NFL 2017 Divisional Round Thread

After the playcalling in Saturday's game, Falcons fans are now willing to overlook the lack of run game in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl, and want Kyle Shanahan back:


The Ringer took aim at Steve Sarkesian following the loss.

That 4th down play is hard to grok. It's a rollout, but both receivers on that side are running patterns that quickly run out of room, and there's no one of consequence coming from.the back side. It seems like it was literally "throw it up to Julio", which is great and all, but there was no Plan B. And that seems to have been the offense all day. Force-feed Julio 16 targets, and accomplish nothing else on offense.

Can we just sim through the Super Bowl and start the offseason now, please?

Football has been less that kind to you this season Jayhawker

MONTREAL — Quarterback Josh Freeman signed a two-year deal with the Montreal Alouettes on Saturday.

The six-foot-six, 240-pound Freeman started 61 games in the NFL, including 59 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,

Make that 260 once he finds the smoked meat and poutine.

Abu5217 wrote:

Football has been less that kind to you this season Jayhawker

I really shouldn't complain. The Chiefs won a division title, and really, before the season started, this wassail about a quick rebuild for next season. They were never as good as their 5-0 start. They were better than their 1-6 slump. They definitely got bounced early, but no one was going to pick them over the Steelers or Patriots, although they had a puncher's chance.

But seriously, it was really all about next season from the moment they drafted Mahomes. They have a lot to do this offseason, and I'm ready to see it unfold.

But out hard to get into the playoffs when your team get eliminated. If they had not made the playoffs, its easier to watch them. But the "what if" is still too strong to enjoy watching the other team that took care of business.

I do wonder if Travis Kelce would have even been available this week. They should have overcome losing him for the second half last week, but they weren't going to win this week without him.

Bortles has almost as many passing yards on the opening drive as the whole Buffalo game.

It's on, boys!

EDIT: 4th down goal line TD! It's on like Donkey Kong, boys!

Picked off Roethlisberger! Getting in his head already!

It's on like smoking bong, boys!

Fournette turns the corner and runs it in on the first play after the pick!


It's on like mah-jong, boys!

Ohhh boy.

The more Big Ben throws the better for the Jags.

I'm on kiddo duty all day so no TV and no playoffs.

Legion's play-by-play game is 100.

This game has been brutal for Steelers so far. Only positive is there’s still three quarters left.

Legion's going to run out of rhymes.

Steelers drive but then the JAGS blow up their 4th down attempt!

Jags take the ball and march down the field!

Yeldon runs it in!

The home crowd boos!


It's on like Neil Armstrong, boys!

This is embarrassing.

OK fine, no shutout today.

It's still on though.

Looks like the Fournette injury gives the Steelers hope.

NE will clearly play whoever has more injuries.

Keep rhyming, Legion. This is extremely entertaining.

Scoop and score, holy sh*t.

'He gets a great bounce'

That's an understatement.




Telvin Smith runs it in!

Review confirms!


It's on like sexy thong, boys!

Jags will be Super Bowl Champs.

garion333 wrote:

Jags will be Super Bowl Champs.

Keenum v Bortles

Whens the last time 2 non future HOF QBs squared off? 2 non pro bowl?

For a great defensive team they sure make some dumb defensive plays.

WTF was that?

That wasn't on like anything.

Throwing prayers to the endzone is the only offense Pittsburgh has so far.

This is by far the most disappointed I've ever been while having the Jags up by two touchdowns at halftime of a playoff game.

That's pretty specific.

If Pitt scores to start the 3rd this might be interesting

Wow was that a bullsh*t penalty.

See now I'm entertained