Indie Games You Can Play Right Now

I ended up pulling the trigger. While I can't definitively say if it's better now, because I didn't play it before, I can say that 1.0 is a lot of fun. I'm playing the campaign, and it can be challenging to complete the objective while managing your resources and dealing with other things, such as blizzards and earthquakes.

I'd say definitely give it another try if it's been a while since you last played.

I ended up buying the game, but I refunded it before my two hours were up. I love the concept of the game, but I found it far too slow and shallow to hold my attention. I agree that the game desperately needs some meat on its bones.

I've been playing the Northgard campaign and like it a lot even though I'm not a big RTS fan anymore. The fact that much of the game is about building the economy and managing the growth and happiness of your people is a plus for me. I haven't even touched the skirmish mode yet.

This has to be one of the most fun RTS campaigns I've played. They've done a great job putting an emphasis on different things.

I finished the Northgard campaign last night, so I started my first skirmish game...and I was handed a loss at the middle difficulty.

I thought I was going to be able to win by beating the Valkyrie and colonizing their tile. I started saving up food and then found out I was capped at 1400 storage and I needed 2000 to colonize that one. OK, so then I figured I would build a silo (I already had 2 and they were upgraded), and then I found out they can only be built on food resource locations.

Then I found out that the closest food resource tile was 3 away and on the other side of the Valkyrie's. At least they didn't have a tower built yet in my way...until they built one just before I was ready to attack. Shortly after that someone got a trading victory.

I like the game quite a bit. There is always some pressure pulling at you. It is tough to maintain an offensive once there are a lot of towers up. Next time I will try with the next clan - I just picked the first one this time.

Tower of Time just left early access, and it's keeping its early access price ($18) for "a short time" before going to its final price of $25. It's an isometric RPG with tactical real-time combat, which can be paused or slowed. 95% positive review score on Steam, so I'm tempted to pull the trigger.

So Wizard of Legend looks pretty cool. I watched a let's play and maybe I might pass due to not having money for games right now, but since it seems it has only been mentioned in doubtingthomas' game of the week post, I figured it needed a bit more attention.

It's a top down pixel art fast paced magic brawler with some light rogue-like elements. Looks really cool in action.

The devs are promising to add more elemental bosses, like the Wind one as part of a kickstarter stretch goal.

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Alexis Kennedy's new game, Cultist Simulator: Behold Our End, goes on sale today in about five hours! He's the developer of Fallen London, and Sunless Seas. Should be a lot of fun.

Each hour has its color, each flame has its fuel. Dream furiously!

I saw that advertised somewhere and thought it sounded familiar. Now you mention Alexis Kennedy it's clicked, I heard him on a podcast talking about it.

If it was the CC I'll feel daft, but think it was a different show.

Whatever it did sound really interesting.


Rock Paper Shotgun really seemed to like it.

Edit - And it's out! If you buy on Steam during the next 7 days, you'll get the Perpetual edition, which includes all upcoming DLC.

Ok, I got one for everyone....

What if I told you that the developers of Grow Home and Grow Up made another game, and it came out in November 2017. You might ask, why have you never heard of it? Well, it's only on the Uplay store for the PC.

Ode, is a short, musical, 3d platformer. Apparently it can be finished in about 2 hours (maybe less), but it certainly looks interesting. Looks like a 3d version of The Undergarden.

On sale for $2.50 right now (normally $5)

What did they do to hurt someone so bad they had to submit a game as a UPLAY exclusive?!?!

CatPhoenix wrote:

What if I told you that the developers of Grow Home and Grow Up made another game, and it came out in November 2017.

Then I would tell you that those developers aren't super interested in having people play their games.

The developers of Grow Home are an internal Ubisoft team, Reflections, so this makes total sense. They also made (more likely, helped make)Tom Clancy's The Division and Watchdogs 1 & 2, among others. Grow Home and Ode and such are basically diversions between tentpole projects.

Here's a little bit of shameless self promotion. After getting laid off a few months ago, I decided to finally finish a game I was working on and release another game I completed 5 years ago on Steam. Here are those games. Both are comedic JRPGs and completely free.

If I make enough from donations, I'll bring Agent of Fate to Steam.

Final Warrior Quest ( and Steam).



Final Warrior quest is a parody JRPG. Developed entirely in Japan, thus making it a true Japanese Role-Playing Game. Recognizing the inherent foibles of the genre, Final Warrior Quest has tried to mitigate the annoyances while utilizing a humorous tone.


turn-based RPG combat system
4-7 hours of gameplay
original music that fits the style of 80s-90s JRPGs
comedic fantasy setting
weapon & armor crafting
near-meaningless class system
random encounter toggle
XBox 360 controller compatible

Agent of Fate (



As the Agent of Fate, it is your job to enter into the world and solve all of its problems. Some might think this to be a burdensome task but Fate knows you are up for it! It's a puzzle game with simplified JRPG combat mechanics aimed at speed. Approach the tasks at your own pace and in any order. Fate’s voice will guide you through the world, provide hints, encouragement, occasionally chastise, and move things along so we can all just go home.


Fully voice-acted
Turn-based combat
Uniquely terrible art
3-5 hours of gameplay
Open world
No random encounters
XBox 360 controller compatible

Sorry for the self-promotion. It's hard getting people to look, let alone play, these.

From the developers of Rogue Legacy, comes Full Metal Furies. It's a brawler / puzzler. Evidently the devs didn't want to put out too much hype for it, but it seems to have backfired as almost nobody heard about it. Here's a Desctructoid article about it where they describe the game as a combination of Castle Crashers and The Witness.

For those that didn't see it in the Space Games thread, Objects in Space opened Early Access on Steam. Veloxi described it as Privateer meets 688 Attack Sub. It's a space trading stealth game that uses submarine-like movement and tactics with lots of neat looking engineering equipment options.

In addition, the game has an API that you can use to connect an arduino-based controller and create your own custom controller/displays. Sort of like Steel Battalion.




Very much in my wheel house.

In case anyone is interested in Dead Cells (cross posting from the thread for the game):

New update. Mac/Linux support and first pass at add mod support. Also price increase by $5 at the end of the Steam Summer Sale. If you are looking at picking it up, I guess now's the time. $12 now, looks like $25 after the sale ends. They say it's leaving Early Access in August.

Anyone picked up Graveyard Keeper? Released yesterday.

Not yet, but I'm really interested in it, just wouldn't have time to play it right away. Steam then dumped a 25% off voucher into my inventory, just to tease me.

I guess the only thing holding me back is no knowing the mid-late gameplay. Obviousl Stardew vides from the graphical style of it, and while I love Stardew, I've never really made it that far in the game..

I'm just watching the Katherine of Sky 1.0 release video over lunch. She describes it there as a funky combination between Stardew Valley and MachiaVillain. I love Stardew, MachiaVillain not so much, go so far as to say it disappointed. Maybe GK will be more like what I was after when I made that MachiaVillain purchase.

I've got about an hour into it so far, and really like it. Lots to do, amazing world building.

I've got just shy of 2 hours into Graveyard Keeper and I'd say it's good for genre fans.

The presentation is ace across the board. Though I do get some micro-stutter hitching when loading into a new area on the map. The setting and tone are fresh and irreverent.

It throws a lot at you up front so you have to be paying attention somewhat. Quest logs can be a bit lacking in info, giving sparse details.

Seems like there's a story setup as the mc is on a "time-traveler who's trying to E.T. home" dealio. The writing is great so far.

There's a lot of management systems going on. Crafting, building, gardening, side-questing, graveyard maintenance, even time-management* and more are in play (*people only appear certain days of the week, but it cycles back so you're under no 'legitimate' time pressure). There's a lot of crunch in there for those who enjoy complex systems. And moving around the systems both in-game and in menus feels intuitive.

Looks like there's hours to good-time grind so far if you can wrap your head around the opening areas in the early game.

I picked it up during the alpha after watching Katherine of Sky's playthrough and put a fair few number of hours into it. It was a fairly polished game back then, though chunks of the map and tech tree were locked. I'm looking forward to finding out how the developers incorporated player feedback and changed things up.

I was heartened to see that the developer released several patches since it came out yesterday. It seems they're making a big effort to stay on top of any bugs that pop up.

Hey, bought Graveyard Keeper on a bit of a whim in beta to play it, seems good but I just don't have time to play this style of game enough to really enjoy it, so my Steam key is just sitting in my inbox, figured i'd offer it to a GWJer, (preferably one who is really keen to play it right now but doesn't have room in the budget).

PM me if you're interested.


What a nice offer!

I'm still hovering over the buy button.....

I'll see if I go for it over the weekend.

I have an Xbox Game Pass subscription and Graveyard Keeper is included in that, so if you have an Xbox and Game Pass you can give it a try.

I have to mirror what Aaron said... I played Stardew Valley only about 6 hours before it released, so I only kind of know what it's about but so far this seems very similar. It's dark twist to the genre, but it's got a lot of upgrades to unlock and micro-stories to progress. I too get the hitching on occasion, and it bugs me. Also, I have run into people whose dialog trees are bugged and when I press up or down to select an option, I walk away from them, and sometimes selecting an option doesn't make the dialog go to the part where they talk, it just stays up. These minor bugs aside, the game is pretty fun and, yeah, there's been nothing yet that puts any real pressure on you. If you don't get something done this week, just come back next week and it'll still be there.

My main gripe, though, is the serious lack of explanation on practically everything.

Like early on you have to improve your graveyard, but it doesn't really explain the convoluted system. I still don't fully understand it. You bury a corpse and the corpse has a certain number of skulls, some white and some red. Red ones subtract from the beauty of your graveyard, and white ones are neutral. However, if you decorate the plot you can turn red ones neutral and white ones to +1. Up to the limit of the number of skulls... so that was my understanding of the system, but then I had a corpse with only 2 red skulls, no white ones, and when it was decorated it still was -2. And there's this thing where you can only have part of a skull... like some skulls might say X% if you let the corpse decay a little...

Anyway, there's are some systems that don't make sense and are never really explained and then there are systems that eventually get explained but are baffling until you happen upon an explanation. Like what are perks and how do you equip them? How do you get blue skill points? Where are moths? Who sells that thing I'm looking for? What is this ingredient I'm being asked for and how would I get it?

They expect you to explore and discover things, and that's fine but I dunno... I'd really like more hints about how to proceed. Just a simple--go plant something, talk to the farmer if you want seeds; instead of--hey go plant something, good luck figuring out how!

Well since this isn't a dedicated thread, I'll just spoiler some Graveyard Keeper tips I've gleaned so far that have made the game's opening smoother.


On corpse quality, you're most of the way there. Red skulls are -1 to overall graveyard quality. White skull are 0 but coupled with a grave upgrade (flowers, etc.) they become a +1. When looking a corpse, the red skulls will always list at the bottom. So in order to get access to the +1 for white you have to work your way up through the red ones first, adding grave upgrades each red to then reach the white ones. Technically reds are helping you anyway by changing a -1 to 0.

Researching & and performing autopsies before burial can let you manipulate the system a bit. Try to unlock the research that lets you collect blood and fat from the body. When done correctly each of these procedures will change one red skull into a white skull. And remember that removing meat from the corpse actually removes a skull entirely, red or white, so you may want to avoid that if you're trying to bump the overall graveyard quality.

Don't be afraid to throw a body in the river if the corpse is imbalanced with too many red skulls. At the start you want to be burying bodies that are primarily white skulls with maybe only 1 or so reds. If a body is a stinker (lol) just toss it and wait for a better one to show up.

On questing, it's easy to get lost in the weeds picking up multiple threads from the various NPCs you talk to. But you want to stick with your initial goal of upgrading your graveyard to +5 for the Village Bishop. This will unlock the church and give you access to blue Faith mana collection new Workbenches and more.

At your house, focus on building a Sawhorse and Furnace first. They bridge a lot crafting options you'll want access to early.

These few tips helped get me over the initial hump of the slightly obtuse opening game and made me feel a lot more settled into various other gameplay systems and goals.

Having a bit of a blast now that I don't feel like I'm fumbling around in the dark anymore.

Aaron D. wrote:

Don't be afraid to throw a body in the river if the corpse is imbalanced with too many red skulls. At the start you want to be burying bodies that are primarily white skulls with maybe only 1 or so reds. If a body is a stinker (lol) just toss it and wait for a better one to show up.


You can burn those red skull corpses now if you unlock the tech. There's a crematorium area just south of the morgue.

The bonus is you get a burial certificate if you cremate the body as well as some other resources you need for a big graveyard upgrade and alchemy (which is still Greek to me).