MLB: The Show Catch-All

There were like year-in, year-out threads for it from years past, why not make one big one?

No other game on earth always looks as enticing as MLB: The Show does when the previews start coming out, only for me to realize that I simply don't have the time to invest in really playing it anymore, certainly not compared to the way I would play baseball games back when I didn't need to have a job or was barely employed.

But maaaaaaaannnnnnnnn it always looks good. A note though, at 10:10 - "Pilates Minigame" is one of the least appealing phrases I've ever heard. Game Devs, there is no such thing as a "fun" minigame based on working out in a sports game. Especially when that minigame is essentially required for fast character advancement.

I haven’t finished the video yet but am really happy to hear they are ditching the skill caps. I understood the motivation and when I used to have more time to play I would self limit to keep things more realistic. But time is limited now, and frequently when I play I’m not looking for a big challenge, I just want to be the baseball Hero. I have a nearly maxed out character I’ve been moving to each version that I didn’t import into last years version for that reason. I’m hoping I can bring him over again somehow.

Does anyone have a solid opinion wether 19 will play well on a PS4 (or Slim, which I’ve read has been dropped as a ‘term’, and now is just a PS 4 too)? (And this just for solo play, no on-line)