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nyanta wrote:

when the day of the rope arrives it's not going to be because evil racists decided to start bullying you. It'll be self-defense.

Okay, did you just threaten our lives? I think you just did. This thread is now temporarily locked until further action can be made.

Edit: FYI, "Day of the Rope"

Wikipedia wrote:

The Organization raids the houses of all individuals reported to be "race traitors" in some way (such as judges, professors, lawyers, politicians, journalists, entertainers, race-mixers, etc.), drags them from their homes, and publicly hangs them in the streets in an event which comes to be known as the "Day of the Rope".

Hypatian, editing to add:

Unsurprisingly, nyanta has been banned from the forum.

We also decided that due to the poisonous nature of his words, it would be a good idea to expunge almost that entire thread of discussion (some 15 pages worth). There were some excellent points made, but without the context of the poisonous posts things didn't really hold together, and with the context of those posts things were just... gross.

I've left posts not relating to the incident in place, as well as a handful of posts talking about this kind of trolling in the general sense rather than addressing this particular event.

Apologies to everybody for not being able to shut stuff down earlier and for excising much of your words contesting those poisonous views. And, thank you very much for reporting the problem.

Edit: Also left the kwisatz hadercat because wow.