January 29 – February 4


IMAGE(https://www.gamerswithjobs.com/files/pictures/pictures/picture-5877.jpg)   Greg “DoubtingThomas396” Decker

I’ll take flak for this as a fan of There’s Poop In My Soup, but I’ll probably be getting Not Without My Poop. You play as a dung beetle trying to roll his massive haul back home through various hazardous environments where you don’t often see dung beetles. It doesn’t make my game of the week because the mechanics look like they have the potential to fall into the “youtubers screaming with rage” genre.

Mass O’ Kyzt (I GET IT!) looks like an interesting take on the arena-shooter genre. Like most games these days, it has a character progression mechanic, except the perks and traits you’re choosing are for your enemies. The concept of outsourcing the difficulty curve to the player is interesting enough to win my nod for Game of the Week.

IMAGE(https://www.gamerswithjobs.com/files/pictures/picture-111373-1511547841.jpg)   Chris "C" Cesarano

A calm week before a surprisingly stormy February for me, it looks like. Night in the Woods drops on Nintendo Switch, so if you're like me and still haven't had a chance to give it a spin now's a perfect excuse. Play it on the TV or on a handheld!

If I were to lay claim to a game of the week, however, it would likely be Wulverblade. While the old-fashioned arcade-style hack-and-slash beat-em-up – is that enough hyphenated words for you? – was never a favored genre for me outside of Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons arcade releases, Castle Crashers taught me that there's plenty of room in couch co-op gaming for cleaving some cartoon head clean off.

Wulverblade gets my skewered-through-the-gut of the week.

IMAGE(https://www.gamerswithjobs.com/files/pictures/pictures/picture-13445.jpg)   Felix “Surely you can’t be serious” Threepaper

I’m in the same boat as ccesarano, I just need something snack-sized this week.

EA Sports UFC 3 should stop worrying about fripperies like social media smack-talking and work on improving its grappling. Sound like anyone you know?

The Wolfenstein II colossus rolls on with DLC #3 of 4. Take Jessica “Silent Death” Valiant for another spin, infiltrating Nazi bunkers.

Wulverblade looks decent enough, like Shank but less gory, but I left my love for side-scrolling beat’em ups back at the arcades.

I’ll cast my vote for Striker’s Edge, which reminds me of the bit in Archon: The Light and the Dark where your pieces zoomed into an arena map and duelled each other. For a frame of reference from this century, it’s like dodgeball, but with ranged weapons. There looks to be a decent mix of powers in the character roster and the ability to switch between competitive and co-op play could stop Dad from ragequitting after he totally let his kid win that round on purpose.

Here's the list, now in release-date order!


  • 01-29

  • Aimtastic
  • Clash of Castle
  • Click and fight
  • Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018
  • Escape
  • Forbidden Clicker Party
  • Frontier Pilot Simulator
  • Hollow Throne
  • Horse Riding Deluxe
  • Running King
  • The Departure
  • The Master
  • The Orion Suns
  • 01-30

  • Armada Skies
  • Dangerous Level
  • Deadly Escape
  • Jerry and the mystery loot box
  • Lisssn
  • MatchyGotchy
  • Midnight Quest
  • Mini Knight
  • Orbit: Satellite Defense
  • Sacrifice Dungeon
  • Shadow of Loot Box
  • Shp Space
  • Strikers Edge
  • Super Robolom
  • Tekling
  • The Devil's Duel
  • The Quest for the BIG KEY
  • Thunder Chase
  • Titan Siege Online
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - The Diaries of Agent Silent Death
  • Wulverblade
  • 01-31

  • Candleman
  • Car Crash Couch Party
  • Circle pong
  • Countryballs: Over The World
  • Dual Snake
  • Flinch
  • GloGo
  • Hard Place
  • Kunoichi Rush
  • Level 99 Axe Rage
  • Senran Meisuishu Tactics
  • Strange Night ll
  • The Communist Dogifesto
  • Toy Seeker
  • Trailmakers
  • Versus World
  • Viki Spotter: The Farm
  • WeakWood Throne
  • 02-01

  • A Little Rabbit Story
  • Achievement Hunter: Punk
  • Apocalypse zombie Race
  • Armored Evolution
  • Beasts Battle 2
  • Bounce Rescue!
  • Candy Snake Master
  • Cannon Crew
  • Choices, The Game
  • Cunning Fox
  • Dead Ground
  • Electromaze Defense
  • Executive Hockey
  • Final Directive
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
  • Foto Flash
  • Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare
  • Labyrinth of AO
  • Loot Box Simulator 20!8
  • MAR WAR: The Evil Awakens
  • Mini Gold Coop
  • Next 2
  • Object "Cleaning"
  • Puzzle for Kids
  • puzzlement
  • Rage Quest: The Worst Game
  • ReallyGoodBattle
  • STAX
  • Stellar Warrior
  • Super Gravity Ball
  • 02-02

  • Asteroid Girl
  • Elementium
  • Final Prophet
  • Galacatraz: Eject Equip Escape
  • Galactic Shipwright
  • Hidden Object Adventure: Captain Nemo
  • Homeworld Defense
  • Hunt Down The Freeman
  • Keyboard Warrior
  • Keys
  • King of the Eggs
  • Kingdom of the Dragon
  • Light of the Mountain
  • Lightform
  • Love or Loved: A Bullet For My Valentine
  • Mass O' Kyzt
  • Not Without My Poop
  • Settlements
  • Sockman
  • Tank Game
  • TheLooppy
  • Treadnauts
  • Tunnels of Despair
  • Warriors: Rise to Glory!
  • We Were Here Too
  • Yet Another Research Dog
  • Zombie Clicker Defense
  • 02-03

  • !4RC4N01D! 2: Retro Edition
  • Bright Bob
  • MechTroid
  • 02-04
  • Pixel To The West


  • 01-30

  • Briks 2
  • Call of Duty: WWII - The Resistance
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT
  • EA Sports UFC 3
  • Feral Fury
  • Fruitakia 2
  • Railway Empire
  • The Pierhead Arcade
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - The Diaries of Agent Silent Death
  • Wulverblade
  • 01-31

  • Double Dragon IV
  • Strikers Edge
  • [H3h]02-01[/H3]
  • Restless Spirit
  • 02-02

  • Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones


  • 01-30

  • Cold Iron
  • Out of Ammo

Xbox One

  • 01-30

  • Asemblance
  • EA Sports UFC 3
  • Railway Empire
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - The Diaries of Agent Silent Death
  • 01-31

  • Wulverblade


  • 02-01

  • Her Majesty's SPIFFING
  • Island Flight Simulator
  • Night in the Woods
  • Shiftlings: Enhanced Edition
  • Sky Force Reloaded
  • SteamWorld Dig


  • 01-30

  • Time Recoil


  • 01-29

  • SURV1V3
  • Cold Iron
  • Digital Domain's Monkey King
  • 01-31

  • Battle of Kings VR
  • Seek & Destroy: Steampunk Arcade


  • 01-29

  • Cold Iron
  • Data Thief
  • Digital Domain's Monkey King
  • Ground Runner: Trials
  • SURV1V3
  • 01-31

  • Ancient Code VR
  • Banshee Force
  • Battle of Kings VR
  • DwarVRs
  • Recreational Dreaming
  • Seek & Destroy: Steampunk Arcade


A game for the Vita? Crazy.

I’ll cast my vote for Striker’s Edge, which reminds me of the bit in Archon: The Light and the Dark

I loved playing Archon (a single-player game) on my C64 back in the day, so I perked up when I read this sentence. Then I checked the Steam page and realized it's multiplayer only, and my interest immediately vanished.