Help organizing cables?

We're finally setting up our entertainment system after moving into our new house. Being that this is a move into the house we bought and thus hopefully the last move for a long time I want to finally get the whole cable thing right. We just adopted a new kitten yesterday and I'm also concerned about her getting tangled up in them as well. I've never been particularly good at this kind of thing so I'm looking for recommendations of life hacks, products and techniques that might keep things better organized and neater.

I just use zip ties, and a few things have colored tags or cables so I can tell what is what when digging around them all. I haven't gone any further with things like catchers/grooves to keep them in line, or cable tubes to hide them.

Cable Sleeve would be the search term for online shopping. If you want to run it through a wall I recommend using a 'fish tape' as well, although coat-hangers are effective over short distances.

I meant to add, for the zip ties, I use these velcro ties. They work pretty well and are easier to expand / reuse than normal plastic zip ties.

I've used electrical tape instead of cable sleeves for short travels and tied a string to a tennis ball to throw cable pulls over ceiling tiles/attic. You run the string/twine first with the fishing gear and then tape it to the cable and pull it through. The string is lighter, easier to manipulate, and will fly through the air.

I used to install CAT5 in offices and houses before wireless. Pretty much cut a small hole in the wall using a speed bit and drywall knife, run the cable, and install a jack.

You just want to keep the cat off though, electrical tape would be a cheap solution to sleeving up wires to one big stick of wire. Just wrap it like a mummy and it's easy to cut away with a small pocket knife blade and unwrap. Cheap electrical tape will leave the wires sticky where the glue melts. Something like 3m Super 33 (home depot, hardware stores) is supposed to stand the test of time if that's a concern.

For today, you can get 100 velcro cable ties for $6. We use them at work, and I just ordered a batch of them to finally tie up the messes I have at home. They're nice because you can attach them to the cable itself before you wrap it up, so it's harder to lose.

Not sure what you are working with.

For my desk area, in addition to velcro strips, I've used these items:

Hongxin Neoprene sleeve

Cable Clips

Bottom/Back of desk cable clips