Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr (Catch All)

I applied to the cabal, name in game is Kehama. I've been playing a tactical crusader and just ran into my first few missions against chaos marines. One chaos marine, no problem, 4 of them at once plus a ton of other enemies had me running around like a crazy person trying not to die. Challenge mode has typically been about 50 points above whatever my current gear score is and it makes death a real threat as opposed to story mode where I don't even see my health dip. I also just found my first weapon blueprint but it says I can't use it till level 19 and since I'm currently at like level 9, I guess there's no hurry in building up my crafter.

Is there any sort of summoner/pet caster focused class? It doesn't look like there is, but the classes are a little hard to read.

Maybe there will be a techpriest add-on focused on a summoner build.

polq37 wrote:

Is there any sort of summoner/pet caster focused class? It doesn't look like there is, but the classes are a little hard to read.

Maybe there will be a techpriest add-on focused on a summoner build.

In a way they all are. They just happen to become NPCs we have to work for us!

If Challenge mode is doable for lowbie inquisitors I'd give it a try but not if scaling has gotten totally out of whack. I'll go tourist for another mission or two before taking the plunge.

So with all this clan talk...has anyone tried co-op yet? Or is this just for the purpose of amassing as much Glory as possible?

I tried out Co-Op today and it was so laggy it was unplayable.

Haven't tried co-op yet.

Just did a campaign mission in challenge mode. Was fun!

Yea just got on for the first time today and i'm in challenge mode. If anything it feels easier, but i just got a new weapon.

I applied to the cabal. I think the username is Eoj.

They definitely upped the difficulty on tarot missions though. Holy crap.

I'll take care of accepting all the new invites this evening. The chat system and cabal support isn't very robust and has some limitations at this point. We are already on our second guild task and the move thing is at this point its just collecting items that drop normally in the missions you are running based on enemy type. The first one just had us donate X amount of crafting materials to Mars.

Game has a lot of potential and I'm excited to see what they can do. It's definitely not a Diablo or PoE ARPG. Definitely slower and more tactical.

I haven't found Challenge mode that challenging. You do need more caution in some encounters, but it's been doable.

Now i did notice that if you up your difficulty it doesn't reset. I did get my butt handed to me a few missions in with that turned up. On normal though everything seems easy.

Trying to join the Cabal but the button isn't highlighted for me to join.

I can't decide whether to stay with my Sword and Board or go with my guns guy. I may just with back and forth. I think later in the game you either have to be all guns or a hybrid. With the jump up in number of enemies you get wrecked quickly my ranged weapons.

So, I just did a mission and picked up a lot of loot along the way. When I got back to the bridge of the ship after completing the mission, I didn't have any of that loot in my inventory! Where did it go? Has anyone else seen this? Also, I don't think that I got any XP or the mission rewards for completing the mission. (I definitely completed the mission)

EDIT: I left the sector then when back and the 'loot chest' screen came up. But, I can't click on the chest or exit the screen. Guess it's a bug.

EDIT 2: On the bright side, when I Alt-F4ed out and got back in, I was taken to the mission complete screen and I received all of my loot and mission rewards. Happy endings, yay!

That happened to me yesterday as well. Also at one point I was fighting then dead, like some type of massive lag spike. It was weird.

Last night I did co-op for the first time. Three out of four missions connected successfully. Besides an odd lag artifact here and there we had a lovely time.

Oh, and let your lowest-leveled friend host, since missions scale to them.

Looks like some cabals have already reached level 2, which doesn't seem possible given the current three-missions-per-week model, so folks are rightly up in arms about it.

Okay - so there is no spike, and I just suck at the game? Never a fun thing to admit! ;-D What do you all do - play story mode in the tutorials? I'd love to hear from anyone taking a Psyker through the tutorial with Psyker Rod and what your experience is about the 3rd mission, which stops me dead in my tracks.

I've the least amount of experience with the Psyker. What issues are you running into?

I never found an option in the Gameplay settings to change from Story mode over to Challenge mode. However on the pre-mission briefing screens I am able to change the difficulty emblem from the one on the left side to the right, which defaults to Normal on the little drop down selector. I see the damage and defence scaling values go slightly negative.

This is how you do it? (Their UI is a little rough)

I cant kill the boss at all in the third tutorial mission - he's too tough for me. Once his spawns are released I kill those, and he is back at full health. This repeats until I quit.

Razgon wrote:

I cant kill the boss at all in the third tutorial mission - he's too tough for me. Once his spawns are released I kill those, and he is back at full health. This repeats until I quit.

What I did, as an assassin at least, was to go right for him and kill him as quickly as I could, innoculating as I went. Killing him will take out his spawns, so focus on him above all else. GET RIGHT UP IN HIS FACE.

Thanks Brian - I did try this, but sadly my Psyker was too fragile, and is killed too fast to do this as well.

I'll give it another go this evening,but its kinda frustrating so far.

Maybe try another character then, if the Psyker is too frustrating right now? I hate to say that but I'd hate to have you continue to be frustrated because the Psyker can be a glass cannon. :/

There's a few things different when playing a Psyker you have to keep an eye on.

First is the gear you use. Depending on what you have equipped determines how many pskyer abilities you can use.

Second you can control which abilities you use.

Psyker terminal:

Depending on what skills you unlock you can add modifiers to these skills when you equip them (extra damage, reduce warp, reduce cooldown). You can do this for both weapon sets.



Then after this you have perks you can choose that helps with the way you want to play.


I used the Force Staff primarily until i got my Pyrokinetic staff because it gives you at least 4 psyk abilities and i set things so my Fiery form lasts as long as possible and i use shockwave with a DoT added for my big hitter. Since i was already stacking as much Heat damage as possible to my gear the default attack with my Pyro staff hits very hard on its own.

I've been using fiery form since level 1 and it literally melts everything on the screen. It wasn't until the last 2 levels did things ramp up to the point where i felt actually challenged.

Oh that's neat, had no idea a Psyker had those kind of options. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

Yeah, I walked my Guardian up to him and unleashed a rocket assault. Dude went down in half a second.

Initial thoughts: It's sprawling, messy, unbalanced and unfocused, but the art is glorious and it totally nails the 40k atmosphere. Strongly recommended for 40k lore fans who like ARPGs and can tolerate janky, weird games. It's the closest thing we've got to a spiritual successor to Dawn of War 2.

Personally, I appreciate it's rough edges and willingness to throw walls of text at me.

The voice acting isn't as solid as it could be. The banter between Van Helsing and Lady Katarina was surprisingly good in their earlier games. The voice acting and general sound design doesn't quite match up here.

I think the voice acting is perfect for the WH40k universe...

I also don't see the messy, unbalanced and unfocused parts yet, but i'm only level 9 with my top character.

sprawling... that's also kinda a WH40k thing and would argue that's a good thing in a ARPG.