One more needed for Fantasy Baseball

I know. I am addicted. Sue me.

I need one more person to fill out a public league Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. Stats are wicked:



It's head to head and it's a Free League.

One person. Who will step up ...?


Aren''t you suppose to be coaching a football team or something?


What''s that you say? Sorry I couldn''t hear you. I was *COUGHING*


Chris Cooper, Barret Robbins and Dana Stubblefield tested positive for THG and were fined three games'' salary each. The players also were warned that any subsequent positive test will result in an eight-game ban.

Bill Romanowski: Reported to have tested positive. The former Oakland Raiders linebacker has retired.

Other players implicated by Conte in a government memorandum cited by the San Jose Mercury News on April 25, 2004: Josh Taves, Johnnie Morton, Daryl Gardener. Conte''s lawyer has claimed the government did not accurately quote Conte, who mentioned only Cooper, Robbins, Stubblefield and Romanowski in his December 2004 ABC interview.


You''re just bitter I beat you to get to the Super Bowl.

EDIT: Are they selling those Balco XXXXXXXXL T-shirts? I''d love one.

"Highlander" wrote:

You''re just bitter I beat you to get to the Super Bowl.

You''ll get yours in the ""serious"" league.

EDIT: Are they selling those Balco XXXXXXXXL T-shirts? I''d love one.

Yes, they are...


And your boobies will look as good as hers in one!

Click to get some!

I''m totally missing some joke here, aren''t I?

If it''s not taken, i''d be interested, but I''d be terrible! Can I get a Piazza Delivery

I checked this morning and an eigth player has signed on.

So Mix, if you want to join before they start, we''d need to get one more in additional to you.

I''ll check with my roommate dan. Aside from being a new yorker, he''s a cool guy.

How''s the game work? Default configuration? Do I have to manage every day and swap players in and out of spots? I guess I''m asking how maintanence heavy is it?

Hey Mix. They are looking for another player to make it 10 teams. You still interested? They would just need one more.

Maintenance is what you want. You can set your line up for the week on one day, or check it day by day. You don''t have to swap plalyers in and out of spots (Except for maybe starting pitchers, but you don''t really have to)

Its an autodraft, so all you have to do is pre-rank you players or you can leave the default setting. The computers will draft for you.

Oh, I thought you had already done the draft. I don''t think I''ll be interested this time around tho. Thanks!