2017 MLB Season Thread


Someone had to make it! Go Tampa Bay Rays!

Hell yes. Rays beating the Yankees is a great way to start.

Currently 1st place the AL East, and the whole AL for that matter.

And the Giants' bullpen remains consistent...ly blowing late game leads.

C'mon Cardinals.

Anybody got World Series predictions?

May we all bask in the beauty that is Madison Bumgarner, current HR leader.

Highlander wrote:

C'mon Cardinals.

Anybody got World Series predictions?

Boston over the Cubs. It takes all 7 games.

Cubs suck!

Man, fresh off signing a 6 year extension, Stephen Piscotty got pummeled by the Cubs last night.


Video at the link. He got on base via a hit by pitch in the elbow. Was struck in the other elbow by a throw from the catcher as he advanced on a pass ball. Then, he was hit in the freaking earhole (literally!) as he scored.

I'd've asked for the rest of the night off. No sense taking any chances that something else might get beaned.

He left the game for concussion protocol after the last one. That video didn't actually do a lot of justice for just how painful those were. One the HBP they speculated that it just gazed his shirt, but the replay showed it came through and popped him on the inside of his elbow on the arm he had back. I was worried it had done serious damage when I saw it. The second one was kind of the same.

But the play at the plate looks more like it glanced off, but thereplpys show it hit him dead on in the earhole of his helmet. He was done for a few minutes before they walked him off. It was a bizarre sequence of the events to watch unfold. It didn't seem real.

Mixed in was that he had just signed an extension, so it was also a good example of why they love the kid, as he is tough and aggressive. He took 2nd on that pass ball that didn't actually get that far away from the catcher by pure aggressive baserunning. And he scored from 2B on that infield hit that got misplayed because he caught the players napping.

J. Guthrie(L, 0-1) 0.2 6 10 10 4 0 135.00

That's it, I'm watching all national baseball broadcasts in Spanish from now on.

And this, kids, is why you run to first even when you strike out.


this is the importance of catchers drilling to stop wild pitches.

TWICE? In the same inning? Good grief.

Hell of a run by the Cleveland Native Americans.

We were very pleased. I attended 3 games in the streak and was there yesterday to raise the banner.

It's been a hell of a second half of the season for us.

Also I caught a shirt yesterday!


Yesterday was fun.

I only got to one game this year for the Cardinals. It was an ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game against the Nationals on America's Birthday weekend.

Nationals' starting pitcher: Max Scherzer

On the bright side (I guess): I got to see Max Scherzer pitch and strike out 12 batters. And Bryce Harper homer twice.

And I got some pretzels at Gus's.

Highlander wrote:

And I got some pretzels at Gus's.

So good!

If you make it back, there is an awesome coffee shop with great food not far from there, The Mudhouse on Cherokee. It is seriously worth checking out, depending on how early you are. We really love that part of the town.

Jayhawker wrote:

If you make it back, there is an awesome coffee shop with great food not far from there, The Mudhouse on Cherokee. It is seriously worth checking out, depending on how early you are. We really love that part of the town.

Thanks Jayhawker. Hoping to get back for a game next year. My family is planning a trip to Boston next year to, so looking forward to finally visiting Fenway.

I'll check out the Mudhouse next time I'm in St. Louis.

Is this the thread where we discuss the playoffs?


Blue Jays aren't there but that Diamondbacks vs Rockies game was insane.

Nearly 40 hits between the teams! I don't know about you guys, but I'd much rather see a 2-1 game.

Tonight was not the first time I've heard the, "Yankees have a psychological advantage because the Indians are starting Bauer."

Anyone who said that hasn't seen him pitch in the last 4 months. I mean, seriously. He's like a weird pitching robot.

I think it worked the other way.

"Oh, you guys made the wild card, eh? That's nice. Here's drone-boy. Maybe we'll bother sending in our Cy Young winner later on. Whatever."

This Yankees team is dangerous and fun to watch. I'm really excited for the rest of this series.

Every series is interesting and fun to watch. Even the Diamondbacks could steal a game or two if the pitching and Martinez and Goldshmidt hit bombs.

I wouldn't write the 'backs off at all. They could take that series.

If the end of the season taught us anything, it's at the dodgers are mortal.

What a win for the Astros yesterday! MVP Altuve! Home run hat trick!

Hey, this thread exists! I'm excited to watch my Nationals tonight. I like our chances in general, but our postseason experience of the last several years has me terrified. And, oh yeah, also our players' health. Fingers crossed.

I'd say the post-season is going well so far.

Going into 10th.

This is an amazing ball game.

Update: omfg this baseball team.

Shutout at home in game 1 not exactly what I would call an auspicious start. Poop.

Astros scored three in the first inning! Keep it coming, guys!