The National League (GWJMLB2005NL) Week 1

OK well what time would you like to play then... i was thinking maybe around 11 am eastern on sunday? let me know if thats good

11AM EST is fine. See you then!

And there was much rejoicing.

ok in 20 minutes we will finally be getting this game underway and hopefully this mess up doesnt happen again.. Before we continue tho i would like to apologize to the rest of the league for any inconvience that my opponent, poppinfresh and myself have caused and i would like to wish everybody luck the rest of the way.

I should be online in about 5 minutes. See you there!

Punchless Pirates Lose Opener

(AP) Pittsburgh, PA-- With sloppy pitching and powerless hitting, the Pirates were downed in their season opener 5-1 by the Florida Marlins. Perhaps the highlight of what may be a long season for the Pirates was being thrown out at first from the outfield to finish the game. ""I haven''t seen that since Little League,"" said disgruntled manager Guybrush Threepwood, ""Maybe the boss has been pushing the cookies on the guys a little too much. To say we''re slow is an insult to sloths.""

The Marlins, meanwhile, were happily celebrating. They countered some poor pitching with great hitting to get an early lead, and easily held onto it. The only problem for the Marlins was an injury from a play at the plate to their starting pitcher. Despite rumors of some tension before the game, neither team could find the ''charge the mound'' button, so the game was very pleasant throughout. Congratulations to the Marlins on their victory!

In all seriousness, it was a very nice game, though I think I may have been unconcious while I was making my pitching decisions early on. I didn''t make many mistakes, but Whitey was really good at taking advantage of them. Playing with Whitey was just like playing with the rest of you guys-- very pleasant. Good game!

I wish they''d fix that. A right fielder SHOULD NOT be able to throw out a runner at first in 99.9% of circumstances.

It was sheer skill that throw lol.. Well it was great playin against you and i look forward to meeting up against you again in the weeks to come. On to week 2 everybody.

SO let it be written. So let it be done. League advanced to Week 2.