[Discussion] Trans Issues and Rights

This thread is for the discussion of current events relating to trans rights, for discussion of the lives of trans people and difficulties they face, and for basic questions about the lives and experiences of trans people. (If basic questions become dominant we'll look at making a Q&A thread at that time.)

You can actually switch off the sex scenes and nudity I believe But really i'm not sure what the point of that would be.

I'd also have suggested the demo release of Hardcoded on itch.io but that's very specifically a cyberpunk porn game for trans folk, so would probably be a bad idea

It's a tough call really, 'cause when I say there are very few positive representations of trans folk in games i mean there are REALLY, REALLY few positive representations. The vast majority of what there is is small scale indie stuff, and a fair portion of that focuses on stuff that's probably a potential issue for streaming.

oh! I just thought of one though...

Sentris.. a musical puzzle game..

Music game by Samantha Kalman, a trans creator (showed up a lot on Giant Bomb stuff, seemed cool. )

* * *

And another one to avoid : anything by Earthworm Jim creator (like that Plasticine thing he did a revamp of that I forget the name of. The one with the duck). Extremely homophobic/transphobic toxic dude.

This is also more of a personal request but I for one will not watch anything involving games by Stardock, the Kingdome Come : Deliverance devs, or anything from an openly gamergate allied studio. for multiple hopefully obvious reasons. So...just putting that out there as well.

In my mind, being openly aligned with Gamergate is a history of overt transphobia. If you want to align yourself with a group of reactionary bigots, you get to own all the intolerant garbage they bring with them.

yeah that's mainly why i wanted to make sure they were also highlighted just in case. (especially since Stardock games do tend to be quite popular around these parts)

Another thought!

I've not played the series in a while but I seem to recall The Sims opened up it's character creation options ages ago to include non-binary/trans characters (mostly just by removing clothing limitations but it might be something to consider? Despite any other flaws, EA have generally been pretty good (afaik anyway, do somebody let me know if I'm wrong) on the gender/representation front, at least compared to other companies. Especially from the employment side of things.

Also Life is Strange. The first one (and Before the Storm), not the second one!

Samantha and I went to high school together! I'm glad Sentris got some traction.


I must admit i've not played it very much (music puzzle games are not really my..thing...) but I did buy a copy at the time just to support her.


Ok. This is the second Science vs. podcast that I’ve linked today in our forums. They did one on the Science of being Transgender. The first thing they cover is how up until very recently, the Science community had completely misunderstood what it is to be trans. One thing I love about the scientific process is that if you’ve gotten something wrong in the past, the process allows you to rethink and update your position on the issue. Thankfully, it seems like Science is finally on the right track in regards to Trans issues.

I think the biggest take away from the podcast is that being trans is more common than most people realize. Being trans is totally normal.

Thank you to all in this thread.

here is that podcast

Supreme Court Permits Trump’s Transgender Military Ban To Move Forward

The Supreme Court on Tuesday narrowly allowed the Trump administration to enforce a ban on transgender people serving in the military.

The 5-4 ruling temporarily reinstates the ban, but several lawsuits in lower courts are still pending.

The court’s four liberal justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, dissented.

Tuesday’s decision came after the Justice Department late last year asked the court to fast-track the case, claiming it was “an issue of imperative public importance.”

They want to kill us. There's no other end goal.

So to follow up on that glorious Hbomberguy stream story (where he earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to Mermaids, a UK charity to help young trans and NB youth, in 'retaliation' for Father Ted / IT crowd creator and general sleazeball TERF attempting to get the charities attempted lottery funding revoked)

...Turns out they got the lottery funding ANYWAY. So that's an extra £500,000 screw-you to Linehan and the gutter press. Noice.

Although the response the lottery gave to them was a bit tone-policey (looked like they were basically saying if they weren't so pro-actively campaigning on trans issues and were a bit "nicer" about things they wouldn't have had this trouble in the first place...so...eff that business, chumps).

Oh and just to show the kind of quality journalism you can expect from the anti-trans tabloid press in the uk, the Sun posted a story about the charity using a march image from ANOTHER group who literally dress up as Mermaids. For which they were appropriately ridiculed.

This felt like the best place for it...

Non-binary Magic the Gathering player, Amber Burchett from London is the first non-binary person to make the Top 8 of a Magic Mythic Championship (formerly Pro Tour), beating out 491 of the best MtG players in the world. It's a huge accomplishment.

MtG has done a pretty good job of late of trying to be representative in their cards. Featuring more women and people of color, including a canonincally trans character/card.

I didn't watch all of the Twitch coverage, but what I saw did a great job. In casual viewing, I at one point heard an awkard to my ears "they" that in context was about a single person. Turns out the coverage team was just doing an excellent job respecting their chosen pronouns (they/them).

And they won the tournament!

They played amazingly well all weekend and especially in the finals with an intricate, hard to pilot deck (and got lucky too, but that’s always the way of it.) It was great to watch and I definitely cried at the end.