Perdita - An Ongoing GWJ Community 5e Game - OOC Thread

I'm postponing the proposed game for tomorrow night! Hopefully we can find a time to reschedule soon!

The idea of Perdita as a West Marches Campaign appeals to me and I'm hoping to DM for it! To that end, I've assembled a Google Doc log of all the previous adventures. This document, as well as another I'm hoping to make available to DMs, will hopefully streamline the creative process for people wanting to run for the campaign. I enjoy organizing this sort of thing and would love to do the leg work so potential DMs can collaborate effectively. If you're interested in DMing, please join the Roll20 game.

Furthermore, I think Perdita could benefit from more active usage of the downtime mechanic. Using Xanathar's Guide to Everything and the forthcoming Matt Colville book Strongholds & Followers, downtime activities can be expanded. (I'm a backer and fan of Colville and will let you know once the playtest beta starts!)

Some downtime activities include crafting magic items, researching, carousing, gambling, crime, religious service, training and work. Using new downtime activities, characters who can't make sessions can still contribute to adventures, further their own motives and advance their abilities. The Adventurer's Guild, The Hall, the city of Perdita itself can be grown and fleshed out based on character initiatives. I'd like for characters to have the ability to shape and be involved in Perdita even if you can't make adventure dates.

Please let me know what you think about how downtime might fit into the world of Perdita!