot of artists on twitter, but it seems hard to get a horror-show-free twitter experience. There are a lot of artists on instagram, but I rarely remember to open that app. Artists seem kind of in free fall so try to exist on all platforms. Pick what you feel comfortable with.

Yeah Tumblr decided that they would blow themselves up by banning all vaguely adult material, which was...like...99% of the artists on the platform, i believe.

I don't really "do" social media for art, beyond occasionally remembering my facebook page is a thing. Right now my focus is on my major design project (the RPG i'm working on) and that's mostly being updated on my new Patreon page. Other than that i really only post stuff here at the moment.

A lot of digital and concept artists tend to congregate around sites like Art Station I think. Though i've never been able to pluck up the courage to look at it myself because that's WAAAAY outside my level of expertise

Artstation, instagram and twitter seems to be the hotspots at this moment in time. Who knows how long instagram has though as facebook just keeps doing shady sh*t and people are fleeing it. I avoid Artstation myself because it seems to be populated by very like minded people who draw things like this as well as 3D concept artists with very little variation. So Twitter and here it is for me.

So there isn't a community hotspot then. Glad I am not missing the obvious, thank you all

Some things I've made recently.

Big muscle ladies forever.

Both good!
LOVE the second one though! Good character art for a Half Orc Druid

I've just been plugging my way through stuff for my RPG project. Here's a sample...

They're pen and ink and coloured digitally (pretty quickly, as I'm aware i'm running on a tight deadline!)




I've also been trying to get real references from people I know rather than just drawing randoms from a google image search, so Freyja kindly offered her likeness for my "bruiser" archetype.


oh, and for something completely different, here's a digital composite of some lino print stuff i've been working on for the "howls moving castle" project...


pyxistyx wrote:

Both good!
LOVE the second one though! Good character art for a Half Orc Druid

Got her in one. She's a swamp druid, devotee of Talona, goddess of disease and poison, prone to turning in to a snake.

Working on a bigger project... A2 pen and ink illustration for Howls Moving Castle.
I wasn't happy with the digital ones I did for the competition brief I was involved with for college, so I'm taking another stab at it so that I've (hopefully) got something i'm more happy with to show off at our end of year show.

Work in progress after day 2 (probably about... 7 or 8 hours work as of this moment)


Further development (oh yeah, I remember why I don't draw many A2 sized images with a .25 pen! :D)


This is where I could go horribly wrong as I try to draw a couple of the main characters from the book in opposite sides of the border, but so far so acceptable (touch-wood).