NHL 19 Catch-all: Beta out on XB1 and PS4 today!

No thread for this, so I figured I would get one up to let folks know you can download the beta today.

I played it a bit on PS4. Decent enough fun, though I'm pretty sucky.
The loot boxes exist here, in the form of "hockey bags" containing a million ways to customize your player. That was expected. But what I thought was interesting was the million ways you can customize your club too. Like you and your friends can be in a team with their own home rink looking the way you want it, and with the goal horn sounding the way you like, and your favorite jumbotron, etc.
I created a GWJ club on PS4 for the length of the beta, look it up using the short form "GWJ" if you like.

Man, I really, really suck at Ones. I lost 7-0, and the the third guy didn't even play. But the other player basically beat me to every puck and got around me every time. I finally started just heading back to the goal and acting like a second goaltender, to help stop shots and to try and get the puck.

The game is weird, but fun. It's actually 1vs1vs1, and everyone shouts at the same goal, like half court basketball. Had the third guy not sat out, I might have had a chance to do decent, as we could have worked to together to stop the guy.

I will have it on XB1, but if there are Goodjers wanting play together on PS4, I will double dip.