2018 NBA Catch-All - LeBron Fallout Edition

No bad teams, only bad leaders.

J.R. Smith's "enormous boner" from eight different feeds. I love how about half of them right away figured out he didn't know the score. I also love that Russians always sound extremely bored calling American sports regardless of what's happening in the field of play. Also, since Deadspin called it a boner, it gives me an excuse to post this:


This is hilarious. Sorry I can't embed, gifv doesn't work here.


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This is hilarious. Sorry I can't embed, gifv doesn't work here.


Broken link?

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And by "laugh" apparently it was "Chant MVP."

That was fun.

For the LeBron haters



I'm not sure what the big deal is. Honestly, when it all went down, I expected LeBron to have a lot more reaction than that.

But that video does show just how shellshocked the team was. There was zero chance they were going to win in OT at that point.

My one beef with LeBron is that he's quit at times, especially this season. Especially when he's frustrated with teammates. So that video just adds to the proof of how he reacts in situations like that.

Yeah, I would be pretty upset too. I see no fault in that. And TBH I don't really see the fault with JR. I mean his best play was probably going back up and getting fouled. But then I mean I wouldn't bet against the Warriors running down and getting the long ball game winner since they would have some time on the clock. I guess the other play is run the ball out and do a quick jumper leaving as little time on the clock as possible.

But for James? Its not only the playoffs, its the finals. So the tension should have made him way more volatile but it was just a very cold shoulder and he went after Lew twice for not calling the time out. Give me something with more teeth than that.

edit: and of course Hill also bricked the free throw...

Bron is the cover star for the next game and I am clearly a child...IMAGE(https://i.nextmedia.com.au/Utils/ImageResizer.ashx?n=https%3a%2f%2fi.nextmedia.com.au%2fNews%2f20180606025311_boxart.jpg)

Warriors withstood the opening barrage.

Now if Steph makes some shots they'll have a chance

The chippiness in this game's turned up quite a bit.

f*cking tired of them overturning calls when a star like Lebron or Harden cries about it. What a joke.

He just ran right through Curry, that was a charge all the way.

What an off shooting night for Steph

And then he drains one.

Steph finally hits one when it matters.




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Would you like some grapes?

That shot last year was nuts and then AGAIN? Love KD. He was the only guy who avoided any crap with Sonicsgate. Hope he gets #2 on Friday.

Starting to wonder, is 9 straight missed 3s a finals record?

I think the problem with the finals now is that there is a whole lot I don't want to see and practically nothing I do want to see.
I don't want:
Another Cav's "not in my house" win where their limited bench players are hitting contested 3's with laughable ease and they score 140-150 points
The Warriors eek out a less than 10 point win since those typically just aren't fun
The Warriors lose a game they only score 90 some points because those are ugly
Th Warriors to win in typical fashion 120's to 100's since I really don't want to see the meltdown afterwards and all the talk talk talk and stupid questions that follow

Iggy is playing so that is a big positive. And while Curry only scoring 11 sucks, the scoring distribution was nice with a lot of players in double digits. (what has happened to Green's scoring btw?)

Draymond's scoring is almost exactly in line with his regular season totals the last two years (10ppg in 16-17, 11 ppg in 17-18, 11 ppg this playoffs). He has been a 30% 3P shooter since the end of 2015. This is just who he is since Durant arrived.

Personally I've enjoyed these finals more than expected, but less than ideal. Game 1 was thrilling and competitive. Game 3, I wasn't sure of the outcome til the final 3 minutes. Can't expect much more when one team is completely outmatched.

Pretendbeard wrote:

Starting to wonder, is 9 straight missed 3s a finals record?

John Starks finals choke, 0-11 in '94 .

That was so fun.

This is a good hot take.

One free-agency decision made the NBA less exciting. Why aren’t people talking about it?

I fall into the camp they mention, people who are pro-labor who don't want to begrudge KD making life decisions that are best for him. But the outcome is the same, regardless.