NFL 2018: Super Bowl 53

Last night I briefly played Yakuza 0 before going to bed early with a really crappy and mildly painful stomach ache.

Sounds like my night was still better than anyone who watched the Super Bowl.

Rat Boy wrote:

Was that Carrie Fisher's dog?

I was wondering the same thing.

A few quick thoughts.

#boringbowl was already taken with XLVIII. At least this game was anyone's to win/lose until the end.

This is largely the same defense that couldn't make a single stop against big d*ck Nick. I was never a big fan of Patricia but that pretty much cements that.

Brady is old and wasn't very good. He has been up and down all season. This would be an ideal time to retire but he won't.

The Patriots are in for a possible huge talent dump. Gronk and the McCourty brothers are rumored to retire. Flowers, arguably their best defensive player, is a free agent.

Vector wrote:
DSGamer wrote:

When you step away from watching ANY football for years the Super Bowl literally looks like a giant advertising orgy that happens to have a sport played in between the commercials.

Is this what non-fans have always seen?

It’s basically the reason I’ve never been able to get into football. Every time I try I Nope out. Regular season and playoff games feel like this too.

When I watch football, I set the DVR to tape the game then start watching an hour or so in. After each play I skip forward 30 seconds which is almost always just about enough time to see the next play. A WSJ analysis in 2010 showed that in a 3-hour broadcast there's 11 minutes of actual play, so you can skip a lot.