2018 - 12 Month Pile Program

Eleima wrote:

Ooooh, progress on Hob? How are you liking it? I saw it’s from the same folks who brought us Torchlight so I’m intrigued.

Its pretty good! Well worth the asking price.

Titanfall 2
The Last Crown: Midnight Horror

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Also Played
2064: Read Only Memories
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Reigns: Her Majesty
Rivals of Aether
Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Super Mario Odyssey

How did things go?
Progress! Played games I recently purchased, finished a game my wife and I have been working on fitfully for a couple of years now, and finally started in on a long-ago kickstarter'd game thanks to the CRPG club.

What could have gone differently?
I fully intended to start in on Her Story with my wife, but I gave in to Gorogoa instead. Didn't really regret it, but it was not as much of a collaborative experience as I might have hoped, and finishing it in one session means we're back to the usual high level of inertia for starting something new together.

Learn anything?
I play way more games without stressing over pile priority when laid up for the weekend after outpatient surgery with no kids in the house. Perhaps not the most widely applicable lesson.

What's next?
Shadowrun. Lots of Shadowrun.

I was wrong.

ClockworkHouse wrote:

I don't think I'll finish anything before Wednesday, so here's how January went:


  • Rime
  • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • Nier Automata
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Titanfall 2
  • SteamWorld Heist

January 2018:

Celeste (PS4)
Gorogoa (iOS)
Ittle Dew 2+ (Switch)
Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall (PC)
Shadowrun Returns: Hong Kong (PC)

Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers (via Disney Afternoon Collection) (PS4)
Gorogoa (iOS)
Shadowrun Returns (PC)
Yakuza 5 (PS3)

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (Vita)

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4) (JRPG Club)
New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS)
Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall (PC) (CRPG Club)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)



I wasn't planning on picking up Celeste right away but reviews that mentioned it dealt with anxiety and depression and the fact that I had $10 in my PSN account and a 10% coupon swayed me.

Rescue Rangers took an hour and I made copious use of the rewind feature, but I say it still counts. Playing these Disney Afternoon Collection games is mostly for nostalgia. I don't really want a challenge, I just want to see the games again. I've been doing the boss rush after I beat a game, though and that's been fun.

Gorogoa was a nice surprise and another brief experience in a month I ended up playing a lot of longish games at once.

Since the CRPG club ended up picking Dragonfall, I dusted off my half-finished game of the original Shadowrun Returns and beat that before jumping into the sequel/new campaign.

And last night I achieved my goal of finishing Yakuza 5 in January. I don't know if I'll jump right into Yakuza 6 when it comes out as I've played one Yakuza game per year for the last three years and that pace seems to have worked, but I wanted at least a little break in case I do jump into 6 around release.

I was reading Psycho-Pass before bed for a while, setting the text to auto advance for a more relaxing experience, but I kept fall asleep and the game would, of course keep going. After this happening a number of times and given that I wasn't totally engrossed by the story, I decided to move on and go back to reading a book before bed.

I'm almost done with NSMB2. I started playing this because I bought a grip for my 3DS to make it feel more like a big controller in my hands and I wanted something "action-y" to test out the effect. Seems to help a bit. NSMB2 is okay.

And, finally, Xenoblade took a back seat to me making progress in the RPG club games and wanting to finish Yakuza, but I plan to spend more time on it and hopefully finish it in February.

I was reading Psycho-Pass before bed for a while, setting the text to auto advance for a more relaxing experience, but I kept fall asleep and the game would, of course keep going. After this happening a number of times and given that I wasn't totally engrossed by the story, I decided to move on and go back to reading a book before bed.

Is this based on the anime and does it offer anything the anime wouldn't? The first season of the anime is on my list of interests (I hear the second season is pretty awful).

Other way around: the anime is based on the game, and it's just one of multiple paths through the story.

Yeah, I’ve heard the anime is good as well. I don’t know, my experience was probably impacted by having to either reload a save or comb through the log to figure out what I missed by falling asleep. Not an ideal approach. I fall sleep holding my Kindle as well but it’s easier to pick back up. I could have switched off auto advance but the reason I was using it was I didn’t want to be pressing buttons.

Edit: Looks like the first anime series came out in 2012 and the game came out in 2015.

According to Wikipedia:

Psycho-Pass originated from Production I.G.'s interest in making a successor to Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell and Patlabor; the company hired Katsuyuki Motohiro—who became the series' chief director—and veteran I.G. animator Naoyoshi Shiotani to supervise direction.

In regards to the game:

In May 2014, it was announced by Anime News Network that a video game based on the series, named Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness, was being developed by 5pb. for the Xbox One; with a PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 port announced in December 2015. The game features an original story written by Urobuchi, which takes place during the time period of the anime's first six episodes and focuses on a new set of protagonists confronting a new enemy on a remote island.

So it looks like the game is based on the anime, but given things like Fate/Stay Night and Steins;Gate I wouldn't be surprised if Psycho Pass were originally based on a game either.

This makes a number of Urobuchi shows I need to watch now, though.

Anywho, I'm gonna try and finish up Iconoclasts tonight (and maybe even Mighty Switch Force!) so I'm holding off on my progress report.

Whoops! You said Psycho Pass. I was thinking Steins;Gate.

Hello 2018!! Time for the January report.


  • West of Loathing (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif)IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unplayed.gif)
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif)IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif)

Two gifts, so I get a pass, right?


  • Sam & Max: Season 3 - Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - Glad I wrapped these Sam & Max games up, I was getting über fatigued.
  • Return to Zork (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - Want some rye? 'Course you do!
  • Zork: Grand Inquisitor (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - Always remember who is the boss of you. Me! I am the boss of you!
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - Really great.
  • Old Man's Journey (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - Really recommend this short and sweet game.
  • What Remains of Edith Finch (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - It's not for everyone, but it definitely is powerful.
  • XCOM 2 (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - I didn't play much, though, because I built a party with Shepard, Mordin and Garrus, and they all died, and it crushed me.
  • Chime Sharp (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - A worthy successor to the first game. Will undoubtedly keep coming back to it.
  • Tacoma (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - Superb.
  • Bone - Episode 1: Out From Boneville (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - Meh.
  • Bone - Episode 2: The Great Cow Race (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - Moo.


  • Aquaria (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/null.gif) - I tried getting into it but couldn't. And it's been on the Pile since 2013. Time to say goodbye.
  • Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/null.gif)
  • Shadowrun Returns (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/null.gif) - Not sure this is for me.
  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/null.gif) - Just not feeling the vibe for some reason.


  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) - Progress is slow, I'm bouncing right off. First AC game that does this to me.
  • The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion GOTY Edition (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif)IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) - What Amulet of Kings?
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif)IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) - I tried the first mission and failed miserably. Will try to get back into it, but I'm not sure it's my cup of tea.

Remaining games: 50 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) (47 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unplayed.gif))
Progress (Games): 11 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) + 4 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/null.gif) - 4 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif) = 11
Est. remaining hours: 540 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) (504 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unplayed.gif))
Progress (Est. total hours): 73 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) + 80 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/null.gif) + 44 played IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) - 30 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif) = 167

Backloggery's Memory Card is at 18. Definitely a solid start, I'm really happy with myself. It did help that I'm clearing smaller games off my Pile, games I can play in one sitting, but it's great.

January progress report time!


Zombie Vikings
Shantae: Risky's Revenge
Fossil Fighters (old file for my daughter, just knocked it off)
Infinite Space (beaten, finally, after years of chipping away here and there)


Salt and Sanctuary
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
The Sexy Brutale

So, this basically counts as a stalemate. Hoping February is a more productive month in Pile depletion efforts!

Eleima wrote:

[*] XCOM 2 (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - I didn't play much, though, because I built a party with Shepard, Mordin and Garrus, and they all died, and it crushed me.

Just like in Mass Effect 2. And no Kaidan either.

January progress report

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (Steam - Was free on the Humble store)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Steam)
Nier (X360)

Made Progress In
Stardew Valley (Steam)
Assassins Creed: Unity (Steam)
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (PS4)

One month down in 2018 and I haven't bought any new games. Currently, I'm drawn to Monster Hunter: World even though those games have never appealed to me in the past but I have to remind myself that I don't need another huge open world game right now. Then there's the Shadow of the Colossus remake which looks amazing. It's one of my favorite games of all time but do I really need to buy it around launch? I already own it on ps2 and ps3 so it can probably wait.

Meanwhile, it's becoming harder to resist buying a Switch. The big thing holding me back is that I feel like I haven't got full use out of the Wii U if that makes sense. I only have 8 proper Wii U titles and a dozen or so VC titles. Not sure what is the right time to "move on" to another console.

Another thing that I was thinking about this month was that I can only probably realistically play 2-3 games at a time (that is if I want to beat anything). One main game and a second or third game to dive into when I get bored of the first one. Otherwise I just meander aimlessly and don't accomplish much of anything.

January reporting time


Saturday Morning RPG (Vita)

In Progress:
Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)

I have another hour or so in Saturday Morning RPG for me to complete the last couple trophies but I have seen the credits. Gravity Rush 2 is about 2/3 complete so should be done in a week or two, depending on my work schedule. Nothing on the February release list interests me so I'll be able to keep chugging along until Ni No Kuni 2 in March and Rainbow Skies in the next couple months. Not sure how I'm going to manage two big games like Ni No Kuni 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn over the next several months but I'll give it a shot.

Pile In:
Lost Sphear (Switch)

Pile Out:

Pretty much spent all month getting back into the groove with Persona 5. I think I logged somewhere between 20-25 hours which was pretty substantial for me. Really enjoying it, but it also means at the current rate I'll be finishing it sometime in March barring any complications (so let's say April for real). That works out ok since there's not much in February I'm looking to get although I might put a pre-order down on the Radiant Historia remake on 3DS because Atlus.

Also, I'm going to flat out admit that I've been stockpiling WiiWare titles (not listed for sanity purposes) on our Wii U which totally goes against the spirit of this thread, but hey the Wii Shop is effectively winding down in March and this sent me into a bit of a hoarder mentality

First report of the year!


  • Batman: The Telltale Series: Season One
  • Fire Emblem: Warriors
  • Mighty Switch Force
  • Iconoclasts
  • Super Metroid


  • The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes
  • Mario + Luigi: Super Star Saga
  • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
  • Secret of Mana

I'll try to keep this brief seeing as I've chosen to write regular progress reports on my video recording/editing on my blog, which is also where I'm going to put my musings on my habits as consumerism versus appreciation of games as art (a TL;DR version: should I feel good about padding my completions with Mighty Switch Force if it means I played the game once in the span of a couple days and never touch it again?). "Brief" for me is still probably a bunch of nonsense.

I did add Super Metroid in there – despite having played the game a bunch of times – as to help keep record of where all my gaming time went. Sometimes reviewing my completion it feels like I spent no time gaming at all, when in truth I've left out games that I still played for pleasure though they aren't technically "on the pile". Same goes for Secret of Mana, as well as Triforce Heroes effectively becoming a MAGFest tradition between me and two of my friends that I attend with.

This month was my first major test to save money and not follow the zeitgeist. I'm interested in Monster Hunter World, over half of my PS4 friends list is playing Monster Hunter World, and my best friend asked me if I plan on getting it since he wants to play it with me. But I know I don't really have time for Monster Hunter World right now, and at the time of its release I didn't really have the money. Looking into February, this continues to be true. The Shadow of the Colossus remake is tempting, but the very next week three separate games I want land: Secret of Mana Remake, Bayonetta 1+2, and Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. But I forget, Dandara is also releasing on the 6th.

Two of my goals for 2018 are now clashing. I wanted to focus more on indies this year, but I also only wanted to buy games that I know I want to play. Now, I don't want to play Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology right now so that can wait. I do want to play Dandara, but not as much as the Secret of Mana Remake or Bayonetta 1+2. In the past, Dandara would get top-billing because it's new and unplayed, but I'd be pressured to rush right through the game instead of taking my time. So for now, I'm going to hold off on Dandara and use the two weeks I have to relax and play the games I want to play. This includes some stuff for video purposes, but also just wanting to revisit some Fire Emblem Warriors, play more Secret of Mana, and see if I really feel like more of the Mario+ games, because once 2/15 hits I'm going to be awfully busy with two new games plus Little Witch Academia releases on 2/20. February's gonna be a busy month as it is, so may as well allow myself to play 100% leisurely as it is.

I added two Shadowrun games this month, though I'm playing them immediately. At least I didn't pay for them! Other than that I finished up Assassin's Creed Origins but am still poking around at what's remaining in the open world. So no pile progress this month, but I wasn't really expecting any either.

Won't You Be My Pile-ntine? - Pile of Shame February 2018 is live, but I'm not sure if it should be in the Dad-joke thread with a pun like that in the title...

I had two games pre-ordered for this month: Shadow of the Colossus, and Dragon Quest Builders. I had remembered them both releasing later in the month, but they actually come out next week. I'm in the middle of new games on both my Switch and my PS4 right now, though, so I... canceled the orders? You can do that? More to the point: I can do that?

This feels weird.

I very nearly pre-ordered DQ Builders. The only way to stop myself from spending £40 on a game I already owned on another platform was... to sell off the Switch.

That's right, love the Nintendo hardware, but for the sake of the pile and more importantly my wallet... it's gone.

Might deserve more of an explanation, but that can come with my late January report.

Oh wow. Selling the Switch off as a preventative measure. Interesting.

I went and pre-paid Secret of Mana and Bayonetta 1+2 to get it out of the way rather than any particular excitement, though I am happy to return to both. The positive response to the Shadow of the Colossus remake certainly has me tempted, as do Dandara, but I'm holding strong for now.

I think the last time I canceled pre-orders was in College and it had more to do with some sort of consumer outrage at GameStop than any responsible decision.

Wow. Selling off the Switch, huh?
And here I am being awfully tempted... must stay strong.

In the last couple years I acquired and then later sold an Xbox One, Vita, and Wii U. It really does help in trying to clear the remaining pile. Limiting my options on what to play helped reduce choice paralysis, and my fear of missing out on certain games went down dramatically because they simply weren’t an option. I was able to put the money towards a PS4 Pro upgrade and a new PC video card. Those two platforms are what I focus on now, and there’s obviously plenty to keep me entertained there.

One month strong. I find myself pretty indifferent to any new gaming news, because I’m trying not to buy any.

I love DQBuilders. I played the Demo on PS4 to completion, pre-ordered it, and now it's sitting in my Physical Games Pile for the PS4 since it arrived. It may even still be in the plastic.

I've bought a bunch of stuff this month, and I'm sure this is the squirrel in me, storing for the Winter, but right now, I'm spinning my wheels in regards to pile progress.

Whenever I sell a console I end up buying it again, it seems, so I try not to anymore. Not to say that it isn’t a valid decision for someone else.

steinkrug wrote:

Whenever I sell a console I end up buying it again, it seems, so I try not to anymore. Not to say that it isn’t a valid decision for someone else.

Oh I've no doubt that I will buy a Switch again. I did exactly the same thing with the 3ds / new 3ds and it's now one of my favourite consoles ever

Eleima wrote:

Wow. Selling off the Switch, huh?
And here I am being awfully tempted... must stay strong.

I felt like this pretty much since launch.

I owned it for a month, my curiosity is satiated and am convinced it's not for me right now. The itch has been scratched and I don't think it will be back for 12 months at least.

I've exchanged it for store credit btw not sold. Sounds daft, but I bought it at 20% off in post Christmas sale, so haven't lost anything and have a healthy gaming kitty to spend on the platforms already own for the rest of this year.

I was halfway through writing a rather long winded explanation which I think was making a decent case for my decision, bit I ran out of time and accidentally deleted it... You are saved!

I'll post a heavily edited version when the chance...

Bubblefuzz wrote:

[b]My monthly budget of time. 10x52÷12=43hpm.

January 2018 The Plan

Fallout 4 10hrs.
Burly Men at Sea 1hr
What Remains of Edith Finch 3hrs
Her story 3hrs
Battle Chef Brigade 11hrs
Zelda Breath of the Wild 15hrs

+ spare time = Stardew Valley. Overwatch. Android puzzle pile.

January Report What actually happened...

January Completed
Burly Men at Sea 2hrs
Battle Chef Brigade 11hrs

January Played
Stardew Valley Switch - 5hrs
Overwatch PS4 - 6hrs
Zelda Picross 3DS - 1hr
Zelda Breath of the Wild Switch - 2hrs
What Remains of Edith Finch PS4 - 1.5hrs
Sharowrun: Dragonfall (CRPG club) Mac - 2.5hrs
Iconoclasts PS4/Vita - 2hrs
Human Resource Machine Android - 1hr
Prison Architect Mac - 1.5hrs
Monster Hunter: World PS4 - 9hrs

Total January game time 44.5hrs

January Purchases
Prey PS4 - £6
Darkest Dungeon Switch - £17
Monster Hunter: World PS4 - £39
Iconoclasts PS4/Vita - £15
Meteorfall iOS £3

January traded
Nintendo Switch
Zelda Breath of the Wild

February plan to follow...

So January was a big bust for me. The Switch has proven its worth to me.
Mostly Mario Vs. Rabbids and Divinity OS

IMAGE(http://cdn.edgecast.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/388880/header.jpg?t=1490998585) - Steam
IMAGE(http://cdn.edgecast.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/589780/header.jpg?t=1517331565) - Steam
IMAGE(http://cdn.edgecast.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/418370/header.jpg?t=1513218048) - Steam
Dragon Quest Builders Demo - Switch
Mario Vs Rabbids - Switch

Darkest Dungeon - Switch
Celeste - Switch
Mario Vs Rabbids - Switch
Dragon Quest Builders - Switch

So So
IMAGE(http://cdn.edgecast.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/633950/header.jpg?t=1512122664) - Steam
Combat is... So So. I'm not really excited about it.

Peg + Cat reference wins the day.