Indie Games You Can Play Right Now

I ended up pulling the trigger. While I can't definitively say if it's better now, because I didn't play it before, I can say that 1.0 is a lot of fun. I'm playing the campaign, and it can be challenging to complete the objective while managing your resources and dealing with other things, such as blizzards and earthquakes.

I'd say definitely give it another try if it's been a while since you last played.

I ended up buying the game, but I refunded it before my two hours were up. I love the concept of the game, but I found it far too slow and shallow to hold my attention. I agree that the game desperately needs some meat on its bones.

I've been playing the Northgard campaign and like it a lot even though I'm not a big RTS fan anymore. The fact that much of the game is about building the economy and managing the growth and happiness of your people is a plus for me. I haven't even touched the skirmish mode yet.

This has to be one of the most fun RTS campaigns I've played. They've done a great job putting an emphasis on different things.

I finished the Northgard campaign last night, so I started my first skirmish game...and I was handed a loss at the middle difficulty.

I thought I was going to be able to win by beating the Valkyrie and colonizing their tile. I started saving up food and then found out I was capped at 1400 storage and I needed 2000 to colonize that one. OK, so then I figured I would build a silo (I already had 2 and they were upgraded), and then I found out they can only be built on food resource locations.

Then I found out that the closest food resource tile was 3 away and on the other side of the Valkyrie's. At least they didn't have a tower built yet in my way...until they built one just before I was ready to attack. Shortly after that someone got a trading victory.

I like the game quite a bit. There is always some pressure pulling at you. It is tough to maintain an offensive once there are a lot of towers up. Next time I will try with the next clan - I just picked the first one this time.

Tower of Time just left early access, and it's keeping its early access price ($18) for "a short time" before going to its final price of $25. It's an isometric RPG with tactical real-time combat, which can be paused or slowed. 95% positive review score on Steam, so I'm tempted to pull the trigger.