2017 - 12 Month Pile Program

I think pretending games don't exist is a totally acceptable practice.
I totally don't have a whole bunch of games in my Steam library I don't pretend don't exist.

I'm coming up on the end of my first quarter of my buying challenge. How has it gone so far?

I have purchased no PS4 games since December 8th, no 3DS games, no Vita games, and the only Wii U game I have purchased was my planned purchase of Breath of the Wild last week. In the meantime, I beat five PS4 games and two Vita games. I also did not buy a Nintendo Switch. On that front, I'd say it's been a rousing success.

I did end up getting an Xbox One, though, and that's caused a bit of pile growth. I posted earlier that I got a copy of Assassin's Creed Unity at the same time I got the console. I also upgraded my 360 copy of Shadow Complex to the new remastered edition, and I spent some store credit I could have saved on a copy of The Turning Test. I've since finished Shadow Complex, however, and am jumping into Assassin's Creed this month for SallyNasty's game club.

However, I continue to be astounded by the generosity of my friends here on GWJ who have loaned or gifted me nearly a dozen games since December. Somehow despite not buying much of anything, the pile has grown.

I've been a bit discouraged after getting the Xbox, because it felt like I'd really just let the pile grow out of control with it, but laying it all out like this? I'm doing really well. Only a single purchase on the platforms I started this challenge on, nine games finished, and my biggest problem is that people are too generous? That's not something to be discouraged about.

Pile management has been successful for me so far, partially because work has been EXTREMELY busy, which distract me from video gaming a lot.

I've managed to survived my birth month without any impulse purchase, and most importantly, convincing myself I don't need a Switch right away.

In terms of games completed though, not much progress there. Other than the 7 random indie games I got from the bundle, which I ditch (proudly. they were bad not my taste), I haven't actually finished anything new.

Instead, I've started Starbound with a group of friends. It's been on my backlog, and I'm really enjoying it. We're about 50% done the main story quest, and that's been where my weekend go.

So. List.

In progress:
Talos Principle: 33%
Pokemon Moon: Post game.
Starbound: 50%

On halt:
Borderlands TPS: barely started. got shelved due to pokemon last year

Neverending Nightmare: (help I can't get out) (I don't really wanna get out)
Animal Crossing

February Update

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider {replay}
  • Watch Dogs 2

Made progress

  • Fallout 4
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider {replay}
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Hitman



"But it's only March Si-"


Just Zelda.

And only Zelda.


My progress has been, well, not great, but not too terrible, either.

Games acquired so far:

Zelda: BReath of the Wild
Torment: Tides of Numenera
Night in the Woods
World of Final Fantasy
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2

Games Beaten:

Alice: Madness Returns
South Park: The Stick of Truth (Platinum Trophy, had already beaten it)
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Ys: Oath in Felghana

So... breaking even so far, it would seem.

Hiding it away didn't work. Overwatch has been sold. This will help with pile progression no end.

Whelp, we're at the middle of March. How's everyone doing so far?

I was surprised to check my playtime in Breath of the Wild last night and see 65 hours or more listed there. This means I'll be putting about the same amount of time into Breath of the Wild, if not more, than I did FFXV and in fewer days. Of course, I didn't actually have proper days off when FFXV released, whereas I took three days off work for Breath of the Wild, so there is that.

Either way, I anticipate having that and Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice completed by the end of the month. Haven't purchased Nier: Automata yet, and may wait until I've actually beaten Zelda first to do so. Right now April is looking pretty empty until Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Thank God for small miracles.

Played Horizon. So amazing. If I didnt play anything else this month it would still have been plenty.
Dipping my toes in Mass Effect now, and likely for the rest of the month.
It will be a blessing when 2017 release schedule starts to slow down again. Probably not going to touch the pile for months to come.

Nioh, Nier, Dark Souls 3 DLC ought to eat a lot of gametime. And trying to find a Wii U to play Zelda.

ccesarano wrote:

Whelp, we're at the middle of March. How's everyone doing so far?

Don't ask?

I mentioned this before, but I took a page from beeporama and recently tried to plan out my time for the year. I looked at what I had, what I wanted to play, and what I was planning to get, and then I tried to figure out when I'd play it.

It's not looking pretty. Putting priority on new purchases and games I've borrowed, I don't even look at a backlogged games until June. That doesn't even take into account the new game I'm pretty sure I got for my birthday. Nor does it take into account things like the Breath of the Wild season pass I got.

But I have a schedule now literally week by week. It's obviously open to adjustment, but it gives me a good idea of when I next have a spot where I'm not sure what I'm most excited to play (hint: early September).

Pilewise...not good. Picking up a new game and loving it-wise... Brilliant!

It's amusing that my goal has essentially become "Beat at least one game, preferably two, gravy if I started the game that month instead of two months ago" as my monthly objective.

It's actually been interesting to see you bounce between game threads week by week, Clock. Has it been tough transitioning from game to game each week when you find yourself really enjoying one? Have you adjusted your schedule to return to a game that's more capable of scratching a certain itch?

ccesarano wrote:

Whelp, we're at the middle of March. How's everyone doing so far?

Not bad this year so far. I have purchased only one physical game (Gravity Rush 2--I had expiring Best Buy rewards points so it was an easy decision) and one PSN game (The Order). In terms of completions, I took 80 hours to finish Final Fantasy XV, dropped Red Goddess: Inner World (it got too hard for my old man non-twitchy hands) and am almost finished with Ratchet and Clank. Making slow progress but still progress.

I am interested in Horizon: Zero Dawn but will wait for awhile. I was planning on finishing the games that I got around Christmas time (World of FF, Rise of Tomb Raider, FF XV, Ratchet and Clank) before doing much of anything else, pile or purchasing new games. So far, sticking to the plan. It helps that there is nothing on the release schedule for the next few months that I am interested in getting right away. I'm the rare gamer that doesn't really like Persona (bounced off of Persona 4 Golden), haven't played a Zelda game since Wind Waker (ugh, terrible), and have never played Mass Effect so I will keep working on the pile for now and might look at these Q1 releases around the holidays when the price drops.

ccesarano wrote:

It's actually been interesting to see you bounce between game threads week by week, Clock. Has it been tough transitioning from game to game each week when you find yourself really enjoying one? Have you adjusted your schedule to return to a game that's more capable of scratching a certain itch?

I actually find it easier to swap games out week-to-week than to keep playing them continuously. With very rare exceptions, after a week with something I'm pretty worn out on it and ready for a change. When I alternate what I'm playing, I make a lot more progress.

Getting my Xbox blew up my planning a little bit, so I didn't stick with a schedule during February. I noticed a difference. Some games I was enjoying started to feel like a slog because I kept playing them. It's much better for me to cycle things out.

ccesarano wrote:

Whelp, we're at the middle of March. How's everyone doing so far?

Ehhhh... Not so great, because I was on vacation for the first 8 days of March, and I've just wrapped up Rise of the Tomb Raider, so only one game this month so far. And Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to drop on Monday and I'll be at a seminar March 22-24th so basically there goes March. *waves byebye* I'm not complaining though. Could be worse, and I only added Night in the Woods to the Pile (thanks to a lovely, lovely goodjer) and Torment: Tides of Numenera and ME: Andromeda were planned purchases, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I lost most of February to working all month, and January & March are both being given over almost entirely to large games (Final Fantasy XV and Horizon Zero Dawn).

I will be adjusting and giving up on some things.

Uh I think I'm doing ok? Switch came, changed gears from FFXV to BotW and Snipperclips (when we feel like it). I kinda want to play Nieronetta at some point this year but it can wait. Same with Horizon. And Torment. And Andromeda.

Learning to say 'no' is working out so far I think

I'm in a similar boat as shoptroll; Zelda: BotW came and basically took over all of my gaming time. I had also purchased Torment: Tides of Numenera, but I feel I should give it focus as well, so I've relegated it to when I finish BotW. Decided to wait on Persona 5, Nier: Automata, and Horizon: Zero Dawn until the end of the year, with the only currently outstanding pre-order being Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. There's Ni No Kuni II later in the year (maybe), so my Christmas list is looking pretty fattened up right now. Will try to make an earnest pile depletion from here until xmas, to make the purchases seem less detrimental to the heaping, amorphous mass of gaming that is my backlog.

My gaming has been going extremely well in the sense that I'm playing lots of games I like and will continue to do so!

That's the way to do it in my book, Demyx!!!!

It's almost midnight out here, as good a time as any for the March report.


  • Night in the Woods (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif)IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unplayed.gif) - Gift from the lovely Amoebic
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (Origin) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif)IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) - Preordered a while back.
  • Samorost 3 (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif)IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unplayed.gif) - Gift from the lovely Dejanzie.
  • Thimbleweed Park (PC) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif)IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unplayed.gif) - Kickstarted over... 2 years ago?


  • Rise of the Tomb Raider (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - Solid sequel to the reboot.
  • TRAUMA (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) - A very odd experience, to be sure.


  • Stardew Valley (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/null.gif) - It's just really, really not for me. :(


  • Solstice (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) - Progressed to chapter 2, but it's not grabbing me like Cinders did.
  • Mini Metro (Steam) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) - Very neat game.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (Origin) IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif)IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) - Got its hooks in me. Deep.

Remaining games: 47 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) (44 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unplayed.gif))
Progress (Games): 22 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) + 3 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/null.gif) - 12 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif) = 13
Est. remaining hours: 537 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) (510 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unplayed.gif))
Progress (Est. total hours): 124 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/beaten.gif) + 70 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/null.gif) + 18 played IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/unfinished.gif) - 123 IMAGE(http://backloggery.com/images/new.gif) = 89

Backloggery says 28, a step backwards from last month, but I'm still happy with my progress. After all, last month, I beat a bunch of little games and episodes/chapters. This time around, I finished Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is a sizeable game, and I've already spent ~15 hours in ME: Andromeda. Which I love. And which I'd be playing if my eyelids weren't dropping.

Wow, is it that time again? Where does the time go? Oh, right... Zelda. Zelda eats my time now.


Torment: Tides of Numenera (not sure if I'd tallied it for February since I wasn't able to get it on release as planned, but a couple of days thereafter).
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Completed games or pile removals:

Um... none? No! I did beat Night in the Woods! Woot! Yeah. That was pretty damn great. Future platinum for sure (assuming I figure out how to get all sketches in one playthrough).

Not terrible?

It's something!

March Progress

Started (and will take me a million years to finish): Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Played: Stardew Valley

Almost finished: World of Final Fantasy

More importantly, it's almost Winter 2014.


Smarch update!

Pile In:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
Snipperclips (Switch)
Thimbleweed Park (PC)

Pile Out:
None! Nada! Zilch!

I'll echo other people's thoughts and totally agree this month went by fast. Nü Zelda is good and I think it finally started "clicking" for me in the last couple of sessions. Snipperclips is also fun and it's a co-op game I'm just going to pick away at with Demyx over the rest of the year. Also did the adult thing and didn't get Horizon: Zero Dawn or Nier: Automata which kept the pile growth to a minimum. Exception being Thimbleweed Park which was a Kickstarter project which I'll get to eventually.

April is.... MOAR ZELDA (even though there's some good looking re-releases coming out like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Full Throttle Remastered). Because I don't think I'll get access to the TV for the next 3 months (see Demyx's post)

Demyx wrote:

More importantly, it's almost Winter 2014.


Torment and Horizon Zero Dawn finished. Decent progress in Mass Effect Andromeda. Nothing new in, other than those.

March report~

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U)
Banjo Tooie (X360)
Resident Evil HD Remaster (PS4)

Silent Hill (PS3)

Made Progress In:
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U)
Banjo Tooie (X360)

I have this crazy idea about not getting Yooka Laylee until I beat Banjo Tooie. I was going to pick it up on release date but then I remembered how I got Pokemon Sun while I was in the midst of Pokemon Soul Silver and how well that went. It's no use buying a brand new game if it's just going to sit there for a month or so by which time it's already got a price cut.

I didn't play Breath of the Wild as much as I thought I would. I think the reason is just that my game time is limited right now and I get too overwhelmed by BotW's huge open world. I feel like I don't really get much done in the time given to me so I decide more often than not to read a chapter in a book or watch an episode of tv instead. At least then, I can say I accomplished something Maybe I just need a couple shorter experiences before I'm in the mood.

So I'm counting today as part of March because eff it. I'm a grown up and I can eat ice cream for dinner if I want.

- Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice
- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

- World of Final Fantasy
- Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
- Gravity Rush 2
- Hollow Knight

- ?

So March was completely dominated by both Phoenix Wright and Zelda. If I was playing a video game, it was one of those two. A month well spent, I think, as I really enjoyed both. Which now leaves me feeling a little bit empty because I'm trying to follow up an incredible pair of experiences with ones that are good, but do not excel.

Except maybe Hollow Knight, but by virtue of being on the PC and after using the Switch and its Pro controller for a month, it feels so... anchored. The PS4 does as well. I knew I'd really like the portability of the Switch, but holy crap the idea of using my PS4 or PC feels just mundane right now. So with Hollow Knight, I'm wondering if I should wait until the game is released on Switch, a port that the developer has already said is coming.

World of Final Fantasy and Gravity Rush 2 are both perfect candidates for continuation. WoFF because it's now the JRPG Quarterly game, and Gravity Rush 2 because, if nothing else, it's a calm and relaxing game. I should be about halfway, and if I can play it as much as I had Zelda, then clearing the rest of it shouldn't be a problem.

Once I finish editing the audio of my next video I can begin the video editing process. This means game time will... actually most likely return to Transformers gameplay recordings. I wanted a second round of video and, honestly, it's a perfectly "simple fun" game that it's the most appealing of all the options on my plate.

As for Nier: Automata... I'm going to buy it. No doubt about it. I just... need to have the funds. >-< Bills are a real pain in the ass lately. I might be skipping a lot more than I originally anticipated. Which just means more for sales, right?

March was pretty quiet for me overall. Probably because I did not buy a Switch.


  • Toukiden 2 (PS4)


  • Earthbound (3DS)
  • Rage (PC)

Purged from the backlog:

  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (PC)
  • Fallout Tactics Brotherhood of Steel (PC)
  • Fear Effect
  • Fear Effect 2 Retro Helix
  • Legacy of Kain Blood Omen 2 (GC)
  • Neverwinter Nights (PC)
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 & expansions (PC)
  • Perfect Dark (N64)

Currently playing:

  • Nier (PS3)
  • Toukiden 2 (PS4)

+1 - 10, so I'd say March was a pretty good month! I also got the first ending in Nier 1, but I won't count it until I get all the endings, and I beat Toukiden 2 this morning, so it doesn't count yet.

March update

Annual game budget remaining at start of March - £266

Horizon Zero Dawn - £46
Shadow of Mordor - £10
World of Final Fantasy - £20

... and on android / ios...
Crashlands - £2
Humble Android Strategy Bundle - £4
Yankai's Triangle - £3
Beglitched - £4

Overwatch - SOLD! (for my own good).
Doom - Dropped (for now).
Fallout 4 - Dropped (for now).

(Nothing completed - Almost exclusively HZD this last month)

Annual game budget remaining at end of March - £207
Not a good month for spending. Why buy mobile games I'll hardly play? Why?

Very happy that... I failed to resist the call of HZD and gave another open world game a chance, turns out I just needed to find the right one!

Plan for April

Finish off the last bit of Horizon Zero Dawn. It's been fantastic, I've never been one to go for Platinums at all... trying to decide if I should here... or if hunting around for missing collectables would become a chore and maybe taint my love of the game slightly and be better to just put it down on a high.

Complete the rest of Life is Strange. Failed last month, see HZD.

Sell World of Final Fantasy, purchased on a whim for the jrpg club and fancied something different, but there are other games I'd rather be playing for the forseeable. Got to claw some of that budget back somewhere!

Play Shadow of Mordor.

Pick up and play Blackwell Unbound on Android.

Biggest temptations this month...

Well I've fallen to one tempation already and just purchased FF XV yesterday for the princely sum of £15, hard to pass it up at that price. That's for next months sums though

Intrigued to the point of retail breaking point with Nier Automata.

That'll do*.


* Subject to change.

March went as March went. I finished off The Turing Test, and I added Breath of the Wild, Gravity Rush 2, Recore, and The Witcher 3.

My plan for April is to play more Breath of the Wild and... something else. I had planned on playing Gravity Rush 2, but I'm not sure I'm feeling it right now. I kinda want to play an Xbox game. I kinda want to play Dishonored 2. I kinda don't know what I want.

No purchases planned for awhile, though. I have Prey pre-ordered but might delay that purchase for a bit.