In Seattle for two weeks Jan 26 - Feb 8 2017

Hey guys, I'll be visiting family and running some personal errands up in Seattle starting next thursday, will stay for about 2 weeks, I don't have anything particularly planned for this trip but I could probably dedicate one day to get to know the city. Maybe we can meet around for a little chat / beer / coffee / Pearl Jam marathon? (I'm not that informed on Seattle's traditions, really)

I'll be staying outside the city's main area, but should be able to plan ahead for my family to drop me downtown, hopefully we can have a chat, discuss the finer points regarding the gaming and the jobbing and take some pictures that will probably embarrass everyone involved.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion, feel free to point me in the way of anything you consider worth-checking during my stay there!


Want to take the opportunity to file for political asylum? I've got lawyer friends if you want.

Suggested links:

Hey Edwin, no need for that, *yet*, even though this trip is obliquely related to my future moving out of Vzla, Seattle isn't in the plans for now as a destination. It could/may end up being the US but a different area, or it could end up being another country entirely.

Thanks for the links! I'll check them out and see what I can accomodate on my incredibly busy? schedule

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