The GWJ CRPG Club - Game 1: Shadowrun Dragonfall DC (Over)

I had a lot of fun playing a Street Samurai using rifles, it did occasionally feel like I was playing on easy mode with my build though!

Getting back into this since I finished Pillars and nothing else is crying out to be played right now. I previously stalled out due to moving house and various difficulties with missions and combat. I loaded up an earlier save, spent some money on better equipment and got through the previously difficult mission without too much trouble. Now things have opened up quite a bit and I’m really starting to enjoy this...

Please count me in among the victors over this game. Dragonfall has fallen.

merphle wrote:

Please count me in among the victors over this game. Dragonfall has fallen.

Got it! Congrats on finishing!

Ouch. The Bloodline mission is harsh. You can talk your way through everything and then suddenly it's a huge fight where you're surrounded by multiple powerful enemies... this is going to take a couple of tries.

I picked it back up again yesterday and got most of the way through Lockdown pretty easily. The final encounter though has kicked my rear several times, and proven that my melee-only street samurai may do well to have a ranged weapon for backup. He's barely doing any damage and is a giant target.


Also, the fact that my entire team stands together at the start of the fight and the enemy gets to go first, means that some or all of us get hit with a grenade or three before we even get to move! One time I had half my squad at critical health before they even got to take a step. Needless to say, that attempt didn't last long.

EDIT: Nevermind, passed it on my 5th attempt, though it wasn't easy.

Closing in on the end of Dragonfall now - mid way through the Apex mission. Still having a great time with this.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're in the final month! 30 days left to wrap up Game 1. Tick tock.

Redherring wrote:

Closing in on the end of Dragonfall now - mid way through the Apex mission. Still having a great time with this.

Most excellent!

And ... done. Finally. Great game that I probably wouldn’t even have looked at before it came up here. There were some really interesting conversations and decisions in the last few missions.

Now slightly regretting not getting Hong Kong on sale as well. But there’s always another sale.

Dragonfall is awesome. Thanks to the Club for bringing it to the fore. Glad to have had chummers to compare notes with.

Agreed to all of the above. This probably would have sat in my pile perpetually untouched otherwise, which would have been a shame given how much I enjoyed it. Even if I had gotten to it, it was definitely enhanced by the club participation factor. I haven't been as "with it" for Pillars, hope to have another experience like this with the next pick.

Congrats on finishing, Redherring! I'm glad you liked the game. I'm in the same boat. I wouldn't have considered it if not for the voting here, and I really enjoyed it too.

At this point, we're over the 50% mark for completion rate (19 out of 35). Way to go, everyone!

Woop woop woop!

Just a quick heads up that we're in the final ten-day stretch. The official playthrough will end on June 30. So grind through those missions, crack the Matrix, and save Berlin before time runs out!

Can I get an extension please. My dog ate my save file.

Shadowrun Returns is free for the next day and a half, for anyone who enjoyed Dragonfall and doesn't have Returns

Godzilla Blitz wrote:

save Berlin before time runs out!

About that saving part...

And ... done! Thanks everyone for playing! Our first game is in the history books. Feel free of course to keep discussing the game if you'd like, but the official playthrough is complete.

Final Stats
Players Starting: 34
Players Finishing: 19
Completion Percentage: 55.9%

Loved it! Thanks for making it happen, Godzilla Blitz.

55.9% is tidy as. I wonder if that can be bettered.

Made it to APEX Rising before life interfered....again.

Still enjoying it when I get to play and plan on finishing asap.

My melee-only troll street samurai suddenly became very squishy a few missions ago (I think it was MKVI) and I burned through all my med supplies and several reloads. Back in the Kreuzbasar I then loaded up on cyberware and the following missions went much better.

My melee physical adept was crazy good towards the latter areas.

RnRClown wrote:

Loved it! Thanks for making it happen, Godzilla Blitz.

55.9% is tidy as. I wonder if that can be bettered.

When we started, I was hoping we'd cross 10%, and would have said that 20% would be amazing. That more than half of us made it through is impressive.

PoE certainly won't beat Dragonfall, but that's to be expected given PoE's size. Jade Empire is about the same length as Dragonfall, though, so maybe?

The party may be over, but I finally saw the credits last night!

The short version: it's good, and I wish I had been able to binge-play it rather than an hour or two a month. Once I allocated my upgrade points well and bought a bunch of cyberware, my troll street samurai stopped getting his butt kicked and started kicking others' booties.

My ending:


I killed APEX, I stopped Vauclair's virus, opened the door to Feuerschwinge's human prison, and set the facility to self destruct. This apparently killed Feuerschwinge, but I was ok with least until I learned a bit more about her motivations later on.
I decided to hear out Lofwyr, because...I didn't have anywhere else to be (...officially. Unofficially, I figured it would be a bad idea to piss Lofwyr off), and apparently that brought about the end of the F-State.

This type of game is not my typical gaming fare, but I think I should incorporate more games like it into my diet...

I've finally hit the credits (man they are long).

Despite having started the game a number of times, I started from the beginning again with a human decker/rigger.

Ultimately I was pretty disappointed by the matrix battles. There didn't seem to be all that many, and they seemed far too easy. Even without the walkthrough I think they would have been too easy. The meatspace combat was mostly fun, especially when things didn't go according to the walkthrough plan.

Even though I'm not getting any internet points for this (except for the steam achievements), I'm glad to have played and finished the game, which probably would not have happened without this thread.