The Hundred-Hour Club

Inspired by a comment in this week's podcast, what games have you played for 100 hours or more? Why?

As someone who typically wants to play far too many games at one time, reaching 100 hours is a really big deal (hell, reaching over 20 hours is a big deal most of the time!)

On Steam:

Dota 2 - 1065 hours

I used to be a little ashamed of this, but then I realised...That's 5 years worth of social nights with good friends. Regular patches shake up the meta a lot, so every 6 months it feels like a whole new game.

Dungeons of Dredmor - 172 hours

I love the sense of humour - vegan vampires, mathemagicians, reading from the book of necronomiconomics (the study of economic principles of the dead), mana literally being booze (the old wizards were simply alcoholics). Very tight turn-based roguelike gameplay, and so easy to mod! There's a tonne of content here, and the community brings so much more into it.

Overwatch - 220 hours

Similar to Dota. I probably wouldn't play this if I didn't have a great group of friends. It's as much about pushing payloads to me as it is hanging out with mates and having a beer or two. A few hours each night after work last year really added up!

Company of Heroes - 200-250 Hours

Back when internet cafes and Xfire were still big, this was my game. This is all I played. Never finished the single-player, but those countless multiplayer matches in dimly-lit, grimy 'net cafes bring back fond memories. Still one of the few games to really focus on squad positioning and clever use of cover. Time is estimated from the last time I checked Xfire before it shut down.

World Of Warcraft - On and off since vanilla. Use your imagination.

There may be more if I dig through my early teenage Gamecube/Nintendo DS library but that's going a little bit too far back (Soul Calibur 2, Smash Bros Melee, Advance Wars, Pokemon, Jump Ultimate Stars come to mind as possible candidates).

I'm similar, where I tend to beat a game and move on. Seldom these days is the multiplayer game that keeps me around, or the single player game I go back and replay. Those that keep me coming back tend to be among my favorite games.

On Steam:

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005) - 246 hours
I got this on a random May the 4th sale for about $3.33, and got hooked onto the multiplayer. Played the game anytime I just wanted to hop in and game, no strings attached. I would still probably be playing if GameSpy hadn't shut down (and yes I know EA put up new servers, but they are laggy as all get out).

Rocket League - 143 hours
The next multiplayer game I got into, and almost all of it was on casual 3x3. It was another easy game to drop in for a few minutes at a time, but those minutes always seemed to wind up as hours. I kind of stopped after my son was born, since multiplayer games got a bit harder to do. Waiting until I get better internet in a few weeks, but I'm going to go back to it.

Fallout: New Vegas -137 hours
That's good for 2 full playthroughs. I love the writing in this game. I played Fallout 3 first, and went back and played 1 and 2 before getting to New Vegas. NV felt like it was packed full of fanservice and references for those who played the first couple of games, and there was something magical about seeing the geckos in 3D for the first time.

Outside of steam

Persona 3 - 118 hours
And that was just one playthrough.

Pokemon Ruby - 386 hours
Got really into breeding and grinding up a lot of different Pokemon up to lvl 100 in high school, even though I didn't play ever competitively.

And there are others that I almost certainly cleared the 100 hour mark in, like Pokemon Red/Blue, Fire Emblem, and Super Smash Bros. Melee during college with friends.

Persona 3 - 118 hours
And that was just one playthrough.

I forgot about Persona games. Yep, add 3,4 and soon, 5 to my list. I think I hit 100 hours in each of them. One of the few JRPG franchises where I don't totally burn out half way through these days.

Rocket League - 143 hours
The next multiplayer game I got into, and almost all of it was on casual 3x3. It was another easy game to drop in for a few minutes at a time, but those minutes always seemed to wind up as hours. I kind of stopped after my son was born, since multiplayer games got a bit harder to do. Waiting until I get better internet in a few weeks, but I'm going to go back to it.

This feels like a game I should be dumping time into. I have it on PC and Switch, but always bounce off really hard. It's fun when I play with friends at my own skill level, but the problem is...They never play. I'd love to get in with a crew and add it to my social gaming list. Unfortunately, living on the other side of the world to most of you guys cuts my chances of finding multiplayer buddies down quite a bit!

Hey that's cool! I'll chime in.

Steam (going just by values reported by Steam - likely highly inflated, as I typically constantly alt+tab out of games on my PC while browsing sites/reading articles/etc.)

Fallout 3 - 1 minute. Err, that's not right. I originally bought it on disc back when it first released, and proceeded to sink countless hours into it, before buying the Steam GOTY version as an afterthought a few years ago. Once I discovered the mod capabilities... well, there went a few years of my life. I'd say I probably have about 1,800 hours in the game total, with less than 5% of that actually *playing* (the vast majority making mods/writing in-game stories/puzzles/dialog/etc.)

Fallout: New Vegas - 1,653 hours. That sounds about right. Same story - vast majority of the time spent modding, writing, etc.

Fallout 4: 1,342 hours. Nah, that's not right. I never even beat the game, and only made a few, rudimentary, never published mods. The hour count is so high because I would often leave it running in the background overnight while doing other things. I'd put the true hour count closer to about 250 hours. Sorry FO4, you never grabbed me like FO3/NV.

Subnautica: 388 hours. Again, a bit inflated from being left on overnight, but overall one of my favorite game experiences in recent years. GOTY 2018 for me so far.

Dungeons of Dredmor: 219 hours - If you liked the humor/writing in Kingdom of Loathing (or West of Loathing), and like a dungeon crawler, you'll probably like Dungeons of Dredmor. I made a crossbow mod which took a while, but most of the hours spent were in the game, trying to Kill Lord Dredmor. I never succeeded.

Prey : 204 hours GOTY 2017 for me. I loved the story, the gameplay, the call-backs to System Shock 2, the overall feel.

Alien: Isolation - 189 hours GOTY 2014 for me. I loved the oppressive atmosphere and the constant sense of dread. Played at night, at high volume, in near-darkness, just hiding in a locker and sweating, too afraid to peek out - good times.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar- 179 hours - My 2017 GOTY runner-up. Great art, fun battle system.

Darkest Dungeon: 175 hours Oozing with atmosphere, fantastic art and narration, great writing, and punishing (both in terms of gameplay mechanics and mood). 2016 GOTY.

Dungeons of Dredmor: 219 hours - If you liked the humor/writing in Kingdom of Loathing (or West of Loathing), and like a dungeon crawler, you'll probably like Dungeons of Dredmor. I made a crossbow mod which took a while, but most of the hours spent were in the game, trying to Kill Lord Dredmor. I never succeeded.

Hell yeah! Shoot me a link to the mod, I'd love to give it a look. I've never played Kingdom of Loathing, but if it's anything like DoD, I'm all in.

Here's my little mod.


I posted it to the official forums a few years ago and got a reply for the development team applauding my creativity, and stating they wish they thought of the idea first! It was a really proud moment for me I was so chuffed to be praised by the guys that made one of my favourite games.

I'm pretty sure that idle games don't count. Discounting those, my top five are Oblivion, Skyrim, WOW, the multiplayer variant of Neverwinter Nights, and one of the strategy games I played more of before I had kids (so, Civ III, Alpha Centauri, Age of Empires II, or Master of Orion). I have no actual hour counts for any of these, but I'm certain they were all at least 100 hours.

If I can trust Steam, Plants vs. Zombies ought to be on the list, though I suspect that probably includes several stretches of accidentally leaving the game running overnight.

Half-Life: Steam lists me at 55 hours. I played it through fairly recently, and suspect I left it running while not playing a time or two. But if I were to count the time that I played it when it originally came out I'm sure I would surpass the 100 hour mark.

Out of the Park Baseball 16: Steam lists 33 hours, but this was the only version I bought on Steam, and easily the one I played the least. All of my OOTP time is definitely a few hundred hours at least. It is by far the best baseball simulator out there, and perhaps the best sports sim/management game across all sports.

Wurm Unlimited: 491 hours. I play on the Mythmoor server. I still pop in a few times a month to slowly grow my tower and pay for my deed, but a good chunk of the hours put in here were "new baby can't sleep and this is a game I can play while trying to soothe the baby all night" type hours.

Counter-StrikeI guess I never played it after Steam started tracking time, as it shows 0 hours. But I was an early adaptor for this game and played it a lot for several years. I was never very good, but did run a clan for awhile, named 'WeSuck'. I managed to recruit some decent players and we did pretty well; I was arguably the only person in the clan that the name actually applied to.

Crusader Kings II: 256 hours. This seems light it might be unreported; before kids this was a common favorite. After kids I find I don't quite have the energy for it once gaming time comes around, so it hasn't seen much time recently.

Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition 112 hours. I've still never finished it. I've started it a lot of times though, and every time I start over from the beginning as I've forgotten how to play. Maybe I need to nominate it for the RPG Club.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Steam says 3 hours, but I definitely put in a lot more outside of Steam. I never came close to finishing the main quest line because I would run around do other nonsense instead. I'd guess actual playtime in the 250 - 300 hour range.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 270 hours in the original, 102 hours in Special Edition, and a few more hours in the PSVR version. Like Oblivion I barely touched the main story line.

Europa Universalis III:273 hours. This was the first Paradox game that I didn't bounce off of, and I went in pretty hard on it back in the day.

Heroes of Might and Magic V98 hours. Ok, I'm cheating. I purchased this in June of 2009, and I think I picked up all of those hours within a month or so. It bit me hard when I picked it up, but for some reason I never returned it.

Medieval Engineers 96 hours. I'm cheating again, but this is getting a lot of playtime lately as I play with my sisters on our own little world, so it will soon be in the over 100 club. Who doesn't want to build castles?

Plants vs Zombies: 194 hours. Wow. I only have 5 out of 21 achievements though.

Rimworld: 103 hours. Who can resist an approachable Dwarf Fortress?

Civ IV: 178 hours. Just One More Turn adds up after awhile.

Civ V291 hours of JOMT'ing.

Star Trek Online: 134 hours on Steam. I probably played double that outside of steam. Way back in the day I registered with the intention of hosting a player wiki whenever the game came out (back then, doing so was still sort of a novel idea). I remember noticing that was also available, but figured they would eventually want that for the game so I didn't register it. Eventually I decided the game was never actually going to happen so let my registration expire (it looks like its not been put to good use these days either).

Wizardy 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge Only 97 hours on Steam, but I logged a lot of hours as a kid as well. Another one I still haven't beaten.

A Tale in the Desert, Asherons' Call, and LOTRO are all definitely in the club as well. WoW probably snuck in, but not by as much as those.

PlanetSide 2
386 hrs on record
It's pretty much the only MMOFPS out there.

287 hrs on record
Four of us used to LAN this all the time

Left 4 Dead 2
267 hrs on record
VS mode with the GWJ community

Left 4 Dead
213 hrs on record
VS mode with the GWJ community

Team Fortress 2
197 hrs on record
I have no idea

197 hrs on record
Gotta get those chicken dinners

Sid Meier's Civilization V
162 hrs on record
Just one more turn

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
128 hrs on record

Counter-Strike: Source
101 hrs on record
Bang Bang

I thought I would have more but only three really:
GTAV (176 hours, mostly online)
WoW (back when I still played)
Terraria (99 hours but I'm rounding up)

Honorable mention for Metal Gear Solid 5 at 85 hours. Can't get enough of Kojima's nonsense.

I wish I had as much time as youse guys for games...

I think that would be a fairly long list. I like long games. I like replaying games. 100 hours is not atypical.
Just tagging the thread for now.

I think there are just two games I played that long.

The Witcher 3 with all the DLC Expansions. I did two playthroughs of the main story.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim I have to admit I got several copies (PS3, PS4, PC) I played 120 hours on PC only and I did a complete playthrough on each Playstation as well.

Now I just bought Divinity OS2. So, I'll definitely have a third 100-Hour-Game soon.

Edit: Just saw the copy of Gran Turismo 4 on the shelf. I played that for years. I'm sure that I put more than 100 hours into that game.

Dishonored - 140 Hours.
Pretty much my perfect game, and one I will happily replay through at least once a year, probably.

Baldurs Gate - At least 100 hours. Actual time unknown.
I have owned and played through every version of Baldurs Gate available since it's original release. My steam-time for the enhanced edition is 90 hours. I've got to be well over 250-300 hours in this by now in total.

Baldurs Gate 2 - ?
As above, but I've not played much of the Steam EE version so I don't have an hour count. it's going to be well over 100 though.

Borderlands 2 - 195 hours
It just hits EXACTLY the right formula for a loot pinata game. It's probably the game I go back to the most whenever I just want to randomly shoot some things and gather incrementally better weapons.

Dark Souls - 100 hours
And that's only from two playthroughs, I believe. There was a lot of dying involved, naturally.

Dark Souls 2 - 129 hours +48 hours in Scholar of the first sin.
Controversial statement: I enjoyed this a lot more than Dark Souls. The story is not as good, and it doesn't have the cohesive world building that the first game has, but the gameplay loop is SO much better.

Skyrim - 294 Hours + 26 in the special edition (not including time spent on the Switch version)
The digital equivalent of comfort food.

Fallout 4 - 148 hours
The post apocalyptic digital equivalent of comfort food

Fallout : New Vegas - 134 hours
If it wasn't for Obsidian's storytelling I don't think I would have found this as compelling as it was...

Xcom 2 - with War of the Chosen -142 hours
so good. Just writing this wants me to reinstall it for another run.

Pillars of Eternity - exactly 100 so far
playing this for the WCRPG club. I'm not a big fan, most of that hours spent is starting and restarting the game at various points, but I'm aiming to push through to the end this time.

Starbound - 107 hours
Most of this was playing off and on whenever a new EA patch was released. Ironically I've barely touched the post-fully released version.

Darkest Dungeon - 125 Hours
Still nowhere near beating this. I think next time I'll have to eat some humble pie and play it on the 'quick' mode.

World of Warcraft - Aahahahaahhhaahahahahhaaahahahaaha
Yeah...I played it regularly for about eight years, from the Beta onwards. And then off and on ever since. You do the math

Dark Souls - 100 hours
And that's only from two playthroughs, I believe. There was a lot of dying involved, naturally.

Dark Souls 2 - 129 hours +48 hours in Scholar of the first sin.
Controversial statement: I enjoyed this a lot more than Dark Souls. The story is not as good, and it doesn't have the cohesive world building that the first game has, but the gameplay loop is SO much better.

Through multiple playthroughs on PS3 and PC, I'm sure I have close to 100 hours in Dark Souls 1. I'm not sure I share you opinion on Dark Souls 2's gameplay, but I'm acutely aware that I played a hexxer which absolutely broke the game. Hiding behind cover and 1-shotting most things isn't exactly fun. It was quirky and had it's own set of unique gameplay, but it took away a lot of the tension that these games build.

I'm very interested in going back some time and playing a more traditional type of character to see if my opinion changes.

Xcom 2 - with War of the Chosen -142 hours
so good. Just writing this wants me to reinstall it for another run.

I'm at 97 hours, and oh wow I may just go back to nudge that to 100. I really liked XCOM 2, but I LOVED War of the Chosen. I daresay it's one of my favourite expansions to any game, rivalling even the classics such as Frozen Throne and Brood War.

Honestly, it's a shorter list than I'd expected, and has barely changed in the last few years. From Steam:
X3: Terran Conflict 243 hrs on record
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 243 hrs on record
X3: Albion Prelude 132 hrs on record
Mount & Blade 130 hrs on record
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat 116 hrs on record
Elite Dangerous 109 hrs on record

For Elite Dangerous, that's just the time I've played using Steam as the launcher. I'd have to check my total playing time in-game. I suspect it's my #1 most played game of all time, or at least of my adult life.

I'm sure I also put 100+ hours each into Oblivion and X3: Reunion.

I have become less tolerant of game nonsense as I get older, so the chances of something being added to this list are slim. But, when I like a game, I really like a game.

Team Fortress 2 - 2,294 hrs
Goodjer game of the decade, sadly was the last decade RIP Stan's Lounge.

Europa Universalis IV - 502 hrs
Not a Sands, but still respectable. Continues to be my go-to strategy game.

Factorio - 421 hrs
This game is so good. It's going to release this year. Maybe. Maybe I will actually win a game before then - yeah 400+ hours and I have never won. Doesn't matter though, the game is that good.

Rocket League - 389 hrs
With all this time, why am I still so bad at this?

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition - Remastered - 418 hrs (added in 104 hours of original Rocksmith)
I'll almost certainly never be in a band ever again, but my bass skills are still pretty decent. Just in case...

Stellaris - 285 hrs
Lot of good, still too much not good. But the first 10 hours of a game are very good.

Victoria II - 239 hrs
The best Paradox game. Now please make a sequel.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 222 hrs
Maybe double that just modding this silly thing.

RimWorld - 218 hrs
This list reminds me I have not played in quite a while, need to fix that.

Path of Exile - 206 hrs
Try another build, get a little further. Then try another build, get a little further.

Grim Dawn - 157 hrs
Interesting setting and flexible build system kept me coming back.

Left 4 Dead 2 - 154 hrs
An all time great with Goodjers.

Kerbal Space Program - 148 hrs
I wonder if Jeb is still orbiting Mun?

Sid Meier's Civilization V - 110 hrs
I really really wanted to like this. I tried, Civ V, I did, but you still are bad.

Hearts of Iron IV - 109 hrs
Maybe the most accessible tradition Paradox game. Very good even if sometimes silly.

Dragon Age: Origins
- 107 hrs
I played this for that long? Huh.

Distant Worlds: Universe - 106 hrs
Still the best space 4X I have played.

Pride of Nations - 104 hrs
Another I really wanted to get into. A lot of that time was spent waiting for the turns to resolve :/

This does not count games that I did not play on Steam which certainly have > 100 hours like EU3 and CK2 which I bought and played outside of Steam and so do not have time tracked for them.


I’m pretty sure there was a 1000 hour thread a while ago.

I'm going to adjust my Steam reported times because I do frequently have games running while doing something else.

Civilization IV: 2000+ hours. Pre Stream, my all time favorite game.

Civilization V: 600+ hours. Even though I'm not a big fan of Civ V I still managed to put a lot of hours into it. The indicator is that I've gone 6+ months without touching Civ V. That never would have happened with Civ IV.

Age of Wonders 3: 300+ hours. The best tactical battles for any game of its king.

[edit] The Witcher 3: 200+ hours. How can I have forgotten one of my favorite games of all time - because I didn't have it on Steam... I love the world, the writing, the characters. Combat is pretty good too.

Pillars of Eternity: 200+ hours. My favorite modern party based RPG.

Out of the Park Baseball: 200+ hours. I don't follow baseball anymore, but every once in a while I like to lead my 1970s-1980s Yankees.

Skyrim: 200+ hours. Thought the combat was pretty bad, but the world is incredible. Such a great looking game too with some mods.

Defense Grid: The Awakening: Probably my favorite tower defense game. The 2nd one didn't capture the greatness of the first.

Dark Souls 2: 200+ hours. The Dark Souls series has the best combat in any game I've played. Love it.

Civilization VI: 175+ hours. I actually like this better than Civ V. The systems are more interesting, but post Civ IV fatigue has set in. 1UPT has killed my desire to play Civ habitually.

Eador. Masters of the Broken World: 175+ hours. Such a different take on a 4X game. Tactical battles are very good. region-based map another nice change.

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes: 175+ hours. Tactical battles were fun, but they lacked some of the details that could have made then great. Still, a very good fantasy 4X.

Pinball FX2: 175+ hours. High score chasing at its best. We've come a long way since Epic Pinball (or Atari 2600 Pinball!).

Might & Magic: Heroes VI 150+ hours. I put more time into this than it deserved. The I loved HOMM 1,2, and 3. 6 and 7 were way too much of a grind.

DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition: 150+ hours. Never played Demon Souls. This got me hooked on the DS formula.

Fallen Enchantress: 125+ hours. Almost as good as Legendary Heroes.

XCOM 2: 125+ hours. The new XCOMs have great first play throughs. Some of the best. I never really played much of the originals even though I had it at release.

Warlock - Master of the Arcane: 100+ hours. A fantasy Civ V mash up. Pretty fun even with lacking AI opponents.

King's Bounty: Crossworlds: 100+ hours. Gets repetitive and gringy, but pretty fun.

Endless Space: The sequel didn't pull me in as much as this one. Some nice factions and twists on $X space genre.

Divinity Original Sin: 100+ hours. I liked the action point system. Writing was too goofy. Way too many environmental damage gimmicks.

DARK SOULS™ III: 100+ hours. Yeah, more Dark Souls!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown 100+ hours. Very good, but improved upon by the 2nd.

Endless Legend Most personality from any 4X.

Monster Slayers: A cool but grindy card based dungeon crawler.

[edit] Forza Horizon 3: Love the combination of action and graphics of this series. Don't need the crappy 'stories / dialog' though.

edit: Other mentions that probably have over 100 hours.
- Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age Inquisition.

I don't have much above 100 at all. I've really been more of a grazer when it comes to gaming. That said, let's start with the daddy-

World of Warcraft ~1600 hrs. It's at least this, because I did a /played on all my characters back in 2012, and it doesn't include characters I'd deleted or time spent since, which admittedly isn't very much. WoW was basically gaming for me from 2005 to 2011, and I don't think I'd be a PC gamer if I hadn't played it.

Diablo 3 - 250 hrs. Another simple addition of my playing time across all characters. I've long since burned out on the loot grind but what kept me coming back to this was family- I played it regularly with my Dad and brother every weekend.

Heroes of the Storm 230 hrs. This one was harder to work out, but I logged every single quick match and hero league game I played on hotslogs. Counting up the number of games and multiplying it by the average game time of 20 mins gives me this figure. So, it doesn't include AI games, or time spent gawking at how pretty Jaina is in her lunar festival outfit.

Blizzard fanboi much?

The Witcher 3 150 hrs. Greatest game of all time. All there is to be said.

Crusader Kings 2 147 hrs. The rest of these are on steam. This one is quite unsatisfying. I could never quite bring myself to put in the multiple-hundred hours it would take to really get the most out of this game, partly because game breaking bugs or patches broke nearly every long save i attempted.

Total War: Warhammer 119 hrs. Mixing one of my favourite strategy franchises with nostalgia for the tabletop gaming of my teens pretty much guaranteed I'd put a bunch of hours into this one.

Football Manager 2017 113 hrs. Honestly, who knows how many hours I put into the various iterations of FM and CM back in my teens. It could be tens, hundreds or thousands, it almost cost me a degree let's put it that way! This is the only one steam thinks I really played.

And.... That's it. Other games that might have broken the 100 hour mark for me are The Sims (1+2), Hearthstone, early flight simulator games, Baldurs Gate... I have no way of knowing. I find I rarely ever 'master' a game these days. 100 hours just seems like an extraordinary amount of time to give to one game when there are so many of them out there.

Those of us who play a lot of RPGs consider 100+ hours par for the course; you just adjust to the notion that you aren't going to get through a high volume of games.

I have a couple that I re-played multiple times, milking out optional content, for 300+ hours; that's more exceptional. (Resonance Of Fate, The World Ends With You, and Final Fantasy XV; if you were wondering. All probably between 300-400 hours.) But at 43 years of age, I've got a really, really long list of "just" 100+ hour games. (And an even longer list of "didn't get to it" regrets.)

It might be more interesting to look at games that should NOT take that many hours, but that one played over and over because they found the play so satisfying. Once you remove epic stories and long grinds, maybe shut out multiplayer games designed to be dipped into over and over like a sport... just a really, really solid game you didn't want to quit.

Star Fox 64 might be more in that spirit for me. For whatever reason, it's a short game I'll gleefully play over and over. Over the years I've owned it, I wouldn't be surprised if I've put 100+ hours into it. I'm not sure why I've never found another rail shooter, or even any other game period, that is so appealing.

You don’t measure WoW by hours or even days. More like months.

My list tends to be older, since my gaming time is pretty limited these days. The only recent game for me:

Hearthstone - I'm really only a casual in this game, having spent almost no money and only once ranking as high as 13, but I like it well enough that I've been playing it daily for 1+ hours since...June 2014 or so? The secret to playing a lot and not ranking up is to play across multiple regions and play lots of casual mode, which I do because the playstyle of the 'optimized' ladder decks doesn't usually appeal to me.

Other games from the era when I had time to play - no actual numbers, but I'm confident they're all well over 100, because historically I played open-ended games until I got sick of them, which took quite awhile:

Morrowind & Oblivion - I still haven't played Skyrim, but I sunk 200+ hours into each of these, not counting the time taken to mod them, and never finished either.

NCAA Football (various years - on PS2) - This might technically be different games across years, but the game changed so little from year to year that I count it as one game. Every year I'd start a dynasty at my small alma mater and try for a national title, after which I planned to theoretically graduate to that year's Madden game. Every year I fell short and never played Madden, so I have a bunch of barely touched PS2 Madden games from the mid 2000's.

Battlefield 1942 - My all time favorite shooter, though I haven't played many shooters from the last decade. I liked the pseudo-relaxed atmosphere you could find in some maps if you chose to veer away from the crowd, with the distant drone of bombers and the ability to sneak around in solitude for minutes at a time. Very different from the frantic shooters I'd played in the past. Capturing a flag for your flagless team when you were the last survivor was always a rush.

City of Heroes - My most-played MMORPG, though I mostly played solitaire and only once completed a large raid.

WoW - Only played for a few months, but played heavily during that short time.

Baldur's Gate 2 - Started 4 times, and lost interest halfway through the Underdark region every single time.

Diablo 2 - Only played single-player, but finished the normal mode game with every starting character at least once, if not more. Finished the next difficulty mode once or twice as well.

Might & Magic Heroes III - My most played fantasy strategy game

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic - Second most-played fantasy strategy game

Focusing on PC games (and steam mostly), with the exception of some guesstimates for games I have both on Steam and other platforms.

WoW - Uh, how about a year? or more.
Rocket League - 1600+ hours - And ever increasing. What is it some people say about insanity. It is not even fun how terrible I am at this game after so many hours. But even while failing the game is amazing/infuriating - even though I dont like competitive multiplayer games much
Diablo 3 - 1500+ hours - and I dont even think the game is very good. Damn you Blizzard.
Civilization 2 - 1000++ - It was the game of my teenage years
Diablo 2 - 1000++ Or much more.
Pillars of Eternity - 460 hours - soo good, best old school take on old school RPGs
Witcher 3 - 337 hours - even more soo good
Civilization V - 329 hours
Divinity Original Sin 2 - 311 hours - best modern take on old school RPGs
Grim Dawn - 268 hours - it's Diablo style...
Nioh - 250+ hours - Dark Souls and Diablo combined - recipe for lots of time spent
Civilization VI - 249 hours
Borderlands 2 - 240 hours - even more Diablo, seriously
Fallout 4 - 226 hours
Dark Souls III - 219 hours
Dark Souls II - 200+ hours - nothing controversial in saying DS2 got the best gameplay. Simple fact.
Dark Souls I - 200+ hours
Baldurs Gate 2 - 200+ hours
Skyrim - 195 hours
Fallout New Vegas - 150 hours
Borderlands - 137 hours
Oblivion - 120+ hours
Path of Exile - 110 hours
Stardew Valley -103 hours
Stellaris - 102 hours
Final Fantasy IX - 100+ hours

A few other MMOs supposedly exists besides WoW, and I most certainly have more than 100 hours in SW:TOR, FF14, LOTRO, Warhammer Online, SWG.
Morrowind, Warcraft 3, Civilization IV are all certain to be in there too.
Oh, and all the Mass Effect games of course. And every single Dragon Age game too :O Why aren't you on steam you silly Bioware/EA.

Golden Eye 64, Mario Kart 64, Perfect Dark, Super Smash Bros - 100 to 300 hours for each of these. These were the local multiplayer games of my childhood. My friends and I played them obsessively.
Pokemon Red - 100 hours
Final Fantasy 7 - 100 hours. I had to put in that grind to take down the Emerald and Ruby weapons!
Starcraft: Brood War - 100 hours
Halo 1, Halo 2 - 200+ hours each. After the N64 games were phased out, these replaced them. 16-player local Halo 2 matches were a regular occurrence with my high school buddies.
WoW - I have no idea how many hours, but I was well over the 100 day mark when I stopped.
DotA - Over 2,000 games, so let's just be conservative and say 1000 hours.
League of Legends - Over 5,000 games, so let's just be conservative and say 2,500 hours.
Super Smash Bros. Melee - I definitely crested 1000 hours with how obsessively my friends and I played this throughout all four years of college and beyond.
Persona 4 Golden - 100 hours. This is a long game.
Persona 5 - 120 hours. This game is long!
Destiny 1 - 850 hours. Destiny 1 was a flawed but incredible game. I played this on and off with a group of friends for nearly three years.
Mass Effect 2 - 120 hours.
Clash Royale - 400 hours. Games are 3-5 min max, but I've played more than 8000 of them.
Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 100 hours. I still haven't finished, but I plan to.
Demon's Souls - 300 hours. The introduction to my obsession. I have finished it at least seven times.
Dark Souls 1 - 350 hours. Possibly my favorite game ever. This number will increase in a month when the Switch version releases.
Dark Souls 2 - 450 hours. I was unemployed when this released, so I played it even more obsessively than the others.
Bloodborne - 150 hours. Not as much replayability to be had as previous Souls games, but plenty to keep me occupied for 100+ hours.
Monster Hunter 3U - 300 hours. The introduction to my other obsession.
Monster Hunter 4U - 450 hours. I might have played this for even longer if it was on something other than the 3DS.
Monster Hunter Generations - 250 hours.
Monster Hunter World - 200 hours and counting.

Looking at these lists tells me that the question for some shouldn't be "in which games have you spent 100 hours?". I mean 100 to me seems like an awful lot, to some of you it looks like passing 100 hours for a game is no big deal whatsoever. I'm amazed at how some have spent quite a chunk of time playing games they didn't even like all that much.

For me, playing 100+ hourse of games I ended up not liking were games I really wanted to like. I loved Civilization since I first put that first 3.5" floppy into a drive back in 1991. I didn't add any previous Civs to my 100+ hour list because, despite almost certainly spending far more than 100 hours on each, I don't have any way to know how much. I never timed myself before Steam started to do it for me. 1000+ hours would not surprise me but any estimate would be pure guess.

Anyway, I wanted so badly to like Civ V. I mean it is Civ, I should love it like the others, right? I just need it to click, right? One more turn, one more game, it's going to happen soon, right? Right?!? No, it is not. Civ V is, for me, a bad game. Other people like it and that's great. (and for Civ VI, which to show how dumb I am, I bought, but also to show how much I have learned, I gave up at the ~50 hour mark).

Pride of Nations was another example. That game is so outrageously big and the things you do are so outrageously micro-management-y and the things you could theoretically do if you had an infinite amount of time seem so cool that I had to give it a shot. A huge shot. I learned from that game that I just want Victoria 3 though.

these games taught me an invaluable lesson though: if you ain't having fun, you probably won't ever, so stop and do something else.

My disappointment with something like Diablo 3 comes from a place of deep love with those games. The game is essentially designed to be addictive, and it certainly succeeds at that. Also super fun to play. Easy to throw countless hours at. And yet so frustratingly disappointing when looking at the design choices being made along the road - maybe due to too high expectations. So for me not a case of learning after hundreds of hours that it was a bad game after all.

In any case, I dont consider 100 hours a lot for a game. Pretty much just a standard length RPG, which for a long while has been my favorite game type. It is a lot of hours, and I often think of the 10 other games I could have been playing instead of some big RPG (and not so much of all the more 'productive' things I could have been doing instead :D).

There is one game on my list that I actively disliked the first time I played it: Oblivion. Really disappointed me coming from Morrowind.
But then I went back and played a heavily modded version last year and it was lovely.

I'm sure there are tons but the ones that immediately come to mind are:

World of Warcraft
Dark Souls
Persona 4
Fallout 3
Civ IV
Elite: Dangerous
Monster Hunter World

WoW - needs no comments save for I took 9 years off and have put easily another 300 hours into it since 7.3.5
UO - tried to check it out now that there is f2p version and some cool weapons (fans, double bladed staves, krull type glaives) but hello dated...
EQ - haven't played in over a year but I enjoy it from time to time. It is dated like UO but oddly easier to get into due to quality of life stuff that takes a lot of the edge off.
DAoC - The funny thing is that in beta, release and Shrouded Isles I never got a single class to higher than 21. But for most of the expansions and revamps since I have created new free trial accounts where I was able to get many of the classes to high 30's or mid 40's. I've spent ~40 hours on each trial and a good 10 solid on beta, launch and SI.
Warhammer Online - I spent most of the first 10 months of launch creating alts because the newb scenarios were so much fun plus I loved gearing up with renown levels. I have added at least another 100 hours playing the private server last summer.

I am trying to think of the a-typical games here (no Diablos, Mechwarriors or infinity engine games because those totals are disgustingly huge)

Here's one: Cursed Treasure 2. A flash browser TD game that I absolutely love! Curse Treasure 3 has been in the works for years and I don't know if I like the direction it is heading. CT2 though is my jam to the tune of an estimated 100+ completions @8-10 hours per = 800-1000 or more hours on a stupid flash game.

Other more obscure mobile games are the Jewel Stars/Legend series. Match 3 at its finest and each played to the tune of more than 100 hours each. (3 Stars games + 1 legend)

I love the fact that Steam tracks how long you've played games, it's good to see it on the Switch as well. I'm just picking out certain ones for a mention. I actually tend to never really get over the 100 hour mark in most games these days, I'm sure there's plenty that I don't have data for though.

Europa Universalis IV - 109 hours - I'm not worthy of you, Game King.

Football Manager 2010 - 436 hours - If I put all the Football Managers together I'd have well over 1,000, not to mention all the iterations that haven't been tracked by Steam. Fell off the bandwagon recently with the series as it's so hard and requires more dedication that it used to, causing no end of frustration at my footballing knowledge being put to the sword.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - 290 hours - Plus another 20 or so on the test servers. That number just keeps growing, it's replaced FIFA as my go to game for when I can't be bothered to play anything else, largely helped by playing online via Twitch app.

Persona 5 - 109 hours - Boy, was the end of this game a drag, an absolutely brilliant experience, but definitely didn't need to go over the 109 hour mark.

Overwatch - 100+ hours - Don't have the exact figure as I don't have installed on this PC, but I had fun with the game, but ended up losing interest as I was mainly solo queuing which became a bit of a drag in competitive.

Looking at Steam

Crusader Kings 2, Football Manager 12+14 all break the 100 hour mark, with FM12 been top with 175 hours. I'm pretty sure I will have logged 100 hours on Witcher 3 as well on the Xbox.
Further back Bad Company 2, I wouldn't be suprised if that had more than 100 hours logged and a whole host for sports games.